Saturday, 21 September 2013


A quick mini update....

Sorry for not blogging but Tuesday (17th) September I was taken by ambulance to A&E because I was in so much pain with my left knee.  I was admitted into hospital where they did various tests on me to find the cause of the pain.  I was then discharged late on Friday (20th) September to manage my knee at home.

Yes I am now at home, still in a lot of pain, but it's ok I have some major pain killers!!  I planned to 'sort myself out' and manage myself over the weekend and start blogging again on Monday.  

Never a dull moment!!

That was a quick up date from my ipad.... 

Its now Monday 23 rd September and I am no better.  My knee pain is terrible, I am on various pain killers that are just making me drowsy.  I cannot bend my knee and can hardly put any weight on it either.  

The test's at the hospital... OMG!! Pain.. apparently the doctor did not use enough anaesthetic - I found this out afterwards from the nurse.  They wanted to remove fluid from my knee to make sure I did not have an infection in it.  I have never felt pain like that before...ever.  The doctor tried twice and I screamed the place down... he stopped as I was having trouble breathing.  The nurse assured me that it was dong incorrectly and I should of had more pain relief.  So I was left to calm down and then told they would be trying again a few hours later!  at this time with the help of ultrasound.. to pin point the area accurately.  I was in a right state, the pain I experienced was terrible and I did not want to go through that again.  Hours later I was taken to ultrasound and a different doctor assured me that I would not feel it.  hmmm I was lets say petrified.  And luckily it was over very quickly, I only felt the pain relief going in, not the huge needle into my knee.

The doctors sent the sample off and said it would be some time before the results would be back... so they admitted me.  I was given pain relief, taking gas and air as well as liquid morphine.  Nothing was really removing the pain, and I still could not bend it... they then put my leg into a splint... it was called a cricket splint.  As I was out of it I did not really care much what they did!  The cricket word did amuse me as I was thinking of the insects!  But it was actually based on the cricket wickets as it resembled the stumps.  And when wearing it you cannot move your leg in any direction.  I thought it was funny! Why I still am not sure!!?

Well on the ward I slept mostly as I was in too much pain, then on Friday around 5 pm I was discharged as they told me just to carry on trying to mobilise my leg at home.  There is no sign of infection, plenty of inflammation and my white blood cell count was a little high?  What ever that meant?  Basically I was still in a lot of pain, hardly walk and they deemed it OK for me to go home, at least I did not have an infection!

At home I basically spent the weekend in bed dosed up.  Today I am in the living room, but cannot concentrate much as the pain relief is making me drowsy.  I called my GP today to see what I am supposed to do now?  I mean how long am I to put up with this pain for and not being able to walk for?  No one at the hospital said anything.  My GP is coming out tomorrow, I cannot get to the surgery and Jon cannot drive me!  So the GP said they would come out to see me... but gave no time!

Why me comes to mind!?

Maybe things were just going too good?

I need to stay positive and take each day at a time...

I am OK, just my knee is in pain and I feel so damn useless.

Monday, 16 September 2013

OH dear!!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well firstly sorry for not blogging yesterday...

It all started Friday, yes Friday the 13th!! I felt a twinge, sharp pain in my left knee... not actually sure what I did.  In fact I am not sure I did anything!

Well as a result Sunday I ended up in A&E!  OMG pain!! I have no pain threshold and was in agony.  Apparently I have what could be a soft tissue injury or a sprained twisted knee!  Hmmm well its rather hard to see anything, I mean even finding my knee cap is a problem.  Yet another reason why I have to keep shedding the weight.  The nurse in A&E explained that sometimes these things just happen...hmmm just my luck!!  :(

I basically have to rest, try to keep the weight off my leg ha h aaa... that is why I now have crutches.  There is a little story attached to the crutches I would like to share.  Well years ago I injured my ankle and needed a cast, and crutches to aid me.  The nurse back then looked at me and asked what my weight was as they do have a weight limit... which not a lot of people are aware of.  Now I am as I have come across this problem before!  The weight limit is 21 stone and back then I was way heavier and told I was too heavy for the crutches and would had to use a zimmer frame! Eeeeek!!! 

