Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What a day...

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Well yesterday Jon Han and I and Han's friend Morgan all went to Thorpe Park for the day.  We have had annual Merlin Entertainment passes for some time now and they enable us to visit the attractions for free.

Some photos I took...

Han and her friend actually went on this!!!...Mental!!

Han is on the inside... you cannot miss her pink hair!! :)  Her friend would not go on.... ha ha ha

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Map of the Park, Han and her friend went pretty much on everything!  Me... nope I wimped out!  Kept Jon company and pretty much drank coffee all day! :)

This photo is Han with Amelia Lily and Adam from Lawson!! I know... mental right!  We walked passed them and Han well pretty much screamed in my ear!  She knew instantly who they were!  Me being me... who, where, what!! lol  So I told her that they probably wanted to be left alone, wanting to enjoy the day.  We just kept bumping into them all over the park... they were on the same ride.. SWARM as Han and her friend and naturally Han thought that was amazing!  So after that ride Han went up to them and said hello!  And they chatted and agreed to do a photo!!  It made Han's day :)

We spent the whole day in the park and got home around 6.30pm... pleased it did not rain :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Busy ..... busy.... busy.....

Well I am really busy right now, studying with The Open University.  I have a lot of reading to do for two modules and I have to write two essays all before 22nd May!!  I think I will have to pull my finger out! 

This is me studying!  Books everywhere !!  Trying to get on with it..... slowly and methodically does it!

Off to Thorpe Park tomorrow.... I will take some photo's and post them when I can get on next.  Hope it does not rain.. Han will still enjoy it regardless rain or shine I think!

I have been trying to eat salads as I love them!  Here are a few of the ones I have made and eaten recently...

Green leaf salad with vine tomatoes, cucumber, baby beetroot, red onions, sesame seeds, spring onions, garlic and herb soft cheese shapes.... drizzled with a little Ceaser salad dressing.

 Green leaf salad, vine tomatoes, sesame seeds, baby beetroot, spring onions drizzled with Ceaser salad dressing.  With French style tuna and mediteranian tuna.

I have been drinking more too... I am into lemon Lipton's Ice tea, I cannot get enough of it!  Oh and also been drinking fresh apple juice...with my iron supplements.

Until tomorrow....

Thursday, 25 April 2013


I seem to be slacking at the blog thing lately :(  Oooops!


What have I been up to...

Hmmm collected new car!  And I love it!  This is SO much better for Jon too... means we might actually get to go places now!?

What else... hmmmm

I decided to 'try' if I could to follow my life long ambition to become a nurse, this is something I have wanted to do since very little.  And well was on the path when I left school, got married, moved abroad, had a child... you know the normal stuff got in the way so my dream took a back seat!  So now... Han is grown up and well I am settled in UK... sure I care for Jon... but this is what I want to do!!! I want to care for people!

I have been looking into how to go about this...

I recently went along to Cardiff Universities open day... they have an amazing nursing degree program and would LOVE to eventually get onto that!  So I am looking at this logically and realistically...

Han, Dylan the Welsh dragon and me! lol  At Cardiff University.

As you know (or may not!) I have SpLD's... dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.  This will NOT stop me!! I know I can do the work, I know I can study and I know I am not stupid!!  I guess starting out with the Open University made me realize that actually I can do the study and I can learn... and these days the Uni's/colleges have excellent programs for people with SpLD's in order to support them.

I am looking at my options and what I have to do... so fingers crossed I manage to get onto an access course that then allows me to apply for the nursing degree program.

Not sure what I am doing about my studies with The Open University?  I mean I cannot surely do 2 things!  I am not super women!  So I have a meeting with a college on the 22nd May and will know more then!  Until then I will I guess continue with the OU! :)

What else...
Paris is off!  Han does not want to go there now!  See whilst in Cardiff I bought her some birthday presents and she does not want anything else!  The presents are wrapped up for now... her birthday is on the 12th May so will post some photos then! :)

What else...
Well I had a long chat with The Weight Loss Guys about me and my health!  And well its good for me to be around 'good' vibes and to try... and build on it... SO I am going back tonight to the session!  Oh dont worry I will not be doing a full session...  I cannot I dont think!  I am working on increasing my energy levels, hopefully that will pick up and I will  be back on the road to recovery.

