Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Well hello friends! 

I have only gone and done it!! Ha ha your all wondering what?! I take it??!! Ha ha

A while ago I started The Prairie Schooler design called A Prairie Garden.... Stitching the border...oh the border!! 

Do you remember this? When I showed you all the contents of the bucket of dooooooo? 

I have a massive smile on my face as I can now tell you all I have finished the border!! Yippppeeeeee! That means I can now stitch each lovely design in the boxes.

The border complete.....

And the lovely design.... Wonder which one I will start with? 

This is so exciting, I have been hoping this day would come soon! On with the stitching!!! 

Hope your all happy and well... 

If I don't get a chance to..... HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Lol

Wishing each and every one of you all the best with much happiness and smiles for 2016 :)

Big big smiles :) xxxx

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas one and all.....

Today is Christmas Day..... Hello all :)

I hope your having a lovely Christmas full of smiles :)

Our home today has has many smiles in, Han had her friend Morgan and Caterina over... Then my parents popped in too! Our little home was very full!! 

There were much present swapping and laughing.... A happy day :)

I have to say a big big thank you firstly to Jo... I opened your gift and smiled! How lovely!! And yes i love it... Thank you xxx

It's a little house... With an awesome plaque...

And inside the house...

It's awesome!! I really love it... Thank you :)

Then the next naughty elf....

Yes just like the picture!! Ha ha 

Is Sue.... We managed to meet up when she came to England recently... Which was awesome! She went travelling more.. Germany, Russia to name a few! Then home she went! There was a note inside the gift she very kindly sent me... Whilst holidaying in Germany she saw the fabric! And then took it home and made me something! German sheep fabric!! How prefect! And yes! See see why you chose it sue!! Thank you so so much :)

Here is what sue very kindly made and sent me...

The cutest bag with two zipped bags..... I love them seriously I do!! 

I have been truly spoilt, Han bought me a rather interesting fun gift.... 

I use a hot water bottle regular on my knee... And the cover on it at the moment is a tatty old looking worn out zebra! So this once I have made it will be fun! 

Inside the bag...

Everything included even the thread!! Awesome!  Thank you Han, a well thought out happy gift :)

And sweet jon...  He got me a new bag too, see my other handbag had seen better days! So he treated me to a new one :)

It's got a spotty dog! And it's so fun... I love it! 

The inside is so much bigger than my last bag, the book inside is my huge Filofax! I am a write it down to remember everything kind of person! It literally goes everywhere with me.... Nothing to forget then!!

Jon also bought me some of the lovely perfume I like too.... 

Just because I feel happy when I wear it! :)

All year we asked Han what she wanted for Christmas and she just kept saying play station 4! Jon and I saved and saved and managed to buy her one... Let me tell you Han had no clue and when she opened it she cried! 

It was extra special as we bought her the special edition Star Wars one... With the picture on the console... 

Ha ha I am so rubbish at photos... I took a picture but it naturally round the wrong way!! Ha ha 

It's so cool.... The light changes colour, red and then white.... 

Han has played none stop with her friends on it... Ha ha it took over 4. Hours to load the games on! But she is happy... So job done!  :)

Christmas dinner was a no go thing in our home! Ha ha no... No turkey, no Brussel sprouts, no roast potatoes.... Nothing!! No Christmas pudding either!!  So are you all wondering what we ate?? Ha ha well we opted more for a casual approach this year! We had Christmas party food nibbles! Lol everyone except me ate Christmas tree nuggets with bbq sauce! Sausage mini rolls... Chicken dumplings, tex mex nibbles and other random bits too! I tried some mini vegetable spring rolls.. They were ok.  And if anyone is still hungry there is a selection of pizzas!! Yes we are all for alternative things in this home! 

Well must dash.... I have some Christmas TV to watch! 

Sending .....

And smiles to you all.... :)

We are off around my parents home for Boxing Day... They have made a buffet and plan a games day for a fun day.  

So until I next pop in.... Take care and merry Christmas :) 


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

More stitching....

Hello my friends and Merry Christmas!! 

Thought I would show you what I have been doing... Ha ha more stitching! 

Well I carried on with the Egyptian tut... And finished all the back stitching yippppeeee! The whole centre is finished now.  I am not sure if I want to stitch the border? Thinking on it! 

Here he is... All done! 

And see what I mean about the border? Looks like an endless task!

I will think on it more.... What do you all think? Should I stitch the border? 

