Sunday, 4 December 2016

December?? Really??

It is indeed my Christmas advent calendar! The safest thing I could eat without being poorly! Jon is so thoughtful!!  Yes, sorry I have already opened 3 doors 😁.  Today is the 4 th of December so here is today's opening....

Look!!! A tiny bag of Haribo!!

So sorry I have been absent again.... It just kind of happened :( 
But I did finish iff the beautiful design I was stitching for Hands Across The Sea looks stunning in the frame and I can hardly believe that I stitched it! But unfortunately I can't show you all just yet, it's almost ready....the chart is being printed as I type! 

So what else have I been doing? I had a bit of time after finishing the last sampler and the new one so 'made' a few things!! 

Whilst out and about I came across some rather chunky wool and huge knitting needles too! So thought I would give them a go....

Rather large! But a lot of fun!! What did I create? 

A snood!  Sorry I am not very good at taking selfies! Next time I promise to smile! 

I made something useful for my mum.... A hand warmer! I filled it with winter spices and white rice... It gets popped in the microwave for less than a minute and voila! A warm pad! Oh but my smells delightful, just like gluewein! (That's why I chose the design on the front!) Mmmmm my mums loves it! 

I used crayola crayons and decided to colour the design in! A first for me and it looks ok I think. My mum liked it!! 

A while ago now jon enrolled me on Kathy Schmitz one stitch club, it's where Kathy sends out via email one design a month for 12 months and you stitch and create how you like! This is what I did with the latest one...Novembers design....

What I decided to make....



Opened out front and back...


Yes! I made a supersize do needle holder! I did this for a reason.... I keep forgetting where I put my needles! No excuse now! They a being looked after by sweet squirrels! It was fun to make...looking forward to the next design :) 

What else have I been up to.....

Oh yes!! Hannah's blanket jumper!! A few more rows have been added :) 

It's 70 stitches long and so heavy! But I keep adding to it! One day she shall have it! Ha ha 

After making the cute snowman mat for my mum....this one if you missed it...

Hannah then asked if I could make a mat for her! To go on the table that she and Kevin use when on lap tops.  I told them both to go choose some fabric from my craft drawers.....this is what they chose and they also chose triangles! 

They are a little larger than the hexagons I stitched by hand so these are taking a little longer! They shall get it soon!!! Ha ha 

Some rather exciting news.... I entered a competition in a cotton and wool appliqué group and I was lucky enough to be chosen!!! Eeeeeek!! Look what I won!!! 

These fabrics are beautiful and so so perfect for when I start the challenge of all challenges! Remember this...

This is my challenge of all challenges! Soon I will be able to start this...I am busy gathering supplies! Still undecided what the backing fabric will be...should I get plain or one with a tiny pattern? Thinking still....

See I am still here!! May not of been posting but have been rather busy! 

One other thing I need, yes need! To tell you all about.... For many years now I have dreamed of studying at the Royal School Of Needlework, in Hampton Court Palace.  It's just about 1 hour 30 minute drive away from where I live so it could be possible....

Anyway I have been thinking and thinking ....what if... 

They have an open day for the degree course I am interested in on 14 I booked a place and am going!! Going to see if it is possible for me to join? I mean I have a lot to think about, being in my wheelchair....access my be an issue? And me being a not so young applicant! Ha ha although Han keeps telling me 45 is not old! Ha ha going to try to follow my dream... I want to do something me thing for me, to learn at the RSN would be amazing! 
I have a back up plan... If I cannot apply for September 2017 then I will go do an access course at my local college, some textile fabric arts course.  Then apply afterwards to the RSN.  I have made up my mind this is what I want to do.... Han has said any way she can help me get to my dream she will help.

I am going to have to keep up my weight loss and healthy program at the pool and mix in a bit of upper body strength too in the gym.  Not sure how or if I can do that yet, if I am ready? The gym staff are brilliant so no doubt they will advise and help me. Working towards a dream is good, right? 

Here is the course at the RSN...
I took this whole segment off their website...

