Sunday, 30 June 2013

what I did on the 30 th June 2013...

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A nice relaxing day they said!...hmmmm well I was up the crack of dawn, Han and I met my dad and went for a wander around a car boot at 8 am this morning!  We walked for near 3 hours around the whole place.  The sun was out and OMG it was hot.  I was not after anything in particular.. well I wanted to see if I could find a lamp shade for the hall way.  After walking around and looking at every stall..nothing!!  Han was happy as she expanded her DVD collection... she collects actors she likes and then the films they are in.  Dad, well he just looks about!  Its a fair old walk so a good bit of exercise.

And what did I eat for breakfast... one of those yummy scone things I made yesterday!  I really like it with the dried strawberries and dried cherries and flaked almonds and dark chocolate chips in.  A nice energy boost on a morning. 

Whilst walking around the car boot in the heat its times like that I think OMG I need to get rid of the weight I have.  I mean I would be wearing shorts... I must admit being large in the summer is no fun at all.  Keeping cool and still a bit fashionable is near impossible!  I feel it more for Han as she is very self conscious of her arms and very rarely takes off her jackets, even if its scorching outside.  Its true I too have massive arms, but if your hot the need is there to wear short sleeves.  And in the past yes I have had strange looks and comments made to me... but what do you do?  Grin and bear it... ignore people?  I try to hold my head up and carry on, letting people get to me is a recipe for disaster.  Sometimes I wish those people making the comments or the ones that stare, I wish they could spend a bit of time living my life, day to day struggle with weight and clothing.  Then I think they would not be so quick to comment or stare.  But that is never going to happen...

Its so easy to put weight on, no matter what I eat... so very very hard to get it off.  

Moving on.. lunch, yes food!! ha ha  So I wanted something light, as its hot today.  Opted for a mixed salad and a fresh chicken breast.  

I bought a whole chicken and I have a breast as that is all I will eat off it!  Han has the other breast and then Jon eats the rest!  Perfect!!  

Not sure what we are having for dinner later?  I fancy some vegetables.. broccoli, cauliflower and maybe some petite pois with sweet potato's?  Hmmm thinking!  

Let me start by letting you know where I got the inspiration for this evenings experiment!  Well I joined the most amazing support group for people that are trying to lose weight.  And the mexican 'rice' was one of their recipes.  I just added 'other' bits...

Its shredded cauliflower with onion, garlic and chilli powder, mixed together with broccoli and carrots. 

I really love it, its tastes so yummy.. you may see this pop up an awful lot!! Its a really healthy choice, better than actual rice.  And when its all mixed together it looks like rice!  An illusion as it goes really really well with what ever you add it to! And OMG... what can I add to it.... oooh more experimenting!! 

So as you know we popped into Tesco earlier and well thought I would show you the photo of the boot I took.  See Han is a strange child... I opened the boot when we parked up outside our home to this...

I think it really funny, everything laid out just like a jigsaw.  And notice the attention to detail with all the labels facing the right way!!  She is priceless!  Funny though :)

Feeling happy and smiley... hope you are too :)

Saturday, 29 June 2013

What I did on the 29th June 2013...

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Got up feeling VERY positive knowing I am heading in the right direction again.  I guess yesterday I was thinking about things, a reality check up!  This whole journey of mine losing weight is tough, any one who thinks its easy is kidding themselves.  I have had ups, downs, illness and a whole other load of mixed emotions so far!  I guess for me it learning to handle all that and come through the other side.  And for me the key is to learn from things I do.

Breakfast today was a light one and refreshing.  Scrambled egg with half a sliced red apple.

Off out to the town for a wander about and possibly a coffee!! :)  Oh and some people watching again!!  Will post some more photo's later...

Have a nice day :)  Stay positive.

Right I went down town, Jon and Han came too... the sun was out and not too much of a breeze... it was pleasant.  Walked about, went in some shops.. some how I helped fuel Han's obsession in buying her another mascara!  OMG.... got conned again!  Hmmm  I tell you its an obsession.. a new one comes out and she has to try it.. and me.. I buy it! ha ha my own fault really agreeing to buy it! Damn!!

