Friday, 28 February 2014

Thursday 28 th and Friday 28 th February....

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Feeling a tad under the weather so never got around to writing anything yesterday.... but thought I would update it today.  Oh still not 100%... no its not flu or a bug or anything like that... its a re-occurring issue I have to try to deal with.. anemia... it really leaves me with no energy and frankly its hard to do anything.  But I am plodding on...

Yesterday was a slow day for me, I spent a fair amount of it in bed as I just did not have the energy to do much else...

Food wise this is what I ate...

Lovely fresh brown wholewheat granary bread with cheese and coleslaw... now I am a funny kind of person that usually does not like eating the ends of the bread... unless its fresh bread... then I eat it!  Just something about it I think :)

Then later in the evening my daughter made me my favorite...

Jacket potato with a lovely ranch salad.  Tuna and sweet corn... it was rather tasty!

I also tried a new tea I picked up a few days ago... now I love clipper Teas and this is one of their new ones...

I love all things rhubarb so when this Clipper Tea came out I just had to have it!!  Strawberry and rhubarb a lovely combination... I like it hot or cold :)

As far as stitching... yes I managed to do more of my Eastery design!  I am actually really loving the way its looking... 

You will have to wait until its finished!!!  :)

Friday is a new day and yes still drained.... 

Food wise today for breakfast I had apple and cherry porridge...

Lunch to follow....

Dinner to follow.....

Well I did not feel much like eating in the evening... I ate something I have not had in a long while...

Yes chips!! Oven chips with sea salt and vinegar! 

I tried working on my power point document for my presentation I have to do for my English class next week.. I just cannot concentrate :(  So I guess I am just going to have to stitch today!! ha hah a any excuse!  

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I saw this whilst surfing about and thought awe that is cute... and so I have it on my page to make me happy today :)

I am sitting in comfort... towards the end of last year my husband very kindly bought me a new stitching chair.  I love it as I no longer have a numb behind from sitting too long!  Here is a photo of it then you can see what I mean!

This was taken not long after I got it...

This photo was taken a short while ago today... my chair is lived in!  And yes its moved over the other side of the room!

It swivels on the spot and the cushions are very comfortable... I love sitting in it and I have everything to hand 'stitching' wise where I sit too!

I tell you what I cannot believe... that its March 1 st tomorrow!! What is all that about??? And how fast is the months passing.... do you think this too, or are they passing really slow for you?

Back to my stitching....

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tuesday 25 th and Wednesday 26 th February 2014......

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OK yes I missed a day :(

I can tell you why... too much going on!! busy busy busy....

So what have I been up to then... hmmm college!  Tuesday I am in college doing maths, and Wednesday its English.  They both totally consume me and really tire me out... I think its all that concentrating!

I do have a lot of home work.... maths :(  English I have to make a power point presentation ..  and then next Wednesday at the lesson present it to the class!! OMG!!! Scary stuff!  EEEEkkkk.  I bet you cannot guess what I am doing it on?

I have done some stitching in the evenings... well when I am not asleep!  Cannot show you as it a secret... my Eastery design! ha hah a

Food wise I have basically been living on Jacket potato's!! Yes still addicted to them!

Tuesday I had this..

This was actually bought in my college cafe!  It tasted lovely and I really enjoyed it.  This is basically what I ate Tuesday... I am still feeling bloated and I hope that feeling goes soon!! ;)

Wednesday I managed to grab some breakfast...

Wholewheat brown toast with chopped tomato's.  My favorite thing... but I thought today that the tomato's tasted quite sweet!! No idea why, they just did!

And in the evening I had ... you guessed it!! Jacket potato!! But I forgot to take a photo as I am tired :(

Still actively watching what I am eating.... back to the pool when this damn bloatedness calms down.  Its the waiting... driving me a little mental!  Women are blighted :(

Feeling tired... but still smiling!! Hope you are! :)

Monday, 24 February 2014


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Well as you can see from the duck at the top of the page... YES!! Today was the day my daughter and I were on TV!! 

My daughter did a video straight from the TV... so I could share it with my friends.  We both did this to hopefully inspire just one person to get up and try...

Here is the link...

