Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hic cup... Day 20...

Rather than not post anything I thought I would explain what has happened to me today...

I woke this morning as usual really happy full of beans and ready to take on the world!  I had a doctors appointment to get this monthly blighted problem sorted as its just dragging on far too long.  (trying not to go into too much detail!)

Basically I was sent to the hospital for blood tests and thought nothing more of it.  Later in the day around 5pm, the doctor called me to give me the blood test results.  Rather odd I thought, but good service!  The doctor said that I needed to go to A&E and explain to them that I have very low haemoglobin level, normal is around 12.5 and mine was 8.  So needed to be looked at as I might need a blood transfusion.  

Apart from being totally stressed out about this I was now worrying about a possible blood transfusion.  

So you can imagine how I feel... the major thing I am actually stressing over is missing my exercise sessions, silly right!  As my body has no energy the A&E doctor explained it like this...I have enough at this moment to keep my heart and brain working but anything else, dressing, walking, eating I am on a go slow... understatement really I feel like a snail.  Just taking my coat off I use a lot of energy and been told to sit and relax!

As of tomorrow I will be on high doses of iron tablets to re-boost my levels, and more blood to be taken.  Not sure I like blood taken any more... see with having such large arms my veins are small and deep in there, they can never find them.  So I have to have blood taken from the top of my hand, and oooh its painful. :(

So needless to say I did not attend my exercise session, and probably will not be for a little while.  I am devistated about this as I was really enjoying it.  But the main thing is to get me back to normal and well enough to go back to the exercise sessions, I know this!  So this means no weigh day until I can go back... another thing I am gutted about :(

And to top off my awful day, my i phone decided to 'die' on me!  Nooo my phone!  So other half is looking into the insurance and sorting it out to get another one!

I think its been one of those days, you know.... why me!!

I took photos of my meals, on my phone!  And now phone broken cannot access them... damn it!!  So come up with a plan... I will see if I can take them on my i pad and then attach then that way... either way I WILL find a way!  I WILL still eat healthily, come to far, and I am NOT a quitter...this is but a minor hic cup!  I will keep you posted! :)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Progress...

Ok so this is the page where I bear all!!

I am going to chart my weight I can see it visually and can refer to it at any point to just see how far I have come :)

So looking at it, I know I will be shocked... I am not in denial, I know I am huge!  But the thing spurring me on is the fact the weight IS coming off.

DATE            WEIGHT        NEW WEIGHT        LOSS           TOTAL        GOAL

12.01.13          23st 1lb                      ----                       start
22.01.13          23st 1lb                  22st 6lb                    -9lb
25.01.13          22st 6lb                  22st 2lb                    -4lb             -13lb
06.02.13          22st 2lb                     22st                       -2lb            -1st 1lb             1 st+            
15.02.13             22st                     21st 13lb                   -1lb            -1st 2lb
01.03.13         21st 13lb                 21st 13lb                   New Scales Weight......................
15.03.13         21st 13lb                 21st 10lb                  -3lb             -1st 5lb
22.03.13         21st 10lb                 21st 8lb                    -2lb             -1st 7lb              :)
29.03.13         21st 8lb

Here it is!  Every Friday now at the exercise sessions I will get weighed and then put my weight in here. I guess some reading this will think...NO she cannot be that weight!  I sure am!  And I am not proud of this weight, if anything I am really quite ashamed to advertise I actually weigh this.  I guess the reason why I have done it is for the sock tactic, and as a constant reminder that I am doing this!!  I am losing weight, I am changing my life and I am and will get there... watch this space! :)

A little update... with me not being 100% my weigh in's have been re-juggled a bit.  But fear not I am still doing my own personal weight challenge and will not give in... OH NO!!  I am certainly not a quitter...what is this word?  I have removed it from my vocab! :)

15.02.13 - I am disappointed that I did not lose a lot more weight, I am sticking to the healthy eating, exercising and thought it should of been more.  When I talked the The Weight Loss Guys, its all good, 1 lb of weight is a lot... and changes are being noticed.  I now have cheek bones!  I feel healthier and better in myself.  I should not feel disheartened about this, I should feel proud I have made these changes and am doing this.  I think I need to realize its good what I am doing.  Take one day at a time, I will get there.  And I think my current health situation, with the anemia is not helping, but I am slowly recovering from this.