That was back then!! In A&E on Sunday the nurse did not even ask what my weight was!! Now some may think no big deal.... for me this is a break through!!  I mean, well I must look under that weight not to be asked! And yes I am under that weight!  It kind of touched me a bit as it probably the first time that no one has commented or judged me for my weight.

So I am not feeling so good, not sleeping so well and my damn leg hurts!!   Yet another knock back, hence the heading 'what ever next'!

I may be back later... I am not sure, I cannot walk!  I could update from my i pad but cannot remember how to!  Aaah the amazing ability of a short term memory! hmmm  So maybe for a few days things may be a bit quiet here...

Not for long though.. I need to rest to get better and then its back swimming and training.  Could go swimming, it may help?  But I cannot drive to get there! ha ah ah a  So I will have to relax and chill until my leg heals... I am so damn impatient :(

Dont worry I am still watching what I am eating, ha that is actually really difficult and I have to rely on Han to help out a lot whilst I am having mobility issues.  Things will be OK... I will hang in there...promise :)

I will check in soon....

Saturday, 14 September 2013

What I did today on Saturday 14 th September 2013...

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Thought I would post this picture I 'found' to get my blood pumping this morning! ha ah a  

What am I up to today?  The high light of my day today will be going shopping for toilet roll, you guessed it I am not up to much today!  

For the first time in ages I actually had a lie in, and how nice it was too :)  But staying in bed longer knocks the whole day out... damn!!

Had breakfast later than normal...

I seem to be liking the porridge thing at the minute, yes it was porridge again!  But today with filtered black coffee, German of course!

And yes it exploded all over the microwave!  Hence the thin layer in my bowl! hmmm

OH gosh... yes!! I have an injury I think... I have no idea what I have done but my left knee really hurts when I straighten it.  When I relax it, put it up and then go to stand on it and walk I just cannot due to the pain and discomfort.  But when I do get moving about and walking on it, it eases but still really hurts when I bend and straighten.  Rather odd I think as I dont remember doing anything to it.  And being how my legs and knees are its not possible to see if there is any swelling.  hmmmm 

I think a gently swim is in order today to try to get it moving more.... oooh a swim!! :)

Our town had  built a brand new swimming pool costing thousands, Han and I would never use it because we did not like it.  Its very open and public, and timed!  And not to mention very expensive for what they offer!  We did like the old pool hah shame!  The thing with swimming well you just have to feel comfortable dont you?  We did feel that swimming in the 'public' pool that people/strangers stared and looked and to be honest its not very nice.  But in a more private place... like David Lloyd people just do what they like, go about their own business and we feel very comfortable.  I guess thats why its a members club?  Well what ever it is or not we like it! :)

OK so got dressed and OMG!! My clothes a getting looser!  They feel really comfortable as they are not tight!  But Han says they look awful and I should not wear them :(  I will have to stop wearing these I think?!

Ha ha it is a good feeling though knowing your clothes a big due to you losing weight.  I am proud at how far I have come... I still have a long way to go but at least it is staying off.  And its shocking how my face is changing too...

I do like the new me... the new me that is starting to show.... cannot wait to see the end result!

OK... going swimming and then shopping :)

Back from my swim... I swam 10 lengths non stop, I am pleased with myself for doing that.  It is a good starting point.  Swimming was actually really relaxing, afterwards I went into the bubble thing and steam room. 

Then off to the shops!  Picked up the loo roll and other bits... got home and made some lunch... German style!

2 rolls (open) with remolade (a kind of spread with herbs in) german peppered salami and cheese with cucumber.

Sure this is normally a breakfast thing but I like it any time of the day!  The rolls are not massive, just little rolls cut in half.  I like this as its filling yet light at the same time.

I also had a yummy coffee...

Not feeling overly hungry today maybe its the weather?  Its dull, grey and wet outside.  I will keep motivated and make sure I exercise daily... how can I not when I can swim!?

Until later.....

Friday, 13 September 2013

What I did today on Friday 13 th September 2013..