Whilst thinking on this I picked up another project from the bucket of dooooo..... A lovely happy design, the wonderful Blue Ribbon design, Find Your Happy Place..

This is what it looked like before I picked it up again...

Do you recall that all I have to stitch is the border? Aarrghhhh... The border! Ha ha 

So I made a start...

Then as predicted I got bored! Ha ha so put it down! I hope to pick it back up again in a few days, I so so want to finish this.  I love it :)

Bet your wondering what else I have been doing? 

My mum bought me a stitching kit, for our anniversary... On Christmas Eve.  It's called Apache Marriage Blessing. Yes she gave it me a little early, but it's ok not too early! 

I wanted to sort all the threads, knowing what these kits are like I knew just sorting the threads would take me ages! I roped jon in to help me! Ha ha

Lol that little purple packet is not a sweetie... It's the needle in a packet!  The design is the kind of thing jon likes, see he is into wolves and dream catchers.  

Here is a close up of the actual design..

The colours are really pretty and I plan to start it this anniversary in hope to finish it by the next one! Ha ha  As and when I stitch this one I will show you my progress.  Ha ha I bet your all thinking it's off into the bucket of doooooo for you!? Ha ha your right!!! Ha ha it's an ongoing project! 

I can't believe it's actually Christmas Eve tomorrow.... Where on earth has this year gone? 

I would like to wish you all a merry happy smiley Christmas :)
And I would like to say a BIG thank you for being my blogger friends:)


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Been busy....

Welł hello there!!

I have been busy going through my bucket of doooooo!!

With all this extra time on my hands I have been productive... 

Remember this?

Only the bottom corner to finish....

I started on it straight after making my last post...

And look....

All finished....

I am so thrilled it's finished, it's been in the bucket of doooooo forever...go me!!

And now look, I also started back with this one....

The black outline work goes on and on.... And on!! But I have managed to do a fair bit..

It's not quite done... Still a little more to do. But good progress :)

So that was the stitching.

Just a little note... If you follow me or are friends with me on Facebook..... You will not find me on there anymore.  I deactivated my account today after much thought.  

If your wondering why I have chosen to leave Facebook it's just that it's become too stressful.  I loved the interaction of friends and groups, but I seemed to 'live' on there.  There is more to life than Facebook, so I decided to leave! I know there are lots of you that use Facebook, you all know how consuming it can be! So all I will be doing is updating my blog and stitching! Don't worry I have no plans to deactivate my blog! You all cannot get rid of me that easy! 

I popped around a few blogs and I have not seen any Christmas trees! Unless you all snook a post in and I missed it! I would love to see all your Christmas trees.... Have you done a post about it? Post a link I will go see! Thank you :)

Thank you for popping in :)

Happy smiles to you all :)

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Bucket of dooooooooooo......

Or should that be bucket of doom?! Ha ha

Well hello wonderful friends... Seeing as I now have an enormous amount of time on my hands again I thought I would turn it into something positive.  Yes you read that right!! Being stuck in bed is soul destroying so thought I would cheer myself up and do something rewarding and positive. I pulled out my bucket of dooooo....yes do! Ha ha because it's full of things I need to do or finish! Yeah!! Go me!!

So here is what is in the bucket of doooooo....

This one takes me back years! I mean years!! I loved the colours in it, and to be honest there is only a small piece in the right corner to do! So this could potentially get finished! 

This was started oh so many years ago too... I love everything Egyptian, I find it all so fascinating.  A little black outlining to do at the bottom and then the huge border to do! Ha ha maybe that's why I put this one down?! Again it was the colour that drew me to this :)

This is one my mum found for me... She thought it cute and liked the herbs.  Me.... Hummmm maybe?! So I am sure one day this will be finished but not sure when! Ha ha

Awe.... I love this... The colours, the birds....everything.  It's part of a series I was doing, with six already completed. I do like this so. Maybe I will pick it up again?

I bet you were all wondering where this little gem went? This is so very me.... I love everything about it.. Again it's the border, not sure what it is about them? They just don't like me and lose my interest! But I love this design so much I will finish it!!

This is my newest addition to the bucket! I love this design, it's just so very pretty...love the colours. I. Think once I start on the flowers it will be ok.  It's like stitching a design backwards, maybe if I had stitched the flowers first the lines inbetween may not of ever got done! The lines remind me of the borders!! So stitching it this way. I know I will enjoy it eventually! 

