Saturday, 19 November 2016

Following on from my last post....

Thinking positive....

Firstly, THANK YOU for leaving comments on my last post... I feel so lucky to have such lovely blogger friends that care.

I did get some sleep, and when I woke up I made my 7 day meal planner.... I did! Here it is...

You will notice I put my own 'style' on it! Ha ha 

Today is Saturday and I am on firm as I have followed it so far! Ha ha! 

I decided to take photos of each meal, as a log for myself I can look back at a laterstage and   think, damn that tasted good! Ha ah saying that, I decided this after I had ate breakfast! Ho hum! 

You will also see I have moved the dinner and lunch, so I eat them the other way around.  There is a sensible reason for this... It's so my stomach has something light in, in the evening.  Remember I don't move about a lot so lighter the better! I can't take the credit for that idea! Thank you Han! Yes Han is home for the weekend, she says the course she is on at Stanmore hospital is really helping her, I am pleased as its about time she had some real help.

So no photo for is dinner

It's home made mince beef chilli, it has mushrooms, garlic, sweet corn, peppers, kidney beans, 4 other variety of beans, chopped tomatoes, chilli powder and mixed herbs. Had it with some white rice.

As you can see this is a small bowl, I actually had two bowls but not one after the other, there was a 4 hour gap! Jon tells me that in the first bowl he gave me he put 2 table spoons of chilli and 1 table spoon of rice. The second bowl some hours later he gave me 1.5 table spoons of chilli and 1 table spoon of rice. It was more than enough! 


This is basically lettace, tomatoes and one steamed breast of chicken with a herb and paprika salad dressing. This looks a lot! I spread it around the bowl! I think next time I shall put it in my smaller pink bowl ( the one I used for chilli) as I did leave some.

My exercise swimming visits will start again next week as I use the weekends to relax and spend time with jon. Ha ha no fear of me giving up swimming I love it! 

Day one has gone better than I thought it day at a time!!

Onto some crafts...

There is one thing I want to master but no matter how many times I try I just can't grasp it.  I tried again and I am thrilled with the result..... Ha ah when you see the photo you will all probably go, oh no!! Terrible!! Ha ah 

It started lik this....

Not actually making anything, it's just how they turned out!  I will keep trying! Crotchet will not beat me! I kind of made a granny square! 

On other crafts, I love to play with wool and appliqué too.  Jon surprised me with a little gift I have been wanting forever... Yes the little craft iron! Let me tell you for using with appliqué it's amazing.

You can see I am 'creating'.... Ha ha 

This is one of the 4 corners...

 It's more than likely once finished going to be a gift for a lovely friend so can't show you much more....maybe when I have posted it! 

And yes! I am still stitching the HATS design, it's very close to being finished :) more on that when it is finished! Ha ha 

I was thinking that I want to involve myself in some things again, seems like I have lost my way.  I know a lot of bloggers that craft participate in exchanges, I think I would like to do one.... Eeeeek! My first ever one! Ha ha saying that I bet now is not a good time as people are doing other things and commitments? So I thought I would put some feelers out to see what people thought? And as for what to exchange? Yes we need a theme! I feel like something different is needed....any suggestions? Basically if you could participate in an exchange what would you want the theme to be? What have you always wanted to make and give to a friend? Curious??! Ha ah let me know what you think? I am thinking any craft too, no matter if it's stitching, sewing, quilting, woodwork, you get the idea! Anything goes! It would be really interesting to see what people would make in there specialist chosen hobby.

Ok, going now as I have to go jab myself...yes every evening or I may develop more blood clots.

Until next time ......SMILE!! Xxx


  1. Oh, Jacquie! It seems like you've taken the reins and charged forward. Bravo! I'd love to join in an exchange.....after the first of the year. Maybe know cuff the year with a heart -themed in heartfelt love and friendship or some such?

  2. Much more positive - good for you! So proud of you. I found crochet very hard to learn and even now I only do it if I have to. Keep plugging away - you'll get it. Your applique is very pretty, love the bright red.

  3. Keep trying with the crochet! You can do it!

  4. Your salad with the chicken looks fabulous. Now I want one, but will wait until tomorrow since it is almost bedtime here. What fun projects you shared!

  5. Hi Jacquie, you have some nice food there looks yummy.
    Lovely projects your working on , enjoy your day .

  6. Brava girl! You are really an inspiration.

  7. :D What a great meal plan Jacquie! Good for you! Your wool appliqué is wonderful. What gorgeous colors.

  8. Bravo! Picking up and moving forward! Strong, strong, strong!! Food looked very yummy.

  9. Your dinner is more than what I eat I don't mean in quantity but in variety, and it does look yummy! Now for the exchange. I am taking part in three exchanges this Xmas. I will describe them to give you an idea. 1st an exchange of a handmade gift and some chocolate, 2nd an exchange of a handmade gift, some chocolate, a Xmas card and five things that we have in our stash don't need and give away, 3rd an exchange of a book in our Goodreads wishlist plus a little gift like tea or bookmark or chocolate.The first two I have been doing the last three years, the last I will take part this year only.Still they sound interesting don't they. If you decide on an exchange count me in but after the holidays. AriadnefromGreece!

  10. You sound better now! I have highs and lows every day! But now, the highs are coming a little more often, and that's good, I guess! Hang in there--life can be hard sometimes! But you can do it!
    Exchanges are fun and I've done a few. I like Kim's heart idea--you could tie it into Valentine's Day maybe? Or just love and friendship! All are great ideas!!! I'd participate if you plan one!

  11. Love the first idea too..would participate happily!! Good idea to draw up your menu planner...your meals look great!! Lots of people I know eat a bigger meal in the middle of the day and something smaller in the evening, helps the digestion!! Good luck with the crochet, it does get easier with practice!! That towel looks lovely!

  12. Good for your for being able to meal plan and stick with it :) I suck at that. Great craft progress! Another thought: can you have seeds? Or couscous might work too if you can have rice.

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