So then we sat at our favorite cafe and watched the world go by, drinking coffee and had a bite to eat.  Had my favorite... Granary bread sandwich with prawn salad (hmmm I see a pattern here.. didn't I have that the other day!?) 

And yes I had started to eat it when I realized I needed to take a photo for my blog!  You think I would do it automatically... appears not!!

After a nice break (lunch) we set off again.  I was after a summery skirt, you know a cool pretty one long enough to cover me up and still look casual.  Well OMG we searched everywhere!  I dont know why I torture myself but I always go into Evans.

Evans for me is major... see at my largest I could not even shop in there!  I see Evans as the shop that 'fat' or 'larger' people go to to buy their clothes as they cannot shop any where else.. for no other reason.  And I am that person that has used Evans for years and years...too many to mention.  Its like a security blanket I guess.... I know I can buy clothes there so that is why I go there!  Hmmm but I dont like the image that sends.. being large you shop at Evans!  I want to shop everywhere... and one day I will!

So yes... side tracked there!  In Evans and looking for a skirt... OMG! Nothing!  I mean not one summer looking.. the only one yes the only skirt I found was a navy and white polka dot skirt... it looked like something my mum would wear!  Not for me!!  The more I look at the clothes in Evans I think that... they are not 'young' styles and some are very impractical for larger sizes.  

I have 'larger' than life arms.. they are reducing but slowly... I tried on a size 22/24 t-shirt and fit perfectly in the body and bust but OMG the arms were SO wrong!  I need my sleeves to sop just before my elbow to make me feel comfortable.  T-shirts in Evans seem to be ridiculously short in the arms for some reason?  So I was ecstatic that I fit into a 22/24 but that soon went as I could not buy it due to my arms :(  

Reading that back I should be SO proud of myself.. 22/24 OMG !! OMG!! I remember Christmas just gone where I could not fit into a size 30!  I must be dropping inches, and that is great. 

There are times I feel no different.. when that happens I go into the bedroom and put some clothes on that I used to wear... saying that Han made me throw it all out!  I did manage to keep a pair of old checkered shorts!  Oh I never wore them out, I am not totally mental!! They were for house use only!  So these shorts... when I bought them, my legs were very tight in the legs they are a size 30!! And well I still wear them around the house... I have them on now!  (no sorry no photo of that... no courage just yet!  maybe later!)  So yes I wear them to feel good!  To remind me I am doing good and how much weight I have lost so far!

The do hang off me, I have safety pins in both sides of my waist band as they just fall down!  The legs are massive and I guess if I tried I could put both my legs into one of the shorts legs!  Now that would be funny!  The butt hangs off me too.. Han thinks its really funny when I wear them.. but they give me such a boost :)  I would recommend doing that too if you need a constant reminder of how far you have come!  IT works a treat!

So enought rambling, guess you want to know what I had for dinner?  Hmmm well I was not hungry this evening for some reason?  So thought I would cook... yes cook something.  Well I have been thinking for a while about wholewheat scones, or something like that to have as a filling snack.  So I went in the kitchen and experimented!

I found some basic ingredients on an American site.. see I measure everything in cups, its so much easier to do.  This is what I used:

Wholewheat Scones
2 cups of wholewheat flour
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp butter
1 egg
1 1/4 cup skimmed milk

Then decided to add flaked almonds and dried strawberries and dried cherries and a small amount of dark chocolate drops- not sure of the quantity... a handful of it all I guess!

I baked them on 160/180 until golden brown.  

And then let them go cold and tasted... and I was actually pleasantly surprised!  Really nice, great for mid morning, or breakfast on the go.  

I ate 2 and OMG filling!! Really filling.  So that is why I have had no evening meal! 

I did even think about adding cheese!  Hmmm not such a good idea!  I would have to put loads in to taste it.. then it kind of defeats the object of being healthy!  Maybe try the cheese for Jon?  Maybe...