My eating habits are still all over the place and I have to some days force myself to eat.  Today for example I did not eat anything all day until about 5pm... just did not feel hungry.  This is what I did eat...

And then about 1 hour later I felt the urge to eat scrambled egg! So did!! :)

I guess I will have to be weighed this evening...hmmm not actually looking forward to that, if I am honest!  I may see if I can delay it until next week!

What else...
ha ha ha I am sure there is more!
Well this will do until I think of more!


So I went along to my first session back to The Weight Loss Guys tonight, it was more of a session to ease me back into it and to do what I could, what with me still being ill.  And to go and mix with all the lovely happy people and pick up my confidence again.  Well I am happy to say I really enjoyed the session, I lasted longer than I thought I would.... I thought after 10 minutes max I would of felt drained but I actually lasted about half the session so am really pleased with myself.  

I also go weighed and was really shocked at what it said!  The say 4 weeks I have been out of action due to illness I only put on 2lbs!! Amazing really!! I am really pleased with myself as I have been trying to eat healthily when I have felt hungry.  I need to concentrate on my energy levels now and bring those up.

After the session Han and I went for a swim and steam room visit!  It was really nice to relax in there and just what we both needed.

Feeling happy and back on it! :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Interesting day...

This is Han's new hair colour!  She went out hours ago to the hair dressers and came back with this amazing colour on her head!  I think its great she can express what she wants to... with what ever colour she likes!  

The first thing she said when she came back was when was I getting mine done!  Hmmm yes it has been known in the past that I would on impulse got the same cut and colour as Han.... but hmmm not in this instance!  I would never be taken seriously ever again!  But why do I think like that?  I do like it... but I guess I am not as brave as Han!!

Any way... well I am still ill :(  So damn tired its unbelievable, thankfully I go and see the consultant this time next week (23rd April).  Not something I am looking forward to but I know I have to go.

Yesterday my mum went into hospital and had a pace maker fitted.  She had 3 leads connected, instead of the normal usual 2.  I think this is due to only half of her heart actually working.  She is 'alright' and putting a brave face on.  Its scary stuff really... I and I hope the pacemaker does help my mum.  I guess we will know in about 6 weeks, that is how long it takes to adjust to her body and show signs of improvements.

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Been thinking...

Its funny what people think about...

Well all this that is happening with my mum, with her heart and with my dad too.... oh yes he is a walking time bomb too... he has had stents fitted and has very high blood pressure.  It made me seriously look again at my life...

OK so I realized that I do not want to die... this is actually a major fear of mine.  None of my family has died, I just dont want to!  So I know I have to sort myself out!!  But that in its self is a really hard task... I mean its all well and good stating OK I dont want to die so I am and will sort myself out... hmmm its actually doing it!

OK so I know the GP's and NHS will not help me... I am not at risk.  By that I mean I have no diabetes or heart/joint problems so according to them I am fine and dont need their help.  I question this all the time, and to be honest it infuriates me.  For the simple fact that I have been very over weight all my life and I obviously need help!  But cannot get help as I am not a statistic yet!  I thought it should be more about preventative that a quick fix?!  I am not asking for mountains to be moved... just some support and help.

OK.. so I am on the healthy eating regime, for one this regime is not cheap!  I mean I eat fresh vegetable and fruit and other things like plain fish and plain chicken breasts.  It all adds up and to be honest on the low income that we are surviving on its very hard.  But I know I need to eat healthily, I know I need to exercise... these things are not cheap.  Sure I can walk around the streets, jog too!  But really?!!  That is not me... I need motivation, I need to be pushed I need to know someone is watching me... it takes it to another level for me and makes it all very real and then how can I give up!?

I feel like its ground hog day... I swear I have spoken about this before!

Its all well and good me talking about this... I NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!!

Its HARD as I cannot exercise at the moment due to being anemic and having no energy what so ever... I have enough to function, not much more to do anything else :(

I just want to...AAArrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

OK that is out of my system!  So down to business....
Take one day at a time!!
Until I come up with something better!!! :)

Ooooh yes what did I eat!