01.03.13 - I am getting weighed on this day... they are switching over to the new scales so I will accept the reading of that.  Now I may not like the reading as I have been advised it will not be the same as the old scales... but I have to accept it.  So I will!  And move on from there... not to let it get to me and work at reducing it, this is afterall my aim.

15.03.13 - I am still ill and cannot do any exercise due to my energy levels being so low.  I have been trying to eat healthily, when I can eat as I feel ill and bloated and have stomach cramps all the time.  Not giving in... keeping positive :)

Day 19...

Oohhh day 19!! So great news, got my car back and cost less than I thought it would.  So am all set now for the exercise session tonight with the weight loss guys , looking forward to the session :)  And maybe do a relaxing swim afterwards.

I have tried different foods today, and am really excited that I did, stops me from losing interest in food. Oh yes the soup from yesterday...funny thing was I did not fancy it, so the bin had it!  Found something more exciting to eat, see below!

What I ate today... 30th January 2013


2 scrabbled eggs with 2 bacon round medallions chopped and mixed. (actually really nice)


2 wholewheat crispbread, with cucumber and plain tuna topped with spring onion. (yummy!)


Fresh cut strawberries, just because I like them!


Cod in garlic mixed into fresh tossed salad.

Today has been a lovely day, I have not been hungry and am learning to accept that I really don't need to put anything else in my mouth if I really don't need it.  

I went to my exercise session, goodness I worked hard!  Crunches, side crunches, reverse crunches... sprinting on the spot, squats, squat lean backs, pelvic lifts and a heap of arm work too!! But I love it!!  Its 45 minutes of intensive workout with 10 second intervals between each new activity, and I do actually love it!  Coming from me that is just SO odd!  Exercise, well before starting this I guess I would 'float' around the swimming pool!  I say float because I find swimming up and down really boring.  Wish I found this type of exercise ages ago!

My other great news is that today I have not had any coffee!! Not 1 cup!  Instead I have been drinking Tetley green tea with blueberries... I love it! And its my new everyday drink.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 18...

Crikey its 18 days now!  Everything just seems so natural what I am doing, and most of all I am still enjoying it.  

I decided to make a soup today, and well I know what is in it and after tasting it.. I LOVE IT!!  My daughter is not keen, but I like it! 

What I ate today... 29th January 2013


2 eggs scrambled.


Home made soup: ingredients; tin chopped tomato, chilli powder, soup mix pulses (handfull), 1 haddock fillet, broccoli, cauliflower and water.


I have a name for it now... Hot chilli fish soup! (had it again as I liked it that much!)

Rather good day today, made this soup, first time ever I have put fish in a soup and I am really surprised at how yummy it tastes!  It thickened all by itself and its really filling too.  I think I will be eating this again tomorrow!  Well I have a pan full of it, and I dont really want to freeze it, so will eat it tomorrow! 

The weather is awful right now, blowing a gale and raining so nice warm soup... mmm :)

I have lots of lovely healthy foods in my home now, I eat my meals and dont really feel the need or urge to snack.  Sometimes I will eat a few nuts or have some fruit but I think that is because I am used to eating and feel the need to put things in my mouth.  I am trying to get out of this, if I feel this way now I pick my glass up and drink!  Its like I am re-programming myself, I am sure I will get there.

Today's menu does not look like a lot, but it is very filling and to be honest I am not that hungry, if I was I am sure I would get something else.  I am working hard to recognize when I am actually hungry, and to my shock its not very often!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 17...

Another great day today, although my car is in the garage awaiting my go ahead, once I have found the £650 to fix it!  This has knocked me slightly, see I was intending to swim every night, hmmm well I have no other means of getting there so it will have to wait until I get the car back on the road.  I am fine about this, a minor hic cup that is all!

