Sunday, 30 November 2014

Back to stitching...

Hello friends...

Now rested after my epic night out with Han seeing James Blunt :)  A different story for Han though... even though we had seats in the venue Han has really suffered with her back, she has literally been in bed since coming back.  I hope with the rest she is having she feels a little better soon.

I have been stitching...

One of the designs from the Travelling Treasure Chest as I just could not wait... it was calling me to stitch it!

On the design its blue... yes its lovely in blue but does not match anything I have.  So I changed the colour.. OMG!! Who would of thought it would of been so hard?!  The design only calls for 3 colours and well I found it really difficult to 'find' 3 in my stash!  

First I tried the DMC colours I had...

could not make my mind up..even with help from my facebook stitching friends!

So then got the Anchor colours out I had... 
Settled on these but then as I stitched realized that the darker colour was not dark enough... so guess what... I changed it! lol

Here is what I have done...

I think I am much happier with my colour choices now.

Its this design.. a little closer so you can see..

I will post more as I go :)

Oh yes...

Remember this lovely design I found in one of my magazines..

I really love it... but for now its on hold.  I looked at my threads and well I have too many missing to stitch it.. so I tried to change the colours...  OMG!! This is so much harder than you think.

So for now... I am lets say ...thinking about it! lol

Do you know what?

Its the 1st December tomorrow... shocking!!
I am so organized... NOT!! 
I have no presents sorted, oh our tree.... yes we have a tree, its rather unique this year.. will post a photo soon :)

I hope your all well...

Oooh I must tell you all about something..

I have been popping over to see Jenny Elefantz blog... ooooh let me tell you if you have not been over there YOU are in for a treat!
There is lots going on... some really wonderful designs created by Jenny and ooooh some free gifts too!

They are so pretty, I thought I would share them all with you ... see what you think?

Off to stitch more...


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Best Birthday Gift EVER!!!

Hello wonderful friends...

Oh I am so so sorry for such a late post... its 1.42 am and I have literally only been in the house for about 20 minutes!  

OH MY!!! I have so much to tell you all!!

Firstly do you like the photo of Han and I ?  As you all know today was James Blunt day!! Yippppppeeee!!  And well to pass the hours my parents took Han and I into town for lunch and a wander around the shops.  

Look what we found!  So warm :)  No we did not buy them... maybe we should ready for the snow? lol

And look at the Christmas decorations.. terrible!! I mean so drab...

Yes a random photo from Han showing the wonderful decorations our town put up.. I mean no expense spared here! hmmm

So that was earlier in the day!

We left the house around 6 pm to make sure we arrived and had enough time to park and get into the venue.

I should tell you all a little back ground...

Well James Blunt I think is brilliant!  I totally understand that he is not every ones cup of tea.. that is fine.  But I actually do like his voice.  I have been listening to him for years and years... in the car, in the house.. and even brain washing Han too!  Ha ha and as it goes Han likes him too!

I never for one minute thought that I would ever see him in concert ... I mean hes such a 'big' star.  I was totally blown away when Han bought tickets for us both to go see him live.  I mean I literally screamed the house down and cried for ages!  Its really the best thing Han has ever bought me!

Going back a few days before Han gave me the ticket.... we were in the car just chatting and ha ha listening to James Blunt CD!  Han asked me who the one person... if I could see anyone... who would I like to see in concert.. I blurted out James Blunt naturally!!  Thinking back it was such a strange conversation..see Han did not know then that James Blunt was touring near us!  She found out and the day the tickets went on sale she bought them!! Keeping it a secret from me!

Ha ha until they arrived!

So yes ... 

here are some photo's of the night.. Han took them :)

We had really good seats and a clear view too..

It was AMAZING!! 

As soon as the first song started and I heard him sing... I started to cry.  I was so overwhelmed.. I mean listening to hin for years and now he was on stage singing.... I could see and hear him!!  Totally surreal... and emotional too.

He sang old and new songs and we clapped and sang along.. it was brilliant.


When it finished Han and I took a chance and waited by the back door... no not stalking!  Just been fans!!  And waited...

Then OMG!!!

James Blunt came out and signed peoples things and had photo's taken.

And .. I got to meet him!!
I did!!

I had a little chat to him and smiled lots... And he signed our tickets!

He thanked Han and I for coming and he was so sweet. Another surreal moment!  Never thought I would meet him!!  
My signed ticket...


I am still blown away at the evening I have just had!  I dare say this will never get topped!

Thank You ever so much Han for a Wonderful Birthday present. :)

Oh if your all wondering.. no its not my birthday!  Han bought the tickets in May for my birthday in June and I hae waited all year to use them!! 

So if your not a James Blunt fan... sorry but OMG I am!!  If you are... how awesome was our evening!!! 

Smiles to you all...

Back to some stitching tomorrow!


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Blown "ho ho me hearties" away.... WOW!

Hello me hearties!

Yes I have gone all pirate on you today! lol

But today is also Thanks Giving for all my friends across the pond... 

Today is....

See a little while ago I joined in on the Travelling Treasure Chest.. organized by the lovely Kim from Wisdom With Needle and Thread :)

Justine from Justine's Cross Stitch posted the Travelling Treasure Chest onto me... eeeeeek!!

I have been waiting really excitidly (lol is that a word?) and today , yes today the Treasure Chest arrived!!! OMG!!!

I was blown away with its contents... so many wonderful treasures inside.

Shiver me timbers!  So hard to choose...