Why choose the RSN Degree Course

The Royal School of Needlework holds a world-renowned reputation for excellence in hand embroidery. Offering international links and opportunities for Degree student internships and placements through its extensive professional connections.

The RSN BA (Hons) Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors, Textile Art;

  • Unique BA (Hons) Degree course specialising in hand embroidery
  • Industry placements with fashion houses, interior and textile designers
  • Learn from expert practitioners
  • Study in bespoke studio apartments at Hampton Court Palace, UK
  • Access the RSN library and historic handling collection

The RSN Degree course offers a strongly supportive teaching and learning environment, with visiting lecturers and tutors from the professional art, design and textile industries involved in your progress through tutorials and portfolio reviews.

Teaching is in small groups with hands-on technical tuition. You will be taught sound working practices with an emphasis on professional practice and gaining employment. Throughout your three years of study at the RSN, you will be encouraged to involve yourself with professional opportunities that will deepen your awareness of current practice within your chosen hand embroidery discipline.

All RSN Degree tutors are experienced academics and professional embroiderers who are at the forefront of their practice; many were also trained at the Royal School of Needlework.

The RSN is a dynamic forward-looking organisation dedicated to the practice and promotion of hand embroidery.

Fingers crossed I can apply!! I will keep you all informed as and when I know! How exciting!! 

Well I think I have probably bored you all enough! Ha ha 

Happy smiles to you all :) 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Busy me!

Hello again! I am back!!

We have a quiet house again as Han left for the hospital again today.  Ha ha well when I say left, it was not on schedule at all.  Not out fault! Her transport was booked to pick her up at 6 am, it did not arrive here until just around 10am! Han was so tired as she had been up since 5am! I think she may sleep tonight! I think I am a walking zombie right now, see I never actually went to sleep last night! No idea why just did not! I was still awake come 5am when Han got up! I did however go to sleep when Han left at 10am .....but I only slept until 12. Apparently not requiring much sleep today! Ha ha 

With my day being messed up my food plan went out the window! And today I thought it was a chilli day but was not! And ion told me to eat the humus as it does not have a very long fridge life.  Ha ha so I have now decided to use the planner as a guide! I mean some days I am at a loss what to eat so I can refer back the the planner.  I am fine with messing up, I mean I am only human! Ha ha

So here is what I actually had today... No breakfast! 

Was chilli with mini wraps.  Incidentally the chilli is off the other day, made a huge pan and jon froze it in handy small portions. Go jon!! 

I am useless at making the wraps, so jon tells me! 

It went in my mouth, that's all that matters, right!? Ha ha 

Then later for lunch...

A rather special sandwich! Only recently found bread I can eat! This is a rye based bread as is really yummy.  I spread the bread with humus the put lettace and tomato inside....mmmmmm

Not feeling that hungry today, so that's what I had today.  Just as well as I have been like a slug all day and hardly moved.

I have managed to finish my mums table mat for her Christmas table... I did not pick it back up until I had done some stitching! I did not manage all the 7 words I need to do, I think it was 3 or 4... Better than none! 

Jon and I are off out on our scooters tomorrow, popping around my parents house.  So I will stitch more when we get back.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about which design to do.... I did choose one...

This one..

I stitched them all together...


Then come the hard part how to finish it! I added some fusing to the back then put some white wool mix on the back.

Lancelot wanted to help I think...

Finished front...

Finished back..

I am really pleased with how it turned out, my first Christmas mat!! Go me!! 

Ok, got to go, it's jab time! Until I next pop in, remember to keep smiling :) 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Christmas will soon be here!

And I had better do something! Ha ha 

I have been playing around with some fabric and hexies, to make a little table thing for my mums table to put something Christmassy on! 

Here is what I have been doing.... And maybe a little help with the final decision? I cannot decide which way around to sew it! See what you think....

Oh yes, I found this cute design for a basic hexie in the Quilters World magazine Fall 2014 page 122. I subscribe digitally to this. 😊☃❄️⛄️

As you can see I could not decide which way to stitch it! 

Then came up with a snowflake design....
But which way around? 
This way? 

Or this way? 