Mixed bean salad with a mint sauce, silver skin onions, beetroot, feta cheese squares with sun dried tomato... and tuna mixed with a little mayo.

I really enjoyed eating this, apart from the black beans in the mixed bean salad.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Déjà vu...

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So here I am again!  I have a severe case of Déjà vu!! See I am back studying with the same bowl of yummy food!  I just love it!  Mmmmm Natural Greek yogurt with raspberries and blueberries. 

I am trying to read and do notes in chunks, I have SO much reading to do for this next assignment.  And with me being ill and not 100% yet I think this will be a slow long process!  But look on the bright side... I am now back studying! :)

So been doing a little more thinking on what to do with my blog... I love writing in it and I hope I make people smile now and then?!  Right well you will be pleased to know I am keeping the blog and will try to be more active on it now.  I want to share my life.. what I get up to, how I spend my time.. as I feel its all a part of the bigger picture which is my journey.  And my journey is losing weight!  That is me!!  

I have hopes and dreams as does everyone but I want to share these things here.  See I believe by writing about things brings it to life and it also helps me to stay positive.  

Back to the studying! :)

Ok so took a little break to sample something new... I will post it here,... but I dont like it!  I tried it, its Tesco Finest but I prefer M&S one!  Its good to try and taste new things...

Friday, 12 April 2013

An experiment...

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Well Han loved chicken!  And well Ok I eat the white breast meat now and then.... so did something yesterday that I have never ever done! I made chicken stock! yup...chicken stock!!  And this morning I added vegetable... carrots, onion, cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, parsnips, sweet potato... I think that is about it!  And I added 1 whole chicken breast!  Its cooking away in the slow cooker... I hope it tastes nice!?  Will try it later.... and post some photo's too.  I know I said Han loves chicken... hmmm she does not do soup!  I mean every variety of soup too!!  Very strange child I have!  So I guess this was a bid to let her taste it?  Don't think she will as she watched me doing the stock!! lol

It was surprisingly really tasty!  And I have enough for tomorrow! :) mmmmm

Thursday, 11 April 2013

A new day....

Well thought I would share what I am eating... I am sharing it as I actually love eating this and if I had my way I would eat it everyday.. morning, noon and night! 

I am still studying with The Open University and its going really well at the moment.  The photo is me now... 6.00pm studying with this lovely food!

mmmm Ok its Greek natural yogurt with an added mix of flaxseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  Mixed that into the yogurt then added fresh raspberries and blueberries.

Now it was not that long ago I thought I did not actually like natural yogurt and blueberries!  Hmmm I think it good to try new things even if you think you might not like them as tastes change.

Back to the studying....

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I am a BzzAgent... if you did not know!

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If you have not heard of this before (Why not!) I basically try all types of products for free... and in return I give my honest opinion about the products I try.  Its a great way to give genuine honest feed back, and I love trying the products too... all the better as they are free!!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I am what is known as a BzzAgent... and its a great play on words as I buzz about telling friends and family about the products I try!  I can give out free samples too and get feed back from that too.

I have not being doing this long, not long at all!! When we receive a product to try these are called campaigns and I had my very first one a few weeks ago!  And I was really excited about it too!!

My first campaign:

My first campaign was E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion and E45 Moisturising Lotion.

I will tell you about E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion first...

This body lotion is very light and not greasy at all, it is also very lightly fragranced.  This is very nice as it takes away the normal clinical smell you get one some lotions and creams.  Applying the lotion to my hands was a good move as my hands were all cracked and dry as well as being sore.  It felt smooth and actually soothing the more I rubbed it into my hands.  And I noticed the colour coming back to my damaged hands, they actually looked healthy and nice!

I have used E45 products on my daughter for years as she has eczema and needs to constantly apply lotions and creams to help hydrate her skin.  I have never really looked at specifically buying an E45 product just for me, for my dry skin.  Mental really as it does such a great job on my daughter!  So I was really chuffed to get this campaign to try the E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion.