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What a great day!! 

Before even realizing what the day was I knew something was a foot!  See I had this rather strange phone call from my parents.  A bit cryptic saying they would be coming round later to explain all... hmmm!

And yes they have just been round and well should of expected it really!  Never a dull moment in my family!

OK so... I will start the story at the begining.  My parents had a twin axle massive caravan.. they towed it everywhere, I mean everywhere and loved it.  One day my mum thought she should down size to a smaller caravan, we all laughed!  So anyway she did and has regretted it ever since as she loved the space of a larger caravan.  hmmm So as you know from the holiday we have all just been on she now still has a small caravan...

Well I have just been told her small caravan is sold and she has bought a new one!  Not a 'new' one.. any way it has to be picked up, from... wait for it!! 

The South Of France!!! ha ha a seriously!!  Like I say I expect things like this from my parents now!  So you guessed it I am off on a road trip!  Han will be staying, looking after Jon and my mums cats, they both are going to stay at my parents house as its nearer to college.  Han can actually walk in, its that near!  And Jon can go to as my parents have adjustable beds and Jon will be OK.  They can both keep the cats company.

OK this is where I am going...

Oh not yet.. in a couple of weeks!  But thought I would share it with you as its just incredible how my parents even to this day can leave me speechless!!

I dont think we are actually dong that route on the map... we will but of course be going through Germany! ha ha mmmm!!

Back to today and reality! 

Apart from that what else has happened?  erm..... nothing! ha ah a a

Breakfast was porridge again, but plain as I really enjoyed that yesterday.  Ate it whilst looking at my new cross stitching magazine :)

Lunch....was left over vegetable noodles with king prawns.

Thought I would teach myself crocheting today! hmmm see how that goes!  Then maybe some knitting?? Or sewing/cross stitching?  Yes feeling creative!  Maybe show some photo's of what I have been doing... Tomorrow! When I have had a bit more practice!

OK picked Han up from college and took her to the doctors as she has been having a lot of pain in her hips and knees.  The hip problem has been going on for a while, and its about time we sorted it out.  So the doctor gave her a slip to go and get an x-ray, that will be Monday now.  After the doctors Han and I decided to go to David Lloyd... yes we used to have a membership there it ended April this year.  We both missed the swimming so joined again after weighing up all the options.

Joined again, went home had something to eat...porridge!  And a coffee, then went for a swim!  

It was so nice to be back there, cannot believe we left!  The pool was so nice, and hardly anyone in there too.  Swam a few lengths then went into the steam room and sauna, lovely!! Then finished off with a bubbly jackoozie.... not sure how you spell that!?  Well its the bubbly tub!

Dinner was supposed to be chicken breast casserole!  But as usual I never do anything the way it should be!! So I added brown rice and carrots and cooked it in the slow cooker.  Come to eat it and even Han was surprised at how nice it tasted! ah h ah a ha

It does not look like much, I think Han actually referred to it as slop at one stage!  Ha ha but she admitted she liked it.

This evening I feel great, I have more than usual energy and am smiling!  Oh not that I dont smile, just trying to say I am happy!  

I need to watch what I am eating more... 

Cannot wait for tomorrow.... I get to go swimming again!!! ha ah ha ha ha

Thursday, 12 September 2013

What I did today on Thursday 12 th September 2013...

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Today I decided to eat breakfast! 

Porridge with a handful of dried strawberries and cherries.

I was actually really surprised as to how yummy this was!  The dried fruit gave it pockets of little gems.. sweetness.  And as its raining and rather dull today it helped to warm up me and make me feel all warm inside.

I also had a coffee... I know caffeine is not so good for me but its fresh German coffee!  And I love it.. I am trying not to drink so many though.  Maybe split it up and drink flavored tea in the afternoon?  I will have a go!

My coffee...

So today I am not up to much.... Jon is still not right after yesterday so I will be doing things around the house today.  Hmmm I did think about cooking something... the question is what??!!  I brought back some lovely German cake mixes!  But saving those for when I miss Germany!  So what do I cook?  I have soup for lunch, what I made yesterday... Han and Jon will need feeding later too so maybe I will have a think.