So that's what is in my bucket of doooo! I will plod along stitch here and there... Maybe I will choose one, finish that and then move into the next one? Good plan? 

Oooh well I must show you all what came in the post.... Naughty people!! 

Vickie from A Stitchers Story blog is ever so kind, a beautiful card and a tissue package....

LOOK!! This is what was in the tissue package! It's adorable, so very sweet and pretty, I love it.

I got jon to put it straight on the tree.... Thank you so so much Vickie :) xx

And look.... Inbetween Vickies sweet gift and June's white dove... Look!! A gift!! Another naughty elf out there!  This one goes by the name of Jo, from serendipitous stitching blog. Thank you so much Jo xx

And how beautiful is the Christmas card!! It's a needlelace design of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen... It's very pretty.

Thank you naughty elves... :)

And the design I was stitching.....
It's called Bee PinKeep from Littlehouse Country Cottage needleworks.... Found inside The Gift Of Stitching magazine issue 12 January 2007.

Here is my stitching journey...

And unfortunately this has joined the pile of finishing I need to do! When I can get to my sewing machine again! 

Thank you so much for popping in to see me :)
Big happy smiles to you all :)

Thursday, 17 December 2015


(Image borrowed from Google)

Hello wonderful friends.... Yes Star Wars is everywhere!! 


Han, jon, Catarina and naturally myself all went to see the premier first screening here.  It was shown at 12.01 am....this morning! It was really exciting... Jon got the tickets ages ago as Han explained that they would of sold out...which they did!! 

It was a major exhibition for all of us to go... Jon and I in wheelchairs, Han limping and poor Catarina pushing.  We made it to the cinema!! I was so uncomfortable sitting anywhere, my back/coccyx was hurting so so much.  I tried sitting in the cinema seats...nope! Worse! Some how I managed to sit, the people behind me may of been a bit peeved I think with all the moving about I was doing! 

The film was AWESOME! That word does not really justify it at all.  It's not like I am a Stars Wars fan.... I just liked the original films, watched them growing up.  So it was only natural for me to go see this new one and see what all the fuss is about! Catarina had not seen any of the other films and sh enjoyed it too! 

In a nutshell....not going to spoil it for anyone... Just want those interested to know it's a brilliant film! From start to finish I loved it! And oh.. I loved chewy, he is so funny! I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD here in England February. So go see it!! Ha ha 

Well unfortunately I am back to spending more and more time in bed again..it's just too painful moving about, my back/coccyx and left knee are worse...and now due to compensating my weight I think it's caused problems with my right knee and hip :(. Jon has been talking to my doctor, and with all my stomach issues too (not held a meal down in over 4 weeks) ... If I deteriorate any more I will have to go into hospital.  Not really what I want but the doctor assured jon if this happens there will be a team of specialists who will look at me and once and for all sort me out...or put me on the path to get sorted out! Yes yes yes!! I know this is ideally what I want and hope for as being in pain 24/7 wears you out. But I am trying to stay out of hospital.. I understand and agree that if I do get worse I will agree to go though.

Enough of this talk!! Just thought you should all know...so if jon or Han posts on here you will all know where I am! 


So what have I been up to? 

Been stitching...a little inbetween massive headaches! 

You all know I love Lynette Anderson designs and have a book of hers "Stitch For Autumn"....  Well felt like stitching, but a little differently...

Here is my stitching journey...

I made a little hoop holder...

That was fun!! And practical! Gosh!! Me practical!! Ha ha 

Something to show you all....

This arrived in the post!! I have no idea what it is! 

But look what it says....


I promised I would not open it, I mean it's not like I have months to wait! Ha ha 

It was totally unexpected and such a wonderful surprise...thank you Sue..aka kiwikid! :) and it's under our Christmas tree now, waiting until 25th when I can open it! So excited!!! 

Here is where I am now... Lol a load of mess on my bed! Yes I am stitching, it's not very taxing on my brain as its 14 count Aida.  You will have to wait and see what I am stitching...not sure it's in focus enough for you to guess?!

Ok.... A little closer.... Anyone know the design? Oh I do! Ha ha I have the chart! Ha ha 

Well it's almost Christmas... I cannot believe how quickly time has passed this year.  Soon it will be 2016...

Christmas Eve is our anniversary, it will be 6 years! That time too has flown by... Jon is my rock and I love him to bits.  The first 6 of many many more years together :)

Ok enough mush! 

Christmas smiles to you all.... :) xxx
Thank you so much for popping in to see me :)