As its a video link it means everyone inside and out of UK can watch it!  I hope you like it and feel free to leave a comment as I would love to know what you think :)

That was this evening at 7.30 pm... all day I have been trying to keep myself busy, shopping and doing some crafts.  I did some gluing earlier and actually got the glue all over me... I was a bundle of nerves waiting... it was terrible waiting.  Then when it came on I cringed... OMG!! just terrible!! But that is why I did it.... to inspire those who think they cannot do it.  I did it to say look at me... if I can do it... you can try!  Lets hope it inspires someone??

Phew its been on!  

Well onto food... what have I eaten today??  Not a lot because been preoccupied!  But this evening I had some more yummy jacket potato's!  With coleslaw.... yes this seems to be my favorite addiction right now!

Cross stitching... yes I can confirm that I have chosen the design (s) for me Eastery theme!  Like I say its a massive first for me doing this.  All of it!!  Never stitched an Easter themed design or 'made' something Eastery either.... Gosh I love that word... Eastery!! 

Post the photo's when I have done it.....  :)

Not a lot to post today... I just cannot get this smile off my face!  Sending smiles your way if you are in need of one or two? 

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday 23 rd February 2014...

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Firstly you be pleased to know I actually had some sleep!! Yes around 7 hours!!  I am pleased and hope this no sleeping cycle is now broken.

As I got up later than usual I can honestly say I have done nothing all day!  Oh ok I did sweep and mop the kitchen floor!  But apart from that I seriously have done nothing... this is not good.  I had planned to start a new stitching design today... hmm well I can show you the fabrics I have chosen to use... no trimmings as I cannot decide that until its finished!

Not the orange that is the pillow they are on!  But I think they are looking awfully spring like or Eastery.... is that a word?  I like it!  Hmmm I want to challenge myself a little so I think I may attempt something I have not ever done before.... how exciting!  Its visiting all those lovely blogs out there inspiring me! :)  Thank you :)

I have eaten though!!  I really had the feeling of wanting egg and tomato today so I made this monster brunch!

Its Nimble brown bread with a kind of egg omlette with chopped tomatoes.  If I am honest a lot of food and I did not quite eat it all.  But it was tasty.

Then much much later in the evening I had a bowl of mixed roasted vegetables.... green and yellow peppers, onion, carrot and sweet potato.  All with a drizzle of olive oil and many many spicy herbs :)

And again I did not eat all of this..... left a fair bit but it did taste rather spicy!  

A rather odd food selection for today I think!  Some usually have a Sunday roast dinner... I find them very boring and monotonous so we eat what we like in our home!  And what with me not eating meat its difficult....  Oh but I do make meals with meat for Han and Jon (daughter and husband).

Its Monday tomorrow and half term will be over....  so that mean back to studying!  Maths Tuesday's and English Wednesdays.... if I am honest I have not missed the Maths!  But I really enjoy the English and missed not doing that.  

I have to learn more maths as I sit my exam in June, and around the same time I sit my English exam too.  Oh and whilst all that is going on celebrate my birthday! lol I think passing those exams would be a great birthday gift!  I actually love to learn new things... a sponge my mum says!

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Remember to smile :)

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday 22 nd February 2014.....

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Saturday!! Goodness its the weekend!! :)

I have had a lovely relaxing day, doing what you ask??? What else but stitching!!! ha hah ha

I have stopped to eat so I did as promised take a photo.  But the down side to that... been really busy stitching and not doing an awful lot else!  So I have only had 1 meal today!  But I am not hungry so it filled me up! ha h a

Ok starting with what I ate today... Ooooh before I do I must tell you all about something amazing I do... I am a BzzAgent.  Oh no not a spy!!  BzzAgents get to test products and give their own opinion on them.. I love it.  I have tried and tested quite a few products now.  The latest thing that I am testing for Bzz is McCain Ready Baked Potato's. 

Here is what I ate today... 

Jacket potato with a little grated cheese and a tonne of coleslaw!  I seem to be loving the whole coleslaw 'thing' at the minute...

I must tell you about these Jacket potato's .... for something that is done in the microwave they are AMAZING!!  I mean 5 minutes and ping!!  The look great seeing as they were frozen!  And let me tell you they taste and smell AWESOME!  I am really loving eating them.