Today I am stepping up the exercise....

So took a few more photo's... 

I cannot believe I am wearing a vest top! eeek!! Hmm I still to work on my arms, they are in need of shredding inches!

These photo's were taken this afternoon.. I think it good to take photo's, to see the physical changes... not sure I can see any changes??

I think I am starting to look kind of normal! ha ha Sure I know I have more weight to lose from 'areas'!  Like... bust, thighs, arms.... butt!  Slowly its going!!!

And yes I took the photo's in my mirror... an experiment really.

OK so you know Trevor has been moved, here is his new place...

He is now in my bedroom next to the wall :)

Oh the folder at the back is Han's art work... damn things are huge and I have no where to store them!  Ha ah ha good a place as any!! 

Off now to get sweaty with Trevor! :)


Just come off Trevor and OMG !! I am so pleased with myself as I actually jogged on it!  Does not seam a lot but I have no co-ordination and jogging in one spot my balance is bad too.  I tried it and held the arms first then as my confidence grew I let go!  Could not believe it really.  Me...jogging!! ha ha a  I walked at a fast pace then jogged at a quicker pace for 1 minute then walked then jogged... alternated like that.  Let me makes you sweat!  I really enjoyed that.

And now see I have all those dolphins hmmm easier saying that than endorphin's!  So yes feeling like I am invincible right now!  
(Borrowed from Google Images)

Ah exercise makes you feel amazing :)

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Lunch was some of my yummy soup..

I think it actually tasted better today.

Before I knew it I had to go to the college to collect Han.  Then it was ..... mmmm what shal we have for dinner??

Really bad of us I know!  We should plan and make the meals so we know what and when we are eating something.  So now not having made anything Han was left hanging as she was hungry.  I put that hunger to bay for a little while as we went shopping at the Range.  She needed some supplies for college so off we went.

Then it was OMG we were both hungry...

And out of the blue I fancied chinese food!  Where that came from I have no idea!  As soon as I mentioned it Han was repeating over and over yes crispy beef... now I dont do beef so I was not listening!

OK yes we went to the chinese :(

I chose vegetable (spicy) noodles and king prawn spicy vegetables... with 2 mini vegetable spring rolls.

OMG this looks like heaps!  OK starting at 12 oclock Han put her black bean onion on my plate!  I dont like black bean!! Then at 3 o'clock there is some rice, about 2 table spoons.  Then from 6 to 9 o'clock spicy vegetables with king prawn.  Lastly 9 to 12 o'clock was the 2 mini vegetable spring rolls.  Let me tell you it was spicy!

But here is what I left!...

The black bean onion!! ha ha ha I still dont like black bean!

I have been drinking today... had to really as Trevor took my breath away and made me sweat!! ha h a :)

This evening what am I up to.... erm.... nothing!  Just chilling a bit, I would say watching the TV but I dont really watch it!  I may do some sewing?

Until tomorrow, keep smiling :)
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What I did on Wednesday 11 th September 2013...

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Today OMG!! Where do I start!!

Well Jon had to be at the hospital today for an MRI scan at 8 am!  So yes we were up and out really early today.

He went in for his MRI, I thought everything was OK... about 40 minutes later he was wheeled out in his wheelchair crying and looking like he was in a LOT of pain.  Now to me this is totally unacceptable leaving him in this condition.  I spoke with the technician and they said he could not be placed flat enough to get scanned.  All the moving about trying to position him was just too much pain for him to manage.  I asked if something could be done to help relieve some of the pain they had caused.  To my horror they could actually do nothing, they even spoke with A&E to see if they could help.  I was actually upset and shocked that no one within the hospital was prepared to help my husband.  A&E first said they would ring our GP to see what pain relief could be prescribed, but then said no they did not want to get involved and would not help.  The poor MRI technician felt awful as she could not do anything either... I was advised just to take Jon around to A&E and say he was in too much pain to be moved.  I dont honestly think they would of done anything as he is being treated elsewhere.  Terrible that everyone was prepared to just leave him alone and not help.  We should expect it now though, the lack of help to Jon and myself is nothing new.  We have had to fight for everything.