Oooh yes a photo...

I used the american trick of getting them all 'round'!  I put the mixture into a muffin tin, and they rose perfectly in their own space.  They are not huge and they are not small in my opinion.  Saying that they are not the size of a muffin you buy in the shops!  Oh no.. much smaller.  Hope that makes sense?

As I spent the day out tomorrow I will be resuming cleaning the house!  The kitchen is not quite finished so will be finishing off that... and more washing!!  I just love washing.. its never ending.

Until tomorrow..... 

What I did on the 28 th June 2013...

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Well its a late posting as I have been doing some thinking... I need to get on with things.. I need to see more results.. I need to lose more weight.. I just have to.  No I am not adicted to the feeling.. I just think, no I know I am not putting enough effort into it.. been a little slack (if that is the right word?)  But why?  How have I got in this rut?  I must get out of it.  Maybe I feel comfortable plodding on, as I have done for a few months now. 


So I see a change starting tomorrow... I have to do something, I need to shock my system back into the got to lose weight mode!! Plodding along is no good anymore.  I admit it, I have slipped a little with the types of food I have been eating, I need to be a lot more focused and WANT it.  That way I will not give in.  Naughty me!  

Look on the bright side at least I worked this out and I am not in denial about my situation!  I seriously need to step up the exercise and sweat more!! I love the rush after exercising, got to do more!  Back with the nice chap Monday, after a week off.  I seriously have no excuse for not doing any exercise now... I mean I have Trevor and and step thing and a ball and a garden!! So like I say, I need to sort myself out and get doing it.

OMG I am SO telling myself off!! I bet you reading this think I am rather strange?!  By putting my realizations in my blog has made me see what an ass I really am!! I mean seriously who am I kidding... doh, myself!!  And no I dont think I am being to hard on myself, I need and want results, only me that can get them!!

Ok so my day started good, I ate a nice breakfast:

Dry fried mushrooms, scrambled eggs and turkey rasher bacon... with the tiniest drop of ketchup!

Today has been a very productive day, see all week I have had builders in the house, plastering and painting walls, changing my front and rear doors.  Building an access ramp inside from the front door, so it makes bringing in Jons wheelchair easier.  And there is still work to be done... the hall way needs the plaster and paper off, and renewed.  The bathroom is getting totally refurbed and OMG this week the dust has been terrible.  So today I snapped!! The dust got to me, so the whole damn house got cleaned from top to bottom!  I feel better about it but to be honest it was rather pointless as they are going to create more mess next week!

Lunch was missed as I was too busy cleaning!  And to be honest I was not hungry or I would of stopped and got something.

For evening meal, it was something rammed in the oven whilst I finish of with the cleaning !! Seriously been at it all day!!

2 thin breast chicken pieces with broccoli and roast carrot and sweet potato's.  The chicken has lemon spicy sauce from Nando's on it. 

I have drank today.. not enough I feel.... damn it, one day I will get the drinking bit right!  So going to have a think about what I am and have been eating and I think I am going 'simple'.  Maybe being a bit boring about it... I need to go back to basics and re-train myself to eat the right things again.  I will also be using the smaller plates...see I know I eat less now, its just learning to fill the smaller plate now!  I CAN DO IT!!

So got to go to bed as I am actually tired and Have to pop into town tomorrow so may take a few photos :)

Cannot believe its almost July.. where has the year gone?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

What I did on the 27th June 2013...

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An interesting day me thinks!!  It started off with Jon and I having to go to Chichester!!  I know Chichester!!  Why there your wondering.. Jon had to go to the hospital for a dental appointment.  Things are not simple with a back problem, he cannot sit in the normal dentist chair so the hospital are looking into how they can treat him.  Jon is not looking forward to it as he has a massive needle phobia :(  Thankfully all they did today was asses him, but he will have to go back.  Cross that bridge when the letter drops on the mat me thinks!!

