Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday 31 st January 2014....

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Well some exciting news!!!!

I have dropped another dress size :)

As you all know I was a size 32.... well bursting out of a 32 and now today I am wearing size 22 jeans!!! OMG size 22!!  So that is a total of 5 sizes dropped!!! eEEEEeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!

I was wearing my size 24 jeans yesterday and thought they felt a little baggy everywhere so I went and bought a size 22.. not for one minute did I think I would get in them!  I guess I am in a little shock!  Happy shock :)

The 2 middle ones of me were taken today ... size 22!! and the 2 either side are size 32!!  

This is such a massive confidence boost for me.... I cannot believe it.  Saying that though Han has gone from size 22 to size 16 so she has dropped 3 sizes :)  Its GREAT news!

The most annoying thing of all is that both of our chests have not reduced. Sure I have lost inches off my arms and top half but not my chest :(  I think I will look like Jordan soon!  Its dreadful...I want more than anything for them to reduce... any tips or ideas out there??? I will carry on and hope they will eventually get smaller.

I have been to the pool today during the lunch hour, its a great time to go and quiet!  Did the marching up and down the pool then sat in the hot tub a little while and steam room just before I got out.  I am really enjoying my sessions.

I have been thinking I do!

And well I think I am accepting my situation more now.  I mean I can see improvement with my knee...sure its a little improvement but its there.  I go to the pool not because I have to but because I want to!  And I think its that way now, I am enjoying making the change and why battle against it?  Go with the flow.. and I am having fun along the way!  I guess realizing I need to be happy too to make the changes in me was hard because how can I be happy when I am so overweight?!  That is the whole point though... I needed to accept the way I am to enable me to move on.  Hope this is making sense?

And yes its great I am now 5 sizes smaller but still I cannot see this in me... seriously, no joke.  I know I am smaller because of the clothes I am now wearing.  But for me, when I look at myself I feel no different.... its all to do with the mind I think.  I am on the right track accepting things, its going to take time to understand myself.  I guess the only reference here I can make is of Dawn French when she lost a lot of weight.  She liked being overweight and missed how she was, her personality and everything about her, she she put the weight back on.  Now I guess this is what I am worried about?  I am a bubbly person, naturally happy I think ... or is this just a front I put up to hid behind because I am overweight?  I guess I will have to go with the flow....

Will post what I have eaten later... just wanted to share my amazing news :)

What did I eat today...

My note book entry..

Missed breakfast.... not hungry.

Lunch... I had some of left overs dinner with water and hint of lemon.

Then some yogurt and fruit..

Dinner was something new for me...vegetables mixed with butter beans.

That has been my amazing day :)

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thursday 30 th January 2014...

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LOVE that quote so HAD to use it! 

Ok Thursday nearly at the end of the week! How it flies!!

Today is my day off exercise so I have to make sure I do not sit on my backside all day .... still moving about, its good for me! Went to get my tooth.... its lovely :)

Been keeping busy all day doing one thing or another... but I am actually missing the pool :(  But its fine as I get to go again tomorrow!  I dont want to push things and injure myself again.. I have to stick to the program.

Well something shocking..I have not felt hungry today!  Lets see what I have eaten..

My note book entry...

Breakfast, now I fancied something different today and as I love eating tomatoes I thought why not! This is what I thought I could eat...

And this is what I left...

For lunch I thought I would add something else into my lovely banana milk shake.. I remembered we had frozen mango added 4 - 5 of those with the banana... to my delight it was really nice :)  Ooooh and cold!!

Dinner I decided to have my favorite... roasted vegetables... yes I covered them in chilli powder and herbs!  I then mixed them into some wholewheat brown rice and quinoa.

That is it really...

I have made an effort to drink more... I have been drinking water with a hint of lemon squash in..its better than just plain water!  And a start!

I think I will go to bed early tonight as I am feeling rather drained.. hope I am not coming down with something?  Nah..just tired.

I like this so shared it... and its true...I am smiling as I am getting nearer and nearer to the wellingtons :)

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Wednesday 29 th January 2014...

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I am feeling VERY happy today, just my mood I guess?

There are lovely blue skies outside and I have just come back from the dentist... yes to get my new tooth!!! Its brilliant.

I am catching up with the events of Wednesday on Thursday as I was out until late last night at English...

Hmmm English....