Anyway, after Jon got his breath back and calmed down a bit I wheeled him around to the hospital cafe and bought him a coffee and sticky bun.  The coffee as I know he wanted one and the sticky bun as I think the sugar kick would of done him good.  We sat in the cafe still pretty much shocked that we were left to fend for ourselves.  After about 45 minutes when Jon had been rested a while I then tried to get him into our car.  This was a bit more tricky... and took about half an hour to do.  But I got him in and the whole slow journey home I was wondering how I was to get him out of the car.  Again outside our home that process took longer than usual but we managed... we just had to!  Back in the house Jon is relaxed in his reclining arm chair... thank goodness for that!  And there he will stay for some time to recover.

I think its awful that in this day and age that he has to suffer in the pain he is in.  Sure in the past he has been on medication, controlled medication too.  It just was not helping with his level of pain so rather than be a 'vegetable' he stopped taking them.  Now as and when he needs it he takes liquid oramorph, yes a strong pain killer but he is now immune to it.  The helpful affects of it only last about 10 minutes now.  But we have been told there is nothing else to move onto... so like I say he just puts up with the pain... because he has to.

That was the lovely morning I had! Not something I normally chat about but its really upset me so as its on my mind I needed to get it out.  I will now get off my soap box! :( 

Trying to relax at home I thought I would make some soup, as I like to eat it!  Got out every thing I could use today...

Ice lemon, lime, grapefruit and cucumber for my yummy flavored water today.

And like I say soup on the go.. carrot, onion, courgette, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and a touch of black and red crushed pepper with a tin of chopped tomato's.   No stock cube just water and veg!

Dinner... (not that hungry as really tired :(  )

TO FOLLOW LATER... its cooking!! ha ah a

Lunch today was boring by all accounts.  I just wanted something as still feeling a little stressed so quicker the better!

2 small slices of fresh brown bread with 2 slices (halved) and put on top.

Boring I know but its OK not feeling like be adventurous.  Also had a cup of coffee... think I needed it!

Soup is cooking away for dinner and I know I will enjoy that.  I think I will do some more cross stitching as it helps to relax me and keep me calm.  Here is how my project is coming on... slow progress!

Until later....

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What I did today Tuesday 10th September 2013...

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Today has been an interesting day, I started back at college today... Northbrook :)

Its been a long old day took Han to college this morning then did a few tasks for Jon.. you know post office and bank.  Came back home and knew I needed to eat something filling, I did want to stay away from bread... hmmm I ended up having brown bread.


2 slices of brown bread with 1 slice of cheese.

Then I went off to college for my first GCSE Maths lesson which started at 1 pm.  I was feeling rather apprehensive as I was feeling rusty... and yes I was lacking confidence.  I plodded on and went though!  Proud of myself for doing that.  The lesson went OK actually.. well it was the first one and I did not actually do that much maths.  In a way I am dreading doing maths as I think I have forgotten loads.... but then again I am excited as I want to learn.

There is one person that restored this faith in myself... made me see the excitement in learning new things.  The fact that I can do it.. positive mental attitude!  Whilst at the Open University I had the most amazing dyslexic tutor, Kerry Pace (link to her FaceBook page).  I think my sessions with Kerry looking back now were incredible.  She is such a positive person and that naturally rubbed off onto me!  She made learning fun and I never thought of it as difficult, I just knew I wanted to learn and Kerry gave me the support and tools to succeed.  I do miss the sessions with Kerry, I can honestly say she opened my eyes and helped me see my SpLd's as something positive in my life.

So yes Kerry has given me that thirst to want to achieve and better myself... and hmmm its a long slow road but I will get there.

After maths I then sat and ate my dinner as it was just after 5 pm and I was not sure if I would get a big enough break to eat it later.  