Nothing with dampen my spirits or sway me off my goal... I am still on it 100%!

What I ate today... 28th January 2013


Scrambled eggs with sliced fresh cherry tomato, or Happy eggs as I saw them this morning :)


Fresh tossed salad with warmed prawns in chilli sauce.  (I do like this)


Breast chicken with 100g of whole grain rice, with broccoli and cauliflower chicken sauce. (it was a bit like eating a chinese meal)


Again I will eat melon later in the evening, its very refreshing and I like this in the evening as  I seem to 'want' something sitting watching TV.  Oh I know its probably psychological and I don't actually need it, its fruit!  :)

I am liking my meals better in the new bowls and plates, its just so much nicer to eat from.  Although I have not been to the gym or pool today I have been active around the house today.  Washing, cleaning and general running around, its clear from just doing every day things that I have more energy... ITS GREAT!!  And the best thing of all... its only going to get better!


I woke this morning on a high again!  I am just SO happy, I can only put it down to what I am doing in my life right now.  I have more energy, my mood is much happier and I just feel so much better within myself.  For this feeling alone I wish I had discovered the way I am now changing my life. :)

I called this addition 'Enough' because I am going to talk about the feeling of eating enough... 

All my life I have eaten basically what I wanted when I wanted, and as much of it as I wanted.  Not very good really.  So I can honestly say over the years I have had no idea of where my 'full up' mark is.  I think that is down to just eating and then over eating, because I enjoyed eating something.  I thought I was hungry, but in reality it was my brain and my stomach fighting against each other saying, no don't eat it, yes eat it!  And then trying to handle the urges I felt because I liked food and wanted to eat it.  Every day became a battle because I knew I should be eating healthier food but the urge to eat more and more was very real.

I think the worst thing I ever did when deciding to change my eating habits previously was to call it a 'diet'.  I really dislike this word, the reasoning behind this is that I feel I have been put on a diet and see diets as punishment for being fat and overweight.  Being on a diet is singling me out and I don't want to be different.  That I feel, is one of the psychological things that has held me back, and its learning to find another way to handle this.  I am learning and taking this as a challenge and now call this phase a life style change, this to me sounds 'normal'.  

I am learning as I go along now, I realized I was eating way too much but did not accept that I needed to put less on my plate.  That sounds silly right, but when your used to eating large amounts of food its really hard to put less on your plate.  So when I actually left some food from my dinner I thought well I have got to change my plate, to make the decision to eat less was not easy.  

The decision that I had eaten enough was a bit of a shock, I have never really felt 'full' or content with what I have eaten before... so there I was leaving quite a lot of food, on my plate!  Incredible, me leaving food... who would of thought that!  So then I had to accept this was the new me, the new me who is changing my eating habits and learning to eat less, but also understanding why I want to eat less.  To think about this is so surreal, its very hard to get it around my head that I actually do not need to eat a lot now.  I am working on this, and am very aware that I have to watch this all the time.  I guess with time it will become easier and automatic.

I am very happy with how I am coping with the changes I have introduced into my life, I think I am coping because I want the changes.  That as they say is half the battle, accepting 100% that you want change.  In fact I am thrilled, thrilled that its happening!  I just seem to have a permanent smile on my face :)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 16...

A lazy Sunday!  I say that but I have been busy, my mind has!  I am currently studying with The Open University and and nearly half way through my degree.  I am working towards a BSc Open (Hons) degree and am really loving every minute studying.  

I have been really good today, I have not strayed at all from what I should eat, and I can say reducing the size of my plate has helped an awful lot.  I just have to learn not to really fill it now!  That in its self is really hard, see being as big as I am all the time you think you always need a lot of food!  And to just all of a sudden not put as much food on your plate is hard... I will get there slowly.

And as it was a Sunday I got up later, around 11am!! I know half the day gone, but now and then wont hurt! :)  So I have not eaten as much as I normally would due to the fact I was asleep!

What I ate today... 27th January 2013


Fresh chopped melon with fruit cocktail and pineapple.