Well you know how I was feeling quite anxious and to be honest I was feeling I may be out of my depth... well I need of not worried!!

And if I am really really honest I was actually quite bored :(  See the class has mixed abilities and I am doing the highest level in the class... shocking I know!! And all the things the tutor was asking I knew... I literally was fighting to stay awake.  I will see how it is next week and if its following the same pattern I know it will drive me crazy staying there so I will ask to move to GCSE class.  Hmmm something I thought I would never be ready for or have enough confidence for. But after that class I know I am ready!  But if she wont move me... hmmm.. I may have to stay in her class?  If so I could go either be bored stupid and go backwards with my learning or.... be fantastic at everything and ace it all!  But I dont want to keep being the only one answering everything last night.  If the show was on the other foot and I was in a class with some one doing that it would knock my confidence.  So I dont want to be that person knowing everything all the time. AAAarrrghghhgghhhh what to do????  Just so you know I am not saying I am brilliant... I know I have work to do, I love to learn :)

I went to the pool again ...yeah!!

Did the recommended things set by the physio and I am enjoying it.

I think 'me' has changed... its not a chore to exercise, I dont see it as punishment to go anymore.  And sure I did see it as punishment because I was and am fat.... ok not as fat!  I did not like myself way back at nearly 24 stone... I was pretty miserable and knew I had to do something.  I know how hard it is.. I cried many a night wishing to be thinner and normal.  There comes a time when enough is enough... its just a shame its taken me to realize how badly I want to change so late in life.  I am 43 this year and its not getting any easier to lose weight.  But I will not give in until I am wearing the wellingtons I want.  

So  onto food...

My note book entry..

Breakfast... dry fried mushrooms and scrambled egg.  With black cracked pepper as I love it!

Lunch....One of my famous banana milk shakes!  With 3 table spoons of natural Greek light yogurt with fresh fruit.

Dinner, this was a rather odd one this evenign as I was out late.  I did not want anything heavy so ate this!  Cracker with cottage cheese and slices tomatos... some seeds and nuts with a glass of skimmed milk.

A late and tiring day but I loved it too...

Still smiling :)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tuesday 28 th January 2014...

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Its Tuesday and I am such a naughty person :(  

I have not had a lot of sleep and feel worn out so I phoned in college and said I would not be in today... now I know sure I could of still went but to be honest I know I would not of been able to concentrate on maths today.  Luckily when I called they did not want a reason.... in a way I am pleased as I would of just said I was too tired.  And I know that to them is not a good enough excuse.  I never miss anything, unless really ill or having to be somewhere else very important... it just felt odd to me not going I guess.

I have made a decision about what I am doing about English.  I am going to go to another evening class but its now on a Wednesday night at a different campus... nearer to me :)  I do feel a bit anxious about starting somewhere new with people that dont know me.  Hope I get on all right with everyone.  I will let you know how it goes as my first lesson is tomorrow.

Apart from feeling tired all day what have I done?? Erm.... well.... not a lot  I think because I was tired the day passed really quickly... or did I nod off at some point?  Who knows!

Ok so my notebook entry for today..

Breakfast was some plain porridge..

Lunch I was searching for my inner child and needed a smile..

My lovely cheese butterfly sandwiches :)

Dinner was vegetable stir fry with a hot chilli and garlic sauce.. (only needed half a teaspoon!) I also had a bowl of natural greek light yogurt with raspberries, blueberries and red grapes.

It appears I made too much stir fry... what I left

This was my day!  I am not feeling hungry but I do still feel tired... an early night I think.

Back to the pool again tomorrow... I think as I am out in the evening I will go during the lunch hour when its only adults.  

back to my stitching.... will post a photo when I have finished my butterfly :)

Keep smiling :)

Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday 27 th January 2014...

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Monday... the start of a new week...

And I am still going to the pool! Bonus!!