Steamed vegetables with chicken and mushroom sauce.  Yes yesterdays left overs and cold! mmmmm



After dinner I stretched my legs a little, walked around campus.  Then at 5.45 pm I went to English  well its called Advanced English!  ha ha I have no idea what level I am doing as its continual assessment.  I think that is good as I really have forgotten loads of things regarding English!  I mean I have no idea what a noun is or a pro-noun... and loads of other things too!!  Ha ha that is why I signed up to do English!!  Well we did have a break, it was around 7 pm where I managed to grab a coffee....

It is the smallest coffee I have ever had,... not counting espresso's!  Maybe they are a quick grab and drink coffee in between lessons?!  It tasted OK... would of preferred COSTA!!! The COSTA cafe was closed :(

When I came out of English it was dark!! OMG dark!! I did not really like the dark walk to the car park at all... note to self : move car closer at the break in between lessons!

In reflection I am feeling OK about this new venture of mine :)  

Its now 10.30 pm and to be honest I am really tired... all that 'not' studying has drained me! ha h a I have no idea what next week is going to be like after I do actually do some work! ha ha ha

As I have been on the go all day I have had no chance to snack!  Not that I have wanted to, in fact I have not been hungry at all... maybe as I have been too excited!

OK so going to bed.... 

Up early tomorrow as Jon is going to the hospital for an MRI scan.  I may take some photo's in the hospital.

Thought I would leave you with this...

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Monday, 9 September 2013

What I did today, Monday 9th September 2013...

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Monday is here!!!

Gosh that came around quick!

Started the day with a coffee!  What else!  Oh but this is no ordinary coffee... its German!! ha ha a mmmmmm 

Well I am currently sat at my desk on my PC typing this... the TV is on and Jon is watching some house program.  Its just noise in the back ground for me, I dont actually watch it.

Han is still asleep I think, well I cannot hear anything coming from her room so she must be!

Just sitting here thinking.....

Thinking on what to do today!

I know I have plenty to do.... but....

Always a but!!  ha ha

Excited about tomorrow.... so thinking I just want to take it easy today and have as little stress as possible.  hmmmmm!

Whilst I am in this reflective mood I should share some information with you...

OK so as you know I have been on holiday, and I had a lovely time, ate practically anything I wanted!  Now back on earth at home reality has set in, and I am reflecting on me.. oooh note to self, dont be too hard on myself!

I have not weighed myself since coming back, this is not because I will be shocked.. OH no!  I think if I did it would spoil what I did on my holiday... those happy memories eating lovely German food again.  So I have decided to weigh in again after 1 week back on it.

Reflecting I dont think I over ate, I honestly think I ate sensibly whilst in Germany.  And like I say tried to strike a balance with walking and swimming.

Back at home, the weekend just gone has been lets say a total disaster!!! OMG!! Its like everything I know and have learnt has been sucked out of the window and I have literally done what I liked.  I am talking about food!!

Sure I brought back some well OK a lot of lovely German things, mostly good things: salad dressings, curry ketchup, amazing flavored pasta, coffee!! and a few other little bits to keep me ticking over!  Oh yes and some yummy German coffee biscuits (hmmmm I know its bad!)  But when I picked them up in the shop I justified them by saying 'Jon can have them with his coffee'!! ha ha ha classic mistake!!   And like I say this disaster weekend... I ate half a bag of them :(    I know I should not of ate them, I liked them, wanted did!  Now if I am to learn from this how am I to move forward from this?

There is still even this far along an urge in me to want food... no matter if I dont want it.  How on earth do I get around this?  Will I always want food this way?  I honestly thought I was stronger than that and could leave it alone.  

I want to see this as a positive reflection as I am trying to understand why I do the things I do.  That is why I started this blog!  Its a start that I have recognized this problem!  I need to be stronger and realize I dont actually need something... its so damn hard.  I guess I see it as depriving myself of something?   I think it has been conditioned in me as a child as I know my mother gave me food when I wanted it and as reward and when injured, so I was never without food.  Trying to break this mold is really hard... I have the upper hand as I know why I do it, its just stopping it now.

Monday morning and this is deep! ha ha I guess its good to talk!?  And for me chatting on my blog its a way for me to try to understand myself... 