Handful of mixed nuts.


Roast chicken breast, sweet potato's roasted, fine green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and cabbage.  With a little drizzle of chicken flavoured gravy.


Fresh chopped melon.

All my meal times went out the window today after getting up late!  Oh well!! So later in the evening I will have some melon, and that will be fine :)

I am still committed 100% to what I am doing and best of all I am really loving it.  I bet people reading this blog must think I am mental, as everyday  I put I am loving it!  But seriously I am! :)  Just keep thinking of those wellingtons! ;)

My secret...

OK so we know why I am here!  To share my journey loosing weight, to hopefully inspire others in a similar situation to mine... to just say..


Being over weight I think I got used to it, and it was easier to just carry on with what I was eating as previous attempts to lose weight had always failed.  I had to look hard at myself and think well why?  Do I actually want to lose weight or was I happy eating all that junk/sweet food?  And before starting this journey I can honestly say my previous attempts were half hearted as I wanted the junk and sweet foods, I was not prepared to give it up.  Sure I knew if I gave it up and worked hard I would lose weight... but mentally I dont think I was ready for that change as I was far too comfortable plodding along being fat.

I think the revelation came just after Christmas, I was starting to not fit into my clothes again and I find that so frustrating.  I have a full length mirror in my bedroom and looked in it and said... NO, NO MORE! And I took steps there and then to do something about my weight... finally!  And I just think that mentally I really had had enough, had enough of feeling fat, frumpy and I wanted to discover the 'real' me under all that fat!  I think I knew I was heading for disaster if I had continued the path I was on.  I don't want to die or have diabeties or heart and joint problems... just because I was fat.  NO! 

So now I am in the right frame of mind, I have a goal, that is to half my body weight.  Yes its a huge task, but I am so focused and determined to succeed that NOTHING with hold me back this time.  I know my weaknesses, that food sometimes gets boring, so I WILL makes sure its interesting and great to eat all the time! :)

There is something I really really really want most of all, and I have NEVER had it.  I bet your all wondering what it is!  

My secret... The one thing I really really want and... I WILL buy first when I had achieved my goal... some may find this crazy!  A pair of wellingtons!  Seriously, I have never ever been able to wear them, my legs have always, all my life been huge and never could get the wellingtons past my ankles.  I think the thing I will struggle with is the amount of choice now, wellingtons are in all colours and patterns and my goodness what a dilemma! 

To inspire me...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Believing in myself...

I saw this and had to post it as it sums me up! 

I WILL succeed, I WILL change my life, I WILL become a healthier person, I WILL be much happier with myself, I WILL feel better about food, I WILL wear wellingtons and I WILL enjoy my journey as this IS my time to shine! :)

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Healthy snacks...

I thought I would start posting all the lovely snacks I have!  I have noticed that since eating more healthily that my taste has changed.  Eating fruit its so fruity, gosh that sounds silly.. but seriously it does.  Apples have got so much flavour, I never knew!  And how sweet grapes are too... 
(borrowed from Google Images)

Snack 1  Apple and grapes.

I cut them up as is psychological to me to see more!  I find eating an apple does not have the same effect as this.  

Snack 2  Mixed nuts and seeds.

Mixed nuts and seeds in a tiny pot, make it look like I have loads to nibble on.

Snack 3  Fresh cut melon.

Melon is so tasty and cut into pieces, so looks a lot.

Snack 4  Fresh cut apple.  I put it in a little ice cream mini tub my husband ate, it feel like I am having a treat!  Psychological again!

Snack 5  Fresh cut strawberries, in that tub again!  Mmmmm :)

Snack 6  Teriyaki Rice Cakes.

OK so this looked interesting to me and I checked them and I can safely eat 2 squares as something different to snack on.  I had never tried them and to be honest I was curious!  They are not that bad, I actually like the crunchiness of them.  Keeping snacking alive and interesting!

Snack 7  A combination of fresh strawberries and seeds!  I love them that much :)  I made a few like this and they were really yummy :)  The seeds just naturally stuck to the strawberry... fun and interesting :)

Day 15...