Then we headed back home and decided to go down town seeing as it was a nice day.  And ended up having lunch out.  (And if your wondering... no breakfast today)

This was my lunch, granary bread sandwich with prawns in thousand island sauce with a side salad.

I love prawns and salad so what a great combination!! And granary bread, its OK in small doses!  I have to tell myself its a good choice, better than eating white bread, and I like granary! mmmmmm :)

So sat for a while people watching in the cafe, it was really nice to sit, sip coffee and chill.  Chatted a bit with Jon and we both people watched then!  I never actually realized but there are an awful lot of 'large' people about.  I can see why the government is trying to jump on this.  I could not believe how unfit and large people are.  OMG... I am not judging people, just more of a statement and my opinion.

Got back home and before I knew it Han was in and asking to go to trampolining!!! OMG YES!!! So we got changed and went trampolining!  On the way in we get weighed on the electronic scales and well.... I have lost another 5 pounds :)  Cannot believe it... HAPPY!!!

Something happened this evening when trampolining, that has not happened before.  And well its shocked me a little, and its embarrassing to say the least.  Well maybe by posting it here someone may be able to tell me why it happened?  I mean I could understand it if I had a weak bladder or did not stomach exercises... but I do plenty!! Yes I had a bladder issue, every time I jumped and landed back on the trampoline my bladder opened.  I went to the loo, but did not need to go... I was so embarrassed.  I had to go home and change it was that bad.. but I went back.. with protection!! I think I may have to look at getting some tena ladies just for trampolining?  Oh.. I hope I figure out why this is happening, and its only trampolining its happening on..very puzzled.

Ok back from trampolining and dinner!! Han was hungry so we had something quick.... 

Salmon done 2 ways... garlic and herb and lemon and pepper with mixed salad and coleslaw.

Decided on salmon done 2 ways as could not decide which one to have so ended up having it both ways!!  And well they were OK but preferred the garlic and herb version..note to self... garlic and herb all the way!!

In the evening I had a coffee and Jon was doing something with it... I looked and thought... awe, how sweet.  Can you see it?  He loves me!! :)  And I love him :)

Chilling out this evening... 

Another week gone!

Roll on the weekend :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What I did on 26th June 2013...

Been playing around with some photo's...

Did this to see some changes.... EEEeeeeekkkk!!!!!  the photo on the left was taken just before Christmas just gone (2013) and the photo on the right was taken yesterday.

I am lets say.... SHOCKED!!! Loving my new photo and image, SO happy :)

Had this today... cute right!  Pepper the pig ha ha tasted nice :)

Ok so not eaten a great deal today... this actually...

Its.. coleslaw, potato salad, mixed fresh salad and calzone cheese pizza.

More photos from our trip on the London eye..

Yes this last one shows me being scared!  It is SO damn high... and once your on it, you got to stay on it!  As it turned out I did like being on it, after I got over the shock of being on it!!! ha ha

Tomorrow, back to the exercise.... BRING IT ON!!! :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OMG... playing catch up!...

So were do I start??? hmmmm well its been a funny old few days!  The last post I made was the day before my birthday, such a long time ago now!  But me being me I feel the urge to do this...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Ha ha even though my birthday has been and gone I like it!   Ah the little things!  I bet your all dying to know what I did for my birthday?!  Well I did have some options thrown at me.. but had to decline... I know what am I like!!  

Well if you recall I had a maths exam in the morning, 9.30 am to 11.30 am.... OMG!!! I was so nervous :(  I know for sure I messed up 1 question, brain went dead and I had no idea of the answer... but I did attempt it.  

After the exam I headed back home and then was told we had to wait 30 minutes before going out!  Hmmm I was thinking why?!  Then Jon smiled at me when there was a knock at the door...

(my beautiful roses)

From Jon with love!  They are so lovely, I still have them, in a vase on my desk.  I also got flowers off my parents (so spoilt!) and as we have the new car and I am forever cleaning it.  My parents got me 5 wash and valets for it, at our local garage!  I loved that!!!  And I had Trevor the treadmill, yes he was early but much appreciated!