Lunch... OK so trying to get back into a routine again.

Scrambled egg with 4 table spoons of (low salt) baked beans.  With a red berry herbal tea.

My afternoon snack...

Sliced banana, apple and kiwi with a lovely cup of German coffee.

I think I slice food for a really good reason, its to trick my mind to thinking I have loads!  See if I just put half and apple and banana and 1 kiwi in front of me I would think that is not a lot!  I know I would... so this is the solution I have come up with to trick myself!  And dont knock it... it works!! 

Wanted to look into how good kiwi is for you, I found this...

Kiwi web page, full of great information

In fact the website I found the kiwi information on is amazing, it has so much other great information I feel I have to share it!

The link to the worlds healthiest foods website.

You know me and my thinking!  Well I have been thinking again! hmmmm OK so I think this is very valid!! 

Tomorrow as you all know I am in college, start at 1 pm with maths, this finishes at 4.45 pm and then English starts at 5.45 pm and goes through until 9 pm.  So a really busy afternoon and evening for me.  Naturally I will eat before I go, something really filling... not sure what yet!  And thinking... yes here is the thinking bit!  I was thinking what to eat whilst there?  I have a nice break in the middle of the 2 so could take something and sit and eat, so it will see me through until I get home?  But then getting in after 9 pm I dont want to be eating a massive meal!

Arrrrggghhhh!!! I thought about sandwiches then thought NO!  I am staying away from bread...carbs are bad! lol ha ha  I will stay away as much as I can.

So hence all the thinking!  Its driving me a little scatty!  No doubt I will come up with the solution, I have to or I will starve for the day! ha ah ha  And yes I will take photo's of what I eat so that you lovely people in blog land can see what I am actually eating!  Oooh  college and one thing comes to mind about the canteen.... COSTA coffee!!! naughty naughty!! OK I may get 1!  But a skinny latte, as they are very filling too. 

OK perfect solution!  I will keep back some of this evening dinner and put some in a box and eat that tomorrow!  Sure it will be cold, but veg and chicken ca be eaten cold.  SORTED!!! :)

This was my dinner this evening...

Fresh steamed carrots, broccoli, green beans and cauliflower. Baby roast potato's and a chicken fillet coated in bread crumbs.  The chicken was covered in a mushroom sauce (Jager sauce is German!) 

So I enjoyed this dinner, looks a lot but the plate was full mostly of vegetables.  And this is what I am having tomorrow for dinner at college.  See by taking my own food I can resist temptation of buying 'junk'.  

Lunch tomorrow...

Mixed vegetables with chicken fillet and mushroom sauce and a yummy German Volvic peach tea drink.

Today has been a good day back into it... I am feeling positive and happy.  I honestly thought today may of been tougher than it was.  I thought I would of been more hungry, I thought I would of ate more!  Hmmm kind of surprised myself! ha ha ha

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Weekend off! Normal service will resume Monday!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Just thought I would pop in quick and say that normal service will resume on Monday as I am snowed under with washing and tidying up and sorting out the mess from our holiday! ha ha  Its incredible how much washing we have generated in 2 weeks.  

Monday will be a new day and a fresh start...

Oh and yes Trevor has moved!  He is now in the bedroom, so I can use him without disturbing Jon when he is watching TV.  Photo's to follow.

Oh and something else.... I heard off the college and I now have a maths place on a GCSE course!! Eeeeekk!! I am really excited about it and hope I can do it?  My tutor I had for functional skills said I can, so I will give it a go!

I am also booked onto an English functional skills course too... this I am scared about.  Sure I write my blog, and as you all know I have SpLd's so understanding English and doing it correctly will be a huge challenge for me.  But I am up for it!!

I am very excited about starting maths and English, its a new chapter for me.  And I want to learn, it all starts Tuesday eeeek!  So Wednesday I will let you know how it went!

It all happens Tuesday, Han is back at college on the 2nd year of her course and little old me... I start college to!  ha ha yes but I am only in 1 day per week! 

(Borrowed from Google Images)