Oh my goodness I feel great today!  I am happy, full of energy and awake!  Its like something has been woken up inside me... oh I know what it is, I am 13lb lighter! :)

What I ate today... 26th January 2013


Fresh fruit cocktail with natural Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey.


Fresh salad, with cucumber and warm prawns in Wagamama chilli sauce.


Handful of mixed nuts.


Homemade tuna, broccoli and cauliflower cakes with sweet potato chips.  And the new plate I have down sized to!

Since I am now eating less I thought it silly not to down size my plate!  So as you can see I have a new Villroy and Boch colourful one to eat off!  I love it!  Incidently the white dinner plate with the yellow trim is the same size as the burgundy one above, so I am going smaller.

Still happy :)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 14...

What an amazing day I have had today!  I woke up and had happy breakfast! You will see on the photos!  I have been running about all day it seems... today my lovely car I have had since new decided to die on me.  I called the AA out and it could not be fixed so off it went to the garage.  Apparently something wrong with the electrics and fuel pump?  It is 12 years old and I have a lot of sentimental memories with it.. I will be so sad if I have to scrap it, will have to see if its viable to fix?  Find out next week.

So as I have been on the go all day, with no car.. feels like my legs have been chopped off :(  I grabbed an apple and nuts to eat around lunch.. I know naughty but at least I ate something.  And to be honest as I was rushing about I did not think about food so did not want it!

I had my exercise session this evening and also got weighed.  And I am in total shock at how much weight I have lost.  Since starting on the 12th January, that is 2 weeks today... I have lost 13lb !  That is 1lb off loosing 1 stone! How amazing is that!  I am such a high right now.  And I did the best ever work out session I have ever done... I am LOVING IT!!

What I ate today... 25th January 2013


Fresh fruit cocktail and a table spoon of Greek natural yogurt with a drizzle of honey.


On the go nuts and apple. (no photo as no time to stop!)


Breast chicken cut into pieces with fresh steamed vegetables, sweet potato's, sprouts, carrots, peppers and fine green beans.  Tossed in a piri piri sauce.

So my day has been a happy one and I am thrilled with the progress I am making.  It is really quite emotional, realizing I am finally doing it!  When I get over that 3 stone barrier that is when I will think... YES!  Bring it on!! 

Watch this space!

Day 13...

Oh my goodness!! Today I think I have been having withdrawal symptoms from lack of exercise!  That is something I thought I would never say!

I went to my exercise session today and really worked hard, and actually made myself sick!  But it was alright, it was happy sick!  

What I ate today... 24th January 2013


Something new!  I banana and 2 egg pancake with strawberries and a drizzle of honey. (very filling)


This was like having a take out!! It was the mixed vegetables left over from yesterdays dinner! (they were really nice)


Fresh mixed salad with cod and broccoli omelette. (really yummy!)


Mixed fruit cocktail with 2 crispbread, 2 table spoons of nutella with strawberry and banana slices.

Today I have loved eating what I have, especially the new creation... flaked cod, broccoli, chilli and whisked egg...all made into an omelette.  It actually tasted like a fish cake.  Really nice, will be making this again!  

The other thing I am loving eating is the crispbread with the nutella on, with the added banana or strawberry its amazing.  I think it tastes like kit kat!  

My mood today was a little low this morning, but not because of my new change in my life.. no no I am loving this!  No the blighted women that I am right now!  I know and am aware that it affects me like this, so I need to try and stay mega positive and happy.. I will not feel sad or low, I am loving what I am doing and am working so hard to get to my goal.  After the exercise session, where I really pushed myself I felt really high!  But that is what exercise does! AAAaarrrrrrgghhhh I love it!!! 

So am now feeling really happy and pleased that I did another exercise session.  Its another day tomorrow!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 12...

Here we are again!  I am still feeling very positive and love all the new combinations of foods I am trying.  