So yes back to the story... after the flowers, I got asked where I wanted to go.   Bearing in mind by this point it was about 1.30 pm... time was ticking.  So thinking about it for a few minutes I shouted.... IKEA!! I know I am mental!  Ikea is in Southampton, just over an hour by car.  So off we went!  Han has blogged about our Ikea trip (and other things if you want to take a look!) on her blog... so thought I would send you her link!!...Hannah's Blog, enjoy!

So eating... I did not want a birthday cake... too much temptation to eat it all!! So its been the first year that I did not blow out any candles!  Eating has actually been going really well, I eat SO much less food than before, its actually crazy.  I can honestly say I have not gone off the rails (as predicted by others!), I have been trying really hard and think I am winning now!  Well I know I am...

I dont feel 42... should I ?

You all know I used to be a size 32, ladies 32 in trousers and well been working hard to do something about that!  And well I needed some new jeans and for the hell of it and a just to see... I ordered a size 24 pair of jeans!  OMG I know size 24!! Mental right!!  Well they arrived and they sat on the side all day, looking at me!  I was actually too scared to try them on!! How stupid does that sound, but seriously I was petrified of trying them on, in case I could not get in them.  Han came home, called me a silly fool and told me to try them on!!  That put me in, my place!! ha ha ha  So any way I did and I am over the moon as I now wear size 24!! ha ha ha And to prove no going back Han and I visited the clothing bank and deposited ALL of the not size 24 clothes in there!!

(my actual clothes.... gone!)

I feel much more has happened over the past few days... but in reality... its been pretty quiet!  Today Han and I were up and out heading to London... I know off again!  :)  Way back at the start of the year we both went to The Vitality Show... it was really good and we loved it.  Whilst there we signed up for a photo shoot with Vanity Studios in London.  Obviously had no idea what we were letting ourselves into!   We thought a bit of fun and why not!  And the day finally came around, we were back in London!!

The photo shoot was something we were looking forward to as neither of us had done that before.   We took some clothing with us, bit nothing special, we were going for the casual look!  Our hair and makeup was done... OMG... well I dont wear makeup so OMG shock to the system!  But let me tell you I LOVED IT!!  The photographer was lovely, put us both at ease.  Here are a few... the one of both of us we love as its so natural, us both smiling... my mum is getting a copy of this!

Han.. I love this...its so her!!

Me... well I do actually like this one...

And the both of us...

Please if you like, let me know what you think...  :)

Whilst in London I did try some new food... looks interesting right! 

And OH yes... after the photo shoot we decided to go on the London eye!  The things we do... I only took this naff photo almost at the top... Han took much more, but she has gone to bed as she is tired.  I will no doubt update the photos when I have sorted through them.   We were really quite surprised at how safe we felt.  That sounds odd..bit we did worry a little.  No need to, its an amazing journey and if you have chance to go, DO!!

(On the London eye)

The food, the drink and the exercise is all going well and I cannot wait for my next milestone where I go down another size.  Those wellingtons are getting nearer! 

Back to blogging food tomorrow! :) 

oooh gremlins... just checked my blog and OOOhh what is with the white under the words?  Have no idea how parts of it are like that... or how I change it back... 

Bear with as they say... normal service will resume tomorrow!! ha ha ah a

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What I did on the 20th June 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Yes its almost my birthday...just a few more hours!  Oh damn its not like I want it to happen, I mean that is after all another year! Another year of grey!  Oh but I dont feel old, I dont feel older!  

So today I went back to the college and got my hair sorted out.. I love it!  They do such a great job too.  I have decided to stay short, I like it, just hope to lose my 'face fat' ha ha :) I do have cheek bones now though!  See photo's!

Here is Han... you can only see the dark pink under color, its a lighter color on top!


A bowl of Shreddies.. and what I ended up leaving!


Dad took me for a coffee and as I was due at the hair salon at the college shortly after I had a light lunch.

