Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday 31 st March 2014...

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I can hardly believe that today is the last day of March!  Goodness it has passed quickly.  April brings the dreaded April showers here!  Hope the rain stays away as the UK has had its fair share recently.  But most of all April for me is a happy time... filled with new things... you know like plants shooting, trees budding and I think it is an amazing time everything coming to life.  And being April that means Easter!! Yes I love Easter if you had not guessed! 

Easter has so much to offer... pretty bunnies and chicks!  Chocolate and so much more!  

Well  I have made another egg to go on my Easter tree... changed the colors a bit as I had got a little carried away with orange!

The front..
The back...

I liked making this one... I thought lilac/purple and green went fine together.... what do you think?  Ha ha I do make this up as I go along so its a case of hit and miss really!

And my tree...

Just a few more to make... and 3 for friends to whom I am doing a Easter egg tree decoration swap.  I love the fact no matter what I put on my tree it looks great!  The simplicity of all the different colors coming together... love it!! Its Easter!! :)

I have something exciting to tell you about..   well its exciting to me!  I have joined a SAL for Halloween!! ha ha  How very exciting is that!  I know its almost April and here I will be stitching Halloween things! Most exciting! 

So now I have to get my thinking cap on as I have never stitched a Halloween project!  I know that just sounds all wrong so hence why I joined the group!

The group is called.... 

Hallowe'en Ornie SAL 2014

Here is the LINK to the blog if your curious ... or want to join!

So the themes are these.... yes I have missed January, February and March... I will be starting at April.  If I do have time at some point I may well go back and stitch the months I am missing..


January - Free choice
February - Vampires
March -Witches
April -Owls
May -Monsters
June -any freebie chart
July -Pumpkins
August -Ghosts
September -Black cats
October - Trick or Treaters
November -Bugs, insects or spiders
December -Free choice

Its looks really exciting and I am starting to stitch my April Owl today I think....  so I will post updates :)

I may well post more later.. today is a pretty much lazy day here ... just like another Sunday!   

Until later... smiles to you all...

I am back!! For an update!! :)

For the 

Hallowe'en Ornie SAL 2014

this is what I am doing....

Well I searched all my stash and books and could I find a Halloween owl?? NO!!! ha ha as it goes I dont have any Halloween goodies either!!  Only little charts found in some magazines. So I thought why not design your own!!  Yes why not!! That is what I am doing now!

Now I have an idea... whether it works or not we shall see!!

Here is what I have stitched so far....

Its on linen... my new favorite fabric to stitch on and I believe I am making a owl Halloween pin cushion! ha ha I got this idea from when I did my Christmas one... but the Christmas motifs were from magazines...

here in case you missed it!...

I enjoyed the concept, you know fill a box!  So I thought with the Halloween design I am making it would kind of be similar.  I may even do a repeat pattern.. not sure.  I will see how it goes and how I feel when I have filled one box!

Its all very exciting as I have never done anything myself like this.... ha ha I have no idea what my owls are going to look like yet!  If they even look like owls!!!  

Your just going to have to pop back to see! :)

Right off to bed as I am in College tomorrow doing Maths.. then its a whole 2 weeks off as its Easter half term!! Yippppeeeeee :)

I will do more stitching when I get in from college.. 

Smiles to you all! 


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday 30 th March 2014... Mothers Day...

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Yes today is Mothers Day here in UK... so Happy Mothers Day to all those mum's out there!  

I had a lovely surprise from Han today..

I love the paper and the bag... all smelled lovey...

This made me smile!  Shiny Happy People...ME!!! ha ha ha
Here what was inside...

I wish this was smell a vision as the smell was wonderful..

I love this, its soap!  Cut like a chunk of cake!  It smells divine, like lemon drizzle cake!

All of these products are from a shop called LUSH.... my first treat from it!

I went to bingo with my dad again, as its Sunday!  A nice surprise when I walked in was to be greeted with a glass of bubbly and a little cake!  I of course did not drink the bubbly as I was driving ... the cake... yes I ate it!! here is what it looked like...

And gosh it tasted good too!

Another fun day at the bingo with my dad!  No we did not win, but like we say... if your not in it you cannot win it! ha ha

I visited my mum and took her flowers.. and the gift I made...

I gave her it again as when I made it I wanted to give it to her! ... She loves it and says she will treasure it forever.  

On the way back from my parents house I decided on the spot that today was the day I was going to put my Easter Tree up!  ha ha Yes I do a lot of things on impulse!  So went looking for some Easter flowers as I call them... I think its called forsythia? 

Here is some we found.. a nice gentleman let us cut some off his rather large bush!

Took it home then in a vase... and started to hang my eggs on.. now not all the eggs are finished I still have to make some ... its a good start though.

I just love it, I have so many happy memories looking at it.. and it makes me smile.

I put it in the front window to take the photo but I have since moved it to nearer my stitching area! Squashed in the corner!

I forgot to mention that I went into the shed... and found things... no ribbon but other things!!

Look!... some hand stitched patchwork I made and did not know what to do with!!

And this..