I noticed today that I am walking much quicker, I went to TESCO earlier to do a top up of food we are using and I cant believe how quick I was walking around the store!  I was not hungry when I went so went in and got what I wanted and OK so looked for a few 'new' products to eat too :) 

I was eating ryvita and needed more, looked on the shelf and OOHHh ryvita brown crackerbread, looked at it and its actually better than normal ryvita.  I thought that would be a great change, or mix and match?!  

And then just out of curiosity I looked at Nutella spread to see what that was like, not that I am craving chocolate or anything.  Curious!  And I had always wondered why its on all those adverts on the TV of people eating it for breakfast!  It turns out that Nutella is OK!  I know I was really quite amazed!  OK not looking at getting carried away with it, I will stick to 1 table spoon on each crackerbread..yes the new ones I bought!

What I ate today... 23rd January 2013


3 eggs scrambled.


Naturally had to try it!  2 crackerbread with 2 tablespoons of nutella.


Breast chicken with chilli sauce and mixed roast veg, sweet potato's, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, fine green beans, carrot and sprouts.

After... my dinner

My left over dinner!! Could not eat it all... hmmm have to re-think the portion size! 

I am just not even eating half as much as I used to, and I am not hungry.  If I feel hungry later, I will have maybe some fruit cocktail... 

I am so happy doing this change, its just no bother at all.  I understand what I have to eat, I understand I need to exercise and I understand I have to give 100% commitment.  For the first time in a long time I actually feel healthy, maybe its because I have so much more energy.  Wishing I had found this years ago... have to make up for lost time!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 11...

So well apart from being blighted as us women are every month! I am feeling strangely happy!  Planning my meals knowing what I am eating and when makes a huge difference.  I do not snack on junk, I eat really healthy now... and to be honest I am really proud of my progress so far.

Had another fitness session today, it is getting easier, but is still difficult.. hope that makes sense!  Its the first session I could get to since the snow, and I got weighed...

Eleven days in and I have lost 9lbs... over half a stone, I am really really pleased with myself.  Its such a confidence boost knowing that what I am doing is actually working, and that I am winning this battle to change my life.

What I ate today... 22nd January 2013


Fresh made fruit cocktail with natural Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey.


Fresh salad with mackerel, egg and beetroot.


Half a tub, of fresh chilli bean soup with chopped egg mixed in and 2 ryvita.

I have had no snacks today, I think that is due to feeling slightly bloated from being blighted!  Apart from that I think I am doing OK!  I have been trying really hard to drink herbal teas, I did! And have started a page on what I think of them! 

I am excited about my weight loss so far, still very positive and loving it.  On to the next day...

It's all about the tea!...

In a bid to try to drink more herbal tea and less coffee I have decided to review the various teas in my cupboard!  And maybe buy a few others!  I have found through trial and error that adding a drop of honey to the tea makes it 'nice' to drink!

I will keep adding the various teas to here as I sample them!

No.1 : Twinings pineapple and grapefruit green tea

As soon as I poured the water into the mug the small was amazing, I could smell pineapples.  I find that with any tea that they never smell like they taste, but when tasting, I could taste the green tea with a slight hint of pineapple and grapefruit.  It is actually very refreshing and tastes ok... maybe this one can stay!

No.2 : Clipper Organic Dandelion and Burdock tea

The smell as soon as I opened the foil bag inside the box... I wish you had smell a vision!  It was very strong, OH but nice :)  Having grown up with dandelion and burdock fizzy pop I thought hmm, and OH was I surprised!  I LOVE IT!!  It does taste really nice, and leaves an after taste in your mouth.  I loved having it on my desk, the smell filled the room.  I am going  to try this cold too.  My daughter however does not like the taste of this, she thought it very strong and did not like the after taste.  Down to personal preference I guess... and more for me!! :)

No.3 :  Clipper Organic Green Tea with Lemon

Oh my, when I opened the foil all I got was lemon, really strong, but really nice.  Put it in the cup and added water and the smell intensified, it was lovely.  Drinking this hot it was nice, I found as it got colder the taste was turning bitter.  So I 'like' it I think!  But will only drink it hot!  I think in all honesty its the boxes that drew me to buy them!  They are so cute and look great so you assume they will taste great too! hmmmm

No.4 :  Tetley Green Tea with Blueberry.