I was a little worried about going during the day with having to put up with little screamers!... but it was fine!  I had totally forgotten about the adults only swim over lunch 12 - 2! Phew!!  So it was great, hardly any adults too...mostly retired people.  I was not bothered as long as I had a lane to walk in!  Yes still only walking as per my physios instructions.  So well today I smashed, smashed what I have been doing previously and it felt good. In 15 minutes I marched up and down the pool...30 times I think...I did lose count a few times but I think its around 30!  That also got my heart pumping as I was not going slow!  After that I moved to the steps and used them like a step in an aerobic session!  Up, down, up and down.. a fair few times.  I did think whilst doing this what the people swimming around me thought I was up to?!  hee hee Then I went to the jacoozie...(Bubbly thing) and sat in the really hot water with my thighs making contact with the seat (as per instructions!) and cycled!  Oooh miles I think!  I closed my eyes and kind of drifted away on my virtual water bike! lol  It felt really relaxing and I am so going to do that again.  After that I went into the steam room for 5 minutes, more relaxing!  Then showered and home :)

I really enjoyed my session at the pool today... I did say that!  I think the key here for me is to reward with a lovely relaxing break.  And to be honest I think the relaxing did me good.  Do you know its really cool the things you think about when relaxing... when I closed my eyes it was like I had heaps of people talking to me at first.  Then I guess one by one they went and it was quiet... and that is when I started to think of places of happiness I have visited... such a lovely experience and I will try it again.  Yes as you will probably guess relaxation is not something I do!  I dont like quiet, at home if its quiet I have like a washing machine spin cycle going off in my head, so I dont do quiet!  But at the pool it was different... it might of been because there was background noise...the water people chatting... hmmm

What have I eaten today..

My notebook entry..

Breakfast.. porridge as I knew I was going to the pool and did not want to feel hungry whilst there.

Lunch when I got back from the pool was one of my amazing banana milk shakes... I just love them!  I am however thinking of being adventurous and adding strawberries or blueberries?? Thinking...

Dinner.. well you know how I have gone off meat... well I thought I would try it again.  I made chicken (breast) casserole and thought I would try again as it did look tasty!

Here it is... chicken casserole made with onion, carrots red and green peppers... with a small amount of vegetable flavored rice.

Hmmm..... but I left some as I could actually not eat it all!! 

Not sure what to think really after eating chicken again... I only had a small bit, left most of it.  Not sure at this point if I am going to eat it again though?  As you can see I mostly ate the peppers and carrots and onion! 

So that is me for today!  I will say that I have no way drank enough today :(  It is driving me scatty now... not sure what to do about this?

College day tomorrow... with big changes... let you know more tomorrow :)

Keep smiling now!

Sunday 26 th January 2014..

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Updating on Monday morning as Yesterday (Sunday) I actually went to bed at a normal time and thought the blog could wait!  I was tired :(

Ah OMG!! The weather was dreadful yesterday... I had planned to go to the pool in the evening, at my new scheduled time of 8 pm as its actually quieter then.  And the weather was not far off storm condition I think!  Ok maybe slight over estimation..but it was bad :(  Going out by myself in the dark is a no win situation anyway... but I go.  The weather was really bad and I did not feel comfortable going out in that so I did not!    

As today is Monday I AM and WILL go back to the pool today as the sun out and we have lovely blue skies here. At some point Han wants me to drop her into college, not one of her normal days but she wants to go in.  Then when I have dropped her I will go to the pool :)  Being during the day it will have heaps of children no doubt... the pool is in David LLoyd membership only but they do have private lessons going on and mothers with their small pre-school children...or screamers as I call them! ha ha ha  I will have to assess the situation when I am there.... if there is no space for me to walk up and down the pool I will sit in the steam room and chill...the children are not allowed in there!!  And if it is really busy I may go back in the evening...

So what did I eat...

Note book entry..

Breakfast was something really boring s I was not hungry..

Lunch was something I dont usually have but I had planned to go to the pool so thought it was fine to eat... hmmmm 

It is that bread that is half and half, I had tuna and very thinly sliced cheese in it.  Something very different, but was nice.

Evening meal...

See I cooked roast chicken for Han and Jon... with all the vegetables... I naturally did not have the chicken as hmmm not eating meat right now.  But did have a big plate of vegetables :) mmmm

Yesterday I started on a little stitching project to lighten my mood as I was feeling a little low.  Low?? Yes low as one of the fb groups I belong in 2 people decided to be really horrid to me.  I have no idea why people choose to be like that?  But I should remember that not everyone is as nice as me.  Some people when behind a computer become high and mighty and think it fine to bully others.  Yes there was rudeness and name calling to me... and yes I was upset by it as I did nothing to provoke it.  I am nothing but friendly, happy and polite in the forums.  And to be honest it has knocked me for 6, I am a bit weary about posting now.  I will say that the group admin, the person that runs the group was very supportive and when it happened she was not online... it was not her fault.  I appreciated her support with all of it and now the people that bullied me are no longer members of that group.  

