Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Did I miss Easter?

It appears I missed Easter :( 
Belated Easter wishes to you all.  As you know with my dairy,egg and soya allergies I did not think I would be getting any chocolate, or Easter eggs this year!! Ha! I was so wrong! My sweet jon went to town (not literally! He shopped online!) and look what he got me! All dairy and soya and egg free!!! 

I was gob smacked when this parcel arrived! It will take me ages to work my way through this lot!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter 😊

Unfortunately I am still not well... I had taken two weeks of antibiotics and well I still have a horrendous cough and no voice! Today my doctor has asked me to go for a chest x-Ray, we shall see what this shows! And guess what, more antibiotics to take! A different one though! Just until my doctor gets the results from the chest x-Ray.....then he will decide what to do with me! 

It's literally only been two days I have had a clear head, and boy in those two days I have made up not being able to concentrate stitching! Yes! Plodding on with the beautiful HATS sampler, enjoying this again now I can stitch it again! 

I also wanted to make a scissor fob as I kept losing my sewing scissors... Looked in my stash and found an adorable Lizzie Kate design called Farm Fob! It came with ric-rac, beads and fabric so just sourced threads in my stash. 

It's the first time I have finished a project using beads with ric-rac like this....it was fun and now hopefully I want lose my scissors! 

I have been busy with wool whilst my head has been cloudy.... I did not have the patience to concentrate on cross stitching. But I found I could work with wool, so I did! I could not do nothing so pleased I found something I could do! 

I joined in on a free BOM with Buttermilk Basin....AESOME designs! I caught up, done all the first 4 block! Got to wait now until next month for the next block! 

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

That was so much fun. Talking of fun....I made a rather cute pin cushion! But I like it a lot and cannot stick pins in it! So he just sits on my desk now! Ha ha

This is how he started... Oh the pattern, it was in one of my 'old' magazines! 

Awe, yes! Dogs.... I took this photo of Lancelot, he's adorable! 

Looking at me, sat on my bed watching me cough! I bought him a new toy.... A crocodile! He loves it! 

Oooooh yes! Trying to recall what I have not told or shared with you all! Eeeek! Yes! Han drew one of her cute characters and I said, ooooh! I can stitch him! Ha ha so I did! Han loved it! I made it into a badge and it's on her bag now! 

When Han was out the other day she brought me back a pack of Moleskine journals to sketch in....lovely!! So today as I was feeling up to it I decided to try and make a cover for one of them! Something different and new for me to try! 

This is what I came up with....

I measured the bits I needed to, added 3 cm more and voila! I also tried(kind of failed) at adding a packet to the front.  It's rather untidy, but functional so a win I guess!? 

Yes! The hand stitching in the front is a design Hands Across The Sea samplers showed in a tutorial guide. It's called 'Fearless Freehand',  the instructions and photos are brilliant, I followed it fine! 

Here is the completed design.. Yes! Me being me changed the fabric colour and threads too! Ha ha

I really enjoyed challenging myself and the new adventure of freehand stitching 😊 if you too want to challenge yourself or just want to take a look at the tutorial.. Pop along to HATS, there is a quick link in my side bar. 

I think that's pretty much covered what I have be up to whilst being poorly! Hopefully on the mend now? Fingers crossed!! 

I will be back soon! Until then, keep smiling 😊