1 slice of granary toast (no butter) with scrambled egg and mushrooms.  And a 1 shot skinny latte.


2 wholewheat seeded small bread rolls with light salad cream and lettuce.


First thing this morning Han and I went along to see our favorite chap for a work out!  8.30 am...OMG!! Han was still asleep!! It was really funny.  We used the machines today, worked really hard doing cardio work and both managed 60 crunches each... feel those abs!! 

Water Intake: 2 bottles and a skinny latte and a herbal tea.

Thoughts for the day:

Well I seemed to have more energy today, was rushing about and remembered to eat!!  Pleased I got my hair sorted, I love it.  

Tomorrow is exam day!  Am I scared?  Erm yes!  I would not be human if I said no!  Nervous as I have a lot to remember, thinking positive and hope I get through it.  

Oh and yes tomorrow is my birthday! ha ha, I am not one for celebrating it, its not a milestone, I will be 42!! Gosh I dont feel that old!  Han says I am more like 35 - 36, nice!! :)

Happy, happy and oh yes happy!! ha ha ha ha

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

what I did on the 19th June 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)


Small bowl of Shreddies with skimmed milk.


2 slices of Free From seeded bread with half a tin of chopped tomato's with black pepper.

2 table spoons of Organic fat free strawberry and rhubarb yogurt with a handful of blueberries.

BBQ prawns with chilli marinade, breast chicken skewers with garlic and herb marinade and sweet chilli marinade. (did not eat all of this!!)


Had a fitness session this morning at 8 am!  Goodness, I was boxing this morning!  Never thought I would ever do that!  Well OK I guess you call it sparring?!  Really good on the arms and makes you sweat!  Did exercise bike and ski stepper too....and a lot of crunches!!

Water Intake: 3 bottles!!! Go me!! and 1 coffee.

Thoughts for the day:

Well Han and I both got up this morning!  Seriously thought we would have problems, but we were actually fine.  Arrived did an amazing session, sweated heaps... Han then showered and I took her to college.  She likes exercising in the morning apparently as it gives her heaps of energy for the rest of the day!? Hmm we shall see how long that lasts! 

Me.. well after I dropped Han at college I was actually falling asleep!  I know how bad is that!! So I went back to bed, did not even have the energy to shower!  So cat napped for about 1 and half hours and then got up, stripped the bed and showered.  Did all the laundry and before I knew it I was off picking Han up again!! None stop!!  

In the evening I decided to have a BBQ, just spur of the moment kind of thing, as usual!  So it was a quick trip to Tesco for some chicken and prawns!  Something about the smell of a BBQ... takes me back to my childhood.  

Tomorrow is set to be a busy day, another session at 8.30 am tomorrow!!   Then I have to go back to the college to get my hair sorted out.  Whilst running Han about, of course!  Oh yes and at some point to do some last minute revision for my maths exam on Friday.  My house is going to be a mad house tomorrow, I have workmen in my bedroom repairing the ceiling from a leak from upstairs.  So no doubt there will be dust and mess everywhere.

Things are Happy and smiley :) 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What did I do on the18th June 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

So I found these words and thought Hmmmm maybe!  I try to stay positive and strong, I need to, to get me through this!  Anyone that says its easy are just plain liars!  I knew when I started it would not be easy... I have had some health issues, but I bounced back!  And I feel that is the key, to bounce back, say to yourself "come on, you can do this".  And do it for yourself, you have to WANT it.  

Its Tuesday and I went to the hairdressers today!  High light (ha ha) of my day!  Seriously!! OMG what am I like!  Yes I had high lights! It was done at my college by students, which I think is an amazing thing to do.  Unfortunately my roots were not covered so I have to go back Thursday.. so no photo until then!  Han had her hair re-coloured.. yes two tone pink!  What else!!  I will up-load both our photo's tomorrow.