I found this by accident really, I just happen to be in the coffee/tea isle looking for coffee for my husband and thought oooh look at that!  I dont drink 'normal' tea with milk, just dont like it.  So thought I would give this a go!  I opened the box and a lovely sweet fruity smell filled the air, it was lovely.  I was hoping that it would taste that good with water in.  I put it in the cup and poured the water in and was not let down!  I tasted it and WOW! I really like this one!  I could use this as an everyday drink its that mellow and nice.  I actually think I am going to replace the coffee I normally drink with this now!  And as a change have one of the other teas!  I am really quite surprised how nice this tastes, mmmm.

No.5 :  Dr Stuart's Slim Plus No Caffeine Tea.

The reason I bought this was because I was looking for a caffeine free tea...fresh juice is boring me to tears!  It was just an added bonus that its good for me!  The smell when I opened the box was a little strange and muffled as each tea bag is in its own individual sleeve.  The smell was like aniseed a little, not strong, a kind of hint.  Then when I opened the sleeve it was more a very fresh tea smell... I tasted it and it is light, not a heavy tea and actually tastes really good.   This surprised me as I was expecting it to be awful!  Its pleasant and tastes a little like elderflowers... I think?  So I like it!  And will drink this whilst I cannot drink teas with caffeine in...hmmm maybe when I am out and about I will come across more without caffeine...ooh keep my eyes open!

No.6 :  Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Tea.

I bought this is too if would actually help me drift off... I liked the stars on the box!  OMG I am so terrible for buying things because of the packaging!  So I opened the box, opened the foil inside and WOW...the smell!  It was like Christmas orange spice!  I read the box to see the ingredients and its got cinnamon and orange flavouring, that makes sense!  When the water was put in the cup, the smell really filled the kitchen, such a lovely smell.  I dont like orange so that is saying something!  I tasted it and MY... its really quite nice, not strong, just nice.  With every mouthful I took a sniff, and its lovely, really really nice... relaxing and calming...Hmmm hark at me!! Its a drink before bed... Yawn... lol :)  OK yes I like it!! :)  

Monday, 21 January 2013

Day 10...

Today has been a funny old day, I am eating, enjoying what I am eating and still don't fully understand why I am not hungry?  I think the reason I am having such a hard job getting this around my head is the fact I used to eat so much food in one day and still felt hungry and  now I am eating less, a lot less and am not hungry!  I just don't get it.  Apparently its all to do with what I am eating now!

What I ate today... 21st January 2013


Fresh chopped fruit cocktail.


Salad with cottage cheese and beetroot.


Chicken and vegetable and egg chilli stir fry.

The one thing I am finding hard to cut out is coffee :(  Its really hard.  I enjoy my cup of coffee, I do drink it with skimmed milk.  Saying that, I have cut my coffee intake, and am trying to introduce herbal tea. I look at it this way... even if I substitute 1 coffee for 1 herbal tea its progress!  I am hoping to eventually drink more herbal tea.. am in the process of sampling some...hmmm given me an idea! I think I will sample some and write what I think about them!  Great way to get me to drink them!! 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day 9...

Today, yes another day!  I am in high spirits as I have been doing really well, and am proud that I am sticking to eating healthily.

What I ate today... 20th January 2013


I call it, egg 3 ways!  Omellette, scrambled and dry fried, with baked beans.


Half a tub of mexican chilli bean soup with 2 ryvita.


Steamed plain haddock with steamed courgette, sprout and broccoli.  With 100g of brown rice.

Evening snack...

Fresh fruit cocktail, melon, grapes, peach, plum, pineapple, cherry and pear.

Loving what I am eating, its so tasty and nice.  I think if any one has any ideas what to do with hummus then speak up!  I still feel happy and content with what I am doing, not once have I craved something sweet, so I must be doing something right!  Onwards and upwards.