Thank you for your assistance I deciding which way, it's got me really puzzled and frustrated as I just want to sew it now! 

What else have I been up to? Yes stitching! I only actually have 7 more words to sew! Then it's finished!! I personally find the end part really hard, you know when it's almost finished.  See I like stitching so much I don't want it to end! Unfortunately I seem to find other things to do rather than finish stitching! I need to pull my finger out and get it finished!! The next design is already lined up for me to start!! Oh that one is really lovely and cannot wait to start it! H aha better get those last few words done!! 

My dad and I went along to bingo today, it's really nice to spfun no time with him, and we do have a giggle. So my awesome meal planner went out the window slightly today, only slightly though! 

Weetabix and oaty milk, it's the new variety with added protein.

Dinner... I was at the Bingo and needed to eat, only thing on the menu safe I could eat was chips, so I had a small bowl. No photo :(

Lunch this evening was yummy! 
Peas and carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, steamed chicken breast with a little gravy.

This is what I have had today... I don't eat snacks as they fill me up too much.  I do however drink plenty of water, only with ice as I find it easier and nicer to drink.

That's all for today...

Until I next pop in, smile :) xx

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Following on from my last post....

Thinking positive....

Firstly, THANK YOU for leaving comments on my last post... I feel so lucky to have such lovely blogger friends that care.

I did get some sleep, and when I woke up I made my 7 day meal planner.... I did! Here it is...

You will notice I put my own 'style' on it! Ha ha 

Today is Saturday and I am on firm as I have followed it so far! Ha ha! 

I decided to take photos of each meal, as a log for myself I can look back at a laterstage and   think, damn that tasted good! Ha ah saying that, I decided this after I had ate breakfast! Ho hum! 

You will also see I have moved the dinner and lunch, so I eat them the other way around.  There is a sensible reason for this... It's so my stomach has something light in, in the evening.  Remember I don't move about a lot so lighter the better! I can't take the credit for that idea! Thank you Han! Yes Han is home for the weekend, she says the course she is on at Stanmore hospital is really helping her, I am pleased as its about time she had some real help.

So no photo for is dinner

It's home made mince beef chilli, it has mushrooms, garlic, sweet corn, peppers, kidney beans, 4 other variety of beans, chopped tomatoes, chilli powder and mixed herbs. Had it with some white rice.

As you can see this is a small bowl, I actually had two bowls but not one after the other, there was a 4 hour gap! Jon tells me that in the first bowl he gave me he put 2 table spoons of chilli and 1 table spoon of rice. The second bowl some hours later he gave me 1.5 table spoons of chilli and 1 table spoon of rice. It was more than enough! 


This is basically lettace, tomatoes and one steamed breast of chicken with a herb and paprika salad dressing. This looks a lot! I spread it around the bowl! I think next time I shall put it in my smaller pink bowl ( the one I used for chilli) as I did leave some.

My exercise swimming visits will start again next week as I use the weekends to relax and spend time with jon. Ha ha no fear of me giving up swimming I love it! 

Day one has gone better than I thought it day at a time!!

Onto some crafts...

There is one thing I want to master but no matter how many times I try I just can't grasp it.  I tried again and I am thrilled with the result..... Ha ah when you see the photo you will all probably go, oh no!! Terrible!! Ha ah 

It started lik this....

Not actually making anything, it's just how they turned out!  I will keep trying! Crotchet will not beat me! I kind of made a granny square! 

On other crafts, I love to play with wool and appliqué too.  Jon surprised me with a little gift I have been wanting forever... Yes the little craft iron! Let me tell you for using with appliqué it's amazing.

You can see I am 'creating'.... Ha ha 

This is one of the 4 corners...

 It's more than likely once finished going to be a gift for a lovely friend so can't show you much more....maybe when I have posted it! 