If you have not tried them.... DO!! 

So stitching wise what have I been up to?? Well after my jaunt about the internet yesterday seeing all the amazing designers work out there... I found a free chart on Lizzie Kate's web site... you too can have a look HERE.

Here is is... my first ever Lizzie Kate... 

I loved stitching this and thought I would make it into a pin cushion as I may start collecting all different ones!  :)  And another thing.... this is the first pin cushion I have ever made for myself...  I usually give all the things I make away.

I just have to say I am LOVING stitching at the moment, I seem to be doing a lot of it right now, but that is fine its keeping me busy :)

I now have to decide what to do, I mean I did say I would try to finish my Game board sampler...hmmm side tracked!! Yes that actually happens a lot with me!   

Thinking ....

Well onto a subject I am not doing very well in... sleeping :(  Well I seems to be having real trouble actually going to sleep, then staying asleep.  I recently went without sleeping for 52 hours then slept for 4 hours and then wide awake again.  I seem to have no pattern at the moment, just cannot get into one.  I have tried listening to my breathing, counting sheep, hot milky drink, soft music, back ground noise.... anything else to try?? 

Do you have a suggestions that may send me off to the land of nod?? I would be most grateful.  One good thing is that I am getting a lot of stitching time in!!

I think its all the random things I have floating around my head, when it comes to sleeping my brain just cannot switch off.  I guess I need to find a way to 'switch' off....

I am still smiling... 

Happy and smiling :)

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hmmm what is going on?

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Well firstly sorry for not posting any photo's of what I am eating, I have been having a bit of bother with not sleeping.  I think there is far too much going on in my little head and its just keeping me awake :(

Well I have been stitching... but have stopped and got side tracked a few times.  Its terrible how quick I do get side tracked :(

I bet your wondering what I got side tracked on??  Ha ha ha the internet is amazing!  I was as they say surfing!  Looking at the most amazing cross stitch designs... the whole thing with looking at the designs I was looking at is a new thing, a recent one.  See its only due to looking at fellow stitchers blogs that I began to realize there are OH so many lovely and varied designs out there.  And to be honest it was only very recently I decided to go it alone and stitch from a chart and not a kit.  

I love the freedom of charts... the more I look the more I am amazed.  I mean take the thread/floss I thought there was only Anchor and DMC ... how very very wrong was I.  There are loads of hand dyed threads and silks, probably much more too?!... ooooh  :)  It is clear that I have lead the equivalent to a sheltered life in the stitching world I think.  I need to make up for lost time!!

So yes, I have been looking around and WOW so great things to stitch out there...

Some Lizzy Kate designs I hope to stitch some time, as yet not had the pleasure..


There are OH so many lovely designs... how do you choose?

Then I looked at Country Cottage Needleworks... so adorable...

Goodness their designs are beautiful.
I the found Prairie Schooler..... OMG!!! Where have I been???? Some truly lovely designs...

These and many many more are wonderful.... I do hope someday I have the pleasure to stitch some :) 

Its so hard choosing designs as there are so so many out there, #i just picked these few but I am sure there are many more...if you know of lovely designs please feel free to leave a message pointing me in the right direction.  I need assistance as its really all very new to me.  
I shall give you a little back ground...

Well I have been writing this blog for a little over 1 year now... I started to to motivate myself and to keep myself on track with my weight loss.  Its true I love to stitch and I had previously slowed down.  My love for stitching has turned a corner I feel as now I have the courage to try new things.  To venture away from kits.... its still a little scary!  Not only that I until recently only ever stitched on aida... I have tried 25 count Dublin linen and love it.  I think all those years I never stitched on anything other than aida as I thought it far too difficult.  Hoe wrong was I !!!  It seems my stitching is taking over my blog! ha ha ha  I think I will keep posting what I eat as like I say its keeping me on track.... not only that I have spoken through FB group to other stitchers lacking motivation to lose weight... the one reason I started this blog was to just hope to inspire 1 person.... to want to change, to want to lose weight, to get up and try.  And it that is happening through the things I am doing is amazing :)

As it stands I really have no idea what to stitch next.... any suggestions??

I promise tomorrow to post some photo's of what I am eating! 

Keep smiling :)