I did do a trial, I applied the E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion to my hands for about one week, and I saw a change in my hands almost instantly.  The bottle however does say results within 3 weeks!  The bottle also says its 'Enriched for mature skin'.  I am just a little over 40 and I guess that counts me in!! I actually loved the feeling of it, light and smooth.. to keep my hands feeling lovely!  I trialed it for 1 week but to be honest I have continued to use it!  I love it that much and really love the way it makes my skin feel and look.

Next the E45 Moisturising Lotion...

To be honest once I had tried the E45 Nourishing and Restore body lotion there was no going to anything else, I was that hooked!  I gave it the benefit of the doubt though and tried it!

This lotion I found to be slightly thinner than the Nourish and Restore.  And it had no smell to it... although I thought it smelled of baby talc!  A honest type of smell... one you can trust!  The bottle says it soothes, softens and relieves dry and sensitive skin.... and that it does!! My daughter absolutely loves this lotion!  She applies it everyday and loves the feel as its not greasy it softens her skin.  

Looking at both E45 Nourish and  Restore body lotion and E45 Moisturising Lotion I can honestly say I have loved this campaign.  My daughter is feeling more confident using another E45 product and I really love the E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion and will be using it for many a year!

Another week on...

Thought I would give a further update... because I can!! 

OK so I have been using both E45 products for some time now and LOVE them!!  Thinking about it I really dont know what I used before!  Seriously !! I know there is bound to be the odd person that thinks I am making this up.. believe me when I say I AM NOT!! 

I have been using mostly the E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion, I have used it when I have come out of a shower, and at different times of the day.  It is a really lovely product and I cannot live without it now! 

The feel of it when applied is smooth and silky and makes my skin glow within seconds of it being massaged in.  I even got my husband to try it!  He used it on his face after shaving and well he said its good!  And coming from him that is Good!!  

Its a product now I will use for a long time... and know that my skin will benefit greatly from using it.

My You Tube Link: 

E45 Nourish and Restore Body Lotion - Review

I think it really strange how I sound... but I would think that! ha ha ha

I am Back....

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So as it says... I am back!! hmm well not 100% but I am slightly better!  I did not want to stay away too long as some may think I have decided to give up blogging.... NEVER!!

Well bet your wondering what the devil I have been up to... 

I have been really ill :(

I first started to get really bad head aches, my ears hurt and I found that I could not concentrate on anything.  Today to be honest has been the first day that I have had a 'clear' head and been able to think or concentrate on anything!

Food... well.... :(

Its like this and I challenge anyone to say its different!  Well when your ill, you dont want to eat anything, you feel like eating junk or what  your body think it needs!  hmmm I have not kicked the arse out of this... no not at all.  I have not eaten, then other days I have eaten toast or biscuits.... but not much else of anything else either!  And when you feel like naff, and there is no one to cook, you are that ill you do without!  Or grab a snack... I tried... it was and had been really hard to eat let alone eat healthily!  We shall see when I get weighed! :(

Hmmm here lies another problem... The Weight Loss Guys exercise sessions are really good and all, they work, I and Han love it.  The issue is the cost of it.. I dont want to quit it... I may have no choice.. its actually very draining on my finances.  Especially as I have not been now for 2 weeks and still have to pay.  I am going to have to seriously re-think this.  I think it bad that I and han are trying to help ourselves for the better and to do this... costs SO much money.  What do we do??

OOoooh this post was not supposed to be negative.. supposed to be positive as I am back!!  Well back in the bodily sense!! I cannot do any exercise as I am very weak.... anemia again!  Damn it!! I am gong to be anemic for the rest of my life! :(  So MUST take the iron supplements!! hmmm OK so I forgot!  That wont help now will it! :(

I am not going to list what I eat today... 

I am actually having a re-think on how to improve this as I am sure to some reading my blog it must be SO boring looking at all the meals I eat!  Or is that a good thing?  Maybe some feed back?  That would be a good start I think!  So if you have any opinion on the way I do things or want to suggest something...please do! :)

I am thinking of using this blog to turn it into ME and what I get up to as its ALL my journey!  My journey is after all not just what I eat but how I feel about things and what I get up to!! you think ??

Lots to think about....

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sorry... Normal service will resume shortly...

I thought I had better do a quick post to explain my absence...

I am not very well at the moment, full of flu and cold, I will be back soon :)