And yes! I am still stitching the HATS design, it's very close to being finished :) more on that when it is finished! Ha ha 

I was thinking that I want to involve myself in some things again, seems like I have lost my way.  I know a lot of bloggers that craft participate in exchanges, I think I would like to do one.... Eeeeek! My first ever one! Ha ha saying that I bet now is not a good time as people are doing other things and commitments? So I thought I would put some feelers out to see what people thought? And as for what to exchange? Yes we need a theme! I feel like something different is needed....any suggestions? Basically if you could participate in an exchange what would you want the theme to be? What have you always wanted to make and give to a friend? Curious??! Ha ah let me know what you think? I am thinking any craft too, no matter if it's stitching, sewing, quilting, woodwork, you get the idea! Anything goes! It would be really interesting to see what people would make in there specialist chosen hobby.

Ok, going now as I have to go jab myself...yes every evening or I may develop more blood clots.

Until next time ......SMILE!! Xxx

Feeling low....

Just thought I would pop in and tell you all how I am.... Quite low and feeling really lost :(

Well you all kind of know what's being going on in my life, my health being a major issue!  For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight.  I have been on every diet, health program you can think of over the years! For what ever reason it's easy for me to gain weight but damn hard to lose it! In the past when I have exercised and eaten healthily the most weight in one go I lost was around 4 stone.. Never could lose any more no matter what I did.  

Then when my knee got worse I I became bed bound, yes this almost destroyed me being stuck in bed 24/7 for those 16 months in agony.  I am still in pain but now I manage it differently.  With help from my family I have been forcing my self to go to the swimming pool, to get out of bed, to move more...each day is a struggle.  

Some time ago I was referred to bariatric surgeons to possibly go down the route of a gastric by pass.... Yes dangerous but my options to lose weight and get my life back are quite slim.  It's been a battle with my doctor and hospitals to get any form of help.  

Yesterday I went along to the hospital for an important appointment... To speak with, nurses, dietitians, doctors, anethatists and the surgeons...yes for gastric by pass surgery.  Cutting a long story shore basically I am an extremely high risk category with a few reasons why surgery is not suitable.  As you all know food is a major issue right now after catching a bug in a hospital last year.  And I have not been able to eat...dairy, soya, fish, eggs.  These are really important food groups that are needed and me not being able to eat them now is bad enough but thinking ahead after surgery would be dangerous as they fear I would become malnutrished.  I found out I cannot eat those foods by a process of illumination as directed by my doctor.  I have been on the waiting list to see allergy specialist for about a year now! Thankfully my appointment has come through now and I hope to have confirmation.... It's on 22 December.

But that's not all they said at the hospital appointment.... Due to me taking blood thinner injections now my risk of developing more clots in my lungs is high.  I would have a risk of less than 1 in 100 and for me that risk of dying is a real one.  So that and the food issues made the whole idea of having surgery a non starter.  

I cried, yes I cried.... I think I knew that surgery would not be suitable, but I needed some hope as my life, my world was crumbling around me.  Being told I could not have the surgery devastated me and I am still feeling really low.  

It's 5.03 am and I have hardly slept, too many things going around my head and I am worried about my future.. Oh wait this just really upset me writing that, I can't see to type, tears rolling down my face.

I think I am upset as I feel I don't have an options now... 

I am practically eating a vegan diet, not through choice I may add! So later today I think I will try and turn my disappointment into something positive, I will try.  I am going to look at myself and have some organisation I think.  I am going to write a menu for 7 days, no point doing it for longer as the variety of food I can eat is going to be a stretch just for those 7 days! Maybe with structure in what I eat, getting the right food (protein) and knowing what I am eating will help.  It will be hard as it will mean introducing  meat, .... And exercise, yes I will continue to go to the pool and steam room, I enjoy this so am not going to stop! 

Story of my life really that no one will help I will have to help myself! Try a little harder I guess, I am not giving up, I want my life back.

Sorry if you popped in expecting updates on my stitching and other crafts I am doing... My blog is about me, my struggles and what I get up to.  If your happy to hear about my and my life as well as what crafts I am doing/creating then thank you for sticking with me! I am in a little hole right now, trying to get myself out of it! 

I should go, try and get some sleep I guess? 

I just looked back at my post and thought well that looks awful.... Ha ah not the writing, the fact I have added no photos and no colours! Very unlike me! 

Until I next pop in.... Xxx