These are actually quite large and I did not know what to do with them when I made them, let alone now!! h ah a

Unfortunately as they have been stored for a long time, sadly with pins in.. some have now rusted on the edges...

Not sure what to do with this now?  Any suggestions?

I also have these ready for a future project...

And I found these kits I started and not quite finished...

This chart I have not even opened! 

I made this many many years ago.. to make into something else... hmmm I appear to be good at that :(  So I think I should attempt to finish this and maybe give it to my mum for next year?? 

Its been that long I have no idea where I got this from... it is rather nice though.

And this... a finished piece that need a little soak!..

As you can see I found some really interesting things in the shed!  But nothing I really wanted!! hmmm

So all that is left to say is have a lovely day, smiles to you all...

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Saturday 29 th March 2014.....

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I put March at the top because I am still in a little shock at how quick the month has gone!  I mean its the last day of March tomorrow...Mothers Day in UK - Sunday March 31 st... WOW!! That went rather quick.. did I sleep through the month?  Anyone else think this?

And then its April....

And April means...

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Some like Easter for the religious aspect,some like it for the chocolate!  Me... I just love the flowers and all the wonderful colors emerging from the cold winter.. its like everything is coming to life again.  A lovely time, all the shops have spring, happy things in with color injections everywhere.  Oh and I do like the chocolate!  Who would not!  hmmm well unless your not allergic to it! 

And as its almost Easter you all know I have been stitching things to go on my Easter tree this year.. OOOhhh yes nearly time to put the tree up!! Soooo exciting! 

Here is what I have been stitching....

The first one I did..

The one I have done today... this little bunny is from The World of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 176.  I added the tiny flowers.

I will have to get some ribbon from somewhere... I am sure I have some in my know in a safe place!! ha hah never to be seen again!  I think when I have some spare, I say spare as things are tight at the moment.. so spare funds I am going to buy a selection of ribbons and finishing bits.  I really like experimenting with bits and bobs :)

Another thing I have noticed.. its all very orange!! OMG!!! I need another color injection!  A bit hard when all my finishing bits are one or two colors! hmmm thinking...

Saturday... well I dropped Han and her friend off at the train station and they spent the day walking around Brighton's shops and lanes.  Han loves nothing better than to do that.. me well I stayed at home with Jon watching my favorite thing on the TV all day!!  Columbo!! :) Back to back episodes on Netflix!

Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday... I am off with my dad to our usual outing to the bingo!  Then back to my parents house for tea :)  Whilst I am at the bingo Han and Jon will be keeping my mum company.

But before I pick dad up I am going into our shed looking for supplies!  Hmm I could be in there a while!  Everything is boxed up so its just a matter of searching boxes for things.  I know I have a hot glue gun... its in the shed!  I may have more stitching things... wont know until I look! ha ah Hope I find some :)  I will post photo's if I manage to find anything!

Have you noticed all the partitions I have put in?!  Well its to get you all in the mood that Easter is approaching fast!  And the fact its just so cute!

Well that is me for today..

Sending you all smiles until my next entry :)

Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday 28 th March 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I have been busy all day trying to finish my Easter Bunny project... its from Cross Stitch Collection magazine April 2012... Lesley Teare's design.  Here are the photo's..

Started like this..

Then this...

Then this, the front...

The back....

That is my Easter Bunny design I did to go with my Easter tree this year... ha ha but I still need to do the eggs to go on the Easter tree! 

I am pleased with the way this turned out, considering I really had no clue how to finish it! 

Oooh yes talking of Easter I have decided to participate in the Easter Egg Treasure  Hunt Hop this year!  I say this year as if I have been doing it years!! ha ha This will be the first year of participating!  How very exciting :)

This photo is from Serendipitous Stitching blog run by Jo who cant think of a better nick name.  HERE is the link.

Here are the details...
Easter which falls late this year, the weekend 18th - 21st April.  Serendipitous Stitching will be hosting my Annual Easter Treasure Hunt again.  Each participant posts a picture of something stitched on an Easter or Spring theme along with a letter Serendipitous Stitching allocates to them. Over the Easter Weekend everyone hops around like a bunny, finds the Mystery Phrase the letters spell out and reports back to Serendipitous Stitching with it.  Prizes for the lucky winners chosen at random.

Sounds great huh!! I am game!! :)

I am pleased to say my arm is feeling much better after resting it yesterday.  I did feel at a loose end doing nothing all day... but made up for it today!

I have been looking about stitching friends blogs... gosh there are so many lovely blogs out there!  And WOW I was looking for ages too!! I was like oooh where has the time gone! ha haa And I am in awe at all the lovely designs and projects people are doing.. there are a few who crotchet... I would love to be able to do this, I have tried but just could not grasp it.  I can knit... I dont do much really.. I love to stitch and make things... well more like experiment with things! ha ha ah  

Back to my stitching... 

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

Sending smiles to you all :)   :)

EEEEEK!!! I have no idea what has happened to my words :(  
I have tried to sort it out but I am frustrated now as nothing is happening... lets hope tomorrow it reverts back to normal!