Also went to see Han's exhibition for her first years work.  And let me tell you.. OK its an art course and each person has their own idea of what art is.  But OMG!! Some were so off the wall I just did not see what they were getting at!  Han's one was very inspiring as she designed it around recycling clothes, I hope she gets a good mark for it.




Left over square of lasagna from yesterday!  It looks huge but its not really, its a small bowl.


2 eggs scrambled with half a tin of chopped tomato's.  With 3 rivita's.


50 crunches with help from the exercise ball.

Water: 2 bottles and 1 coffee.

Thoughts for the day:

I have not been hungry today, and well why eat if your not!  I know we have to eat, so I ate something light for dinner.  And now I am satisfied, wonder why that is?  I mean looking back a few months I would of been stuffing my face with anything in sight!  Is it due to re-training myself when I have eaten enough or is it just realizing I dont actually need anything?  When you have over eaten as much as I have over the years and look at what I eat now its unbelievable!  And shocking!  I do log everything, my daughter Han reminds me to take the photo!! 

We both have another session tomorrow with the 'nice' chap!  At 8 am, that is going to be really funny.  So did some exercise, some as they say is better than none!  And well did not want to over do it as we saw him yesterday.  I love the exercise ball, I do crunches on it and it does not feel like I am, I find it fun to do.  I think with us that is important, keeping the fun enjoyable element in everything we do.  Or we would I know we would, get bored.  Its like the trampolining, we giggle so much doing that I think I need shared in Tena lady! ha ha ha

Drinking is becoming easier, have no idea why, just liking it at the moment.  Oh its still not water!  Its very weak ribena in water, which for me is a break through!  Maybe one day I might progress onto just plain water?  Doubt it!!

Keep smiling... 

Monday, 17 June 2013

What I did on the 17th June 2013...

Its Monday and I was still in bed, lounging about at 11 am this morning! ha ha first time ever and it did feel odd but good at the same time!

Well guess your wondering where the last 2 days are?!  No I did not go on a bender! Ha chance would be a fine thing!  My email account was not working apparently something to do with the switch over from hotmail to outlook?  I dont know, all I know is that I could not access my mail account.  This is a problem as I take the photo's on my iphone then email them to myself and then save them to a file on my PC.  I guess I could look at trying to upload them a different way in case this happens again.  Fear not it was just a minor hiccup! 


Small bowl of shreddies with skimmed milk.


Fresh green salad with cherry tomato's, cucumber, spring onion and avocado.  A pot of tuna light lunch, mixed into salad.

                                                              (To see larger, just click!)

Early evening:

Krave cereal (pillows filled with dark chocolate!) with dried cherries, dried strawberries and chopped almonds.


Lasagna and salad.


So at 3.30 pm Han and I went along to see someone that is going to help us with our weight loss.  A very nice chap who basically beasts us!! Today he did an assessment to find out what level we are at, he also took our measurements and weighed us too.  And every 2 weeks he will give us feed back on how we are doing.  

Today's session he basically watched our heat rates whilst we moved around the machines... treadmill, exercise bike, ski stepper and a glider.  Han thought the ski stepper felt like roller skating up stairs!  We basically did 4 -5 minutes on each thing.... sounds simple right?!  Damn well not!  Especially when the 'nice' chap is changing the tension and incline!  Both Han and I were sweating a lot!  Our next session is 8.00 am Wednesday!  OMG 8. 00 am!! Han does not do mornings, she is so not going to like this!  

Water: 2 bottles

Thoughts for the day:

Something I have noticed, I eat my food a lot slower... I drink fluid before and during too.  I can honestly say it takes me longer too.  Do you think this is because I am more aware of what I am eating?  Interesting you think?

We are both feeling very positive about our new exercise venture.  Sure I will still use my treadmill and we will still go to trampolining... its fun!!  And if I am totally honest having someone telling us both now do this, come on a bit longer.. that type of thing, we love it!  It is motivation we lack,we know this... lost it somewhere!  We are hoping to get it back with some help.  And this chap is going to help us get fitter for the race for life we do in about 6 weeks I think! eeeekkk!!!