I could choose 2-3 items and replace the items with my own things.. 

So this is what I chose...

No. 1 choice... But of course!! Oh My... I could not believe that a Blue Ribbon Design was inside!  Thank You to whom ever added this :)

No. 2 choice... Oh my I have seen this stitched by others and so loved it.  Again I could hardly believe it.  Yes!! Thank You to whom ever added this too!

I was only going to choose 2 items but then I saw this little beauty.. and well thought I loved it too much to leave!

No. 3 choice... such a lovely design.. Thank You who ever added this too!

I feel so lucky to of been able to join in on this Travelling Treasure Chest.. and cannot enough all the people (pirates) taking part as the contents is wonderful.

I did put a few more than 3 things back in.. but I feel its fine as I would never stitch them and someone may?

So Yo Ho me hearties a lot of stitching will be going on here!!

Lol as for stitching ....nope I cannot show you anything at the moment as I am stitching my next partners Round Robin design.  Han has seen it and wants it!! I have said no and will.. I hope get around to stitching one for her!

Now I have to tell you all something rather silly...

Not sure if you all recall?
Back in May Han surprised me with the most AMAZING birthday present ever!  I literally screamed!!

Well it was this...

Yes!! OMG its James Blunt live!!!

And well all week Han and I have been really excited about this!

So much so that we actually believed... yes believed that today was Friday the 28th!! ha ha ha a

I am not even joking, we were so hyped up and got dressed and everything.. ready to leave the house when Han said to check the time the doors opened.


ha ha ha lol the date.. as you can see on the ticked clearly says Friday 28 th!! ha ah aha

So lets say today was a trial run!! ha ha

OK... hyped up now for tomorrow!! ha ha aha ha

Rather silly and yet funny and just so us!! OMG we are useless!

Hope it made you giggle!

Happy stitching to you all :)

Oh yes and the Travelling Treasure Chest will be on its travels again soon :)

Smiles :)


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blast from the past...

Hello lovely friends..

I have been busy!

Hmmm ... well I have another Round Robin to stitch and wanted to make sure I found something really pretty.  I thought OK look through some of my magazines....

I have been collecting magazines for what seems years and years... an obsession I think!  But not yet found the perfect storage system for them yet :(

Here is what I have been looking through...

Oh and these...

These are my specialist foreign ones from when I lived in Germany and France.

Whilst looking through the magazines I came across something rather funny... lol and a blast from the past...

Its was in this magazine...

And look at the date..

Yes October 1999!! ha ha

And look what is inside...

I wrote in all those years ago!! ha ha a Yes my 'other' married name and when I lived in Germany with the forces.


How bad is this!!
I am so naughty!  I still have the kit!! OMG!! Awful of me! 

Got me thinking.. anyone else 'naughty' out there?  You know hoarding things?! lol

And oooh must show you my next project... I saw it and thought YES! I have to stitch this..

From this magazine...

lol November 1999! ha ha

But look..

Close up... so your not straining your eyes!

I read the verse and thought YES!! I love it! And me being me have to stitch it!!  What do you think?

Stitching wise..

I cannot show you anything as its a secret for the Round Robin... Ssssshhhhh!!

Oh but got to show you what Han and her friend Morgan got up to in the kitchen a little while ago..

Making and decorating Christmas goodies..

Oh and making a mess!

Oooh and the sweeties to decorate with..

And the end result...

Its erm..... original!  And made with love that is all that counts! :)

Lovely! :)

Ok... smiles to you all.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Your all so nice...

Hello lovely friends :)
I hope you are all well.... stitching or making things? 
I have been really busy..

Firstly, Thank You to all of you that reassured me about the CBT and counselling, I feel so much better.  And you all be pleased to know I think my sleeping pattern is improving :)  Went to bed last night around 12 due to getting back home after collecting Han from a concert.  And my mum phoned me at 9 am this morning to get me up so that I can hopefully go to bed at a 'normal' hour this evening.  Its looking hopeful...

Ok stitching wise.. I have just literally finished my wonderful sheep design.  Its a Little House Needleworks design called "Warm Winter Woolens" and I really enjoyed stitching it.

I wanted to put it on my wall... the first of many sheep designs I hope!  A kind of 'sheep' wall! ha ha  or baa baa!

Here it is.. start to finish :)

Hope you like my sheep?

Oooh I must tell you all some wonderful...

A little while ago I made a small donation to Stitchers Anon  for Gaynor's charity event to raise money for breast cancer.  I was delighted to find my raffle ticket was chosen :)  How wonderful!!  I was able to choose from the wonderful prizes and kind donations made by people for this event.  I am happy to say I chose a wonderful chart donated very kindly by Ingrid of Mii Stitch .. such a pretty chart.. 

And one to stitch for Easter...

Thank You very much Gaynor and Ingrid :)

I had more Happy post today... yes I did!!

I could not believe it a little while ago when Frances from A Symphony Of Stitches had a giveaway of several books and charts.  I was a little shocked as she very kindly chose me for one of her beautiful books. Thank You very very much Frances :)

I have something in mind from the book already to stitch...

How lovely is this book!! 

Ooooh yes... 

One last thing to tell you all about..

We have a celebrity in our midst!...

I received my subscription copy of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.. issue 198, January 2015 ... turn to page 65...

Our very own Gaynor from Stitchers Anon :)

Congratulations getting into the magazine :) xx

Well that is me...

Now to choose what to stitch next..

Smiles to you all :)