Its funny the kind of things that knock your confidence... but I am stronger, I will pick myself up and learn from this.  I will be careful now and I dare say it will take me a while to start posting again in the fb group.  A shame as I really enjoyed chatting and looking and commenting on members amazing work.  

Through all this I am still smiling...

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday 25 th January 2014...

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Saturday and I have had an odd sort of day! 

Well I got my stitching mojo back! And that is it really!  All I have to say about today! ha h ah ha

OH OK!! 

So like I say today has been a odd sort of day, knee still twinging and hurts when I put weight through it :(  Today I have been active in my stitching FB group... they found out today that I am on a mission to lose weight! lol  And loads of members are on this very road too... so loads of support :)  I think its GREAT and we all may be able to share tips and ideas.  The FB stitching group is really nice, everyone is very friendly.  I especially like the person who organizes and runs the group, she has a heart of gold.  I love being a part of this group.

Well I should let you know what I have eaten...

My note book entry..

Breakfast... well I seem to be liking the crumpet thing :(  But I did compromise today and only have 3!! Also had a yogurt too :) Yes with coffee.... I am slowly weaning myself off the crumpets lol

Lunch I had a banana shake as I really missed it and had some grapes with it.

Dinner... yes well here is where it went a little odd...  I forgot to eat! Seriously I did as I was not hungry!  So later I had some shredded wheat... 4 of the pillows (2 bowls) with skimmed milk.

That is what I ate... looking at it not an awful lot... but I dont feel hungry so that is a bonus!  And I am not wanting any thing either... by that I mean I am not having cravings.  LOL OH!! I am not pregnant! lol By the craving I mean because I used to crave sugar and carbs!  No more though!

Gosh tomorrow I am going to have to eat some vegetables! OK... maybe roast them :)

Ok going as I need to sew! lol ha ha stitchy friends can relate to this as I would rather be stitching than writing!

Remember to...... SMILE!!

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Friday 24 th January 2014...

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Well I tried yesterday to upload Fridays entry but Google+ and blogger were closed and having maintenance works for quite some time :(

So I left it to today...Saturday :)

Well Friday was my rest day as per the physio's instructions!  It was very odd not doing anything, just as well really as my knee was really hurting. I did walk about the house, I did not sit all day with my leg up!  Still actively doing what I have to do around the home...some one has to!  :)

I put this picture of the pound of fat up the top to remind me of what I am losing!  Its amazing to think I have lost well over 50 of these!  Hmmm lets see... yes just checked it is well over 50!  eeeek!!! sometimes I actually amaze myself sometimes!  I mean I am doing this! I really am!! Sure I have many many more of these to go... but I am doing it day by day. After all Rome was not built in a day..hmmmm now am I making reference to the fact its taking me ages or that I resemble a city?? lol ha ha ha 

Food.. now well an interesting day to say the least! 

My book entry.

I am still doing it!! Its a shocker really as I am not used to carrying this about and have nearly lost it more times than I can think about!  

Breakfast well... more brunch as I did not want anything early... and yes 4!! I thought well OK I have torture session with the physio and I felt the need to eat 4! 

Lunch was on the move... a Go Ahead snack bar.  Which is actually a shocker I ate it!  See it has sultanas in it! yuk!! But somehow I cannot taste them as it also has apple in it too.

Dinner, now here I was being experimental!  Seriously!! I wanted omelette but me being me, I wanted a different ....yes different omelette!  So I had sliced fresh cherry tomatos and chopped halapino (small green thing that blows your head off!)and a small tin of tuna on my omelette!  But then I thought I would close it in half... it needed one more ingredient.... cottage cheese!

Then folded..

It was rather a large omelette and to be honest a really tasty one!  I am not just saying that, it was yummy!

I found something of interest whilst surfing... 

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I thought this really interesting.... seeing as how I am not eating meat.  Its handy to know I think :)

What else happened today?.....hmmm I appear to have lost my stitching bug :(  This is what happens when I dont stitch for a few days.  I kind of need to find it again as I really enjoy stitching.  Its just so relaxing and I feel I am actually achieving something too...  see how Saturday goes :)

Remember to smile.....

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