Sunday, 12 February 2017

I am so naughty....

Hello happy friends! So sorry I have neglected you all..... I have even neglected the dog! He has been wanting me to play with him! 

January has been a busy month for me.  Ha ha to some probably not so busy! 

I was stitching to a dead line, and I am so pleased to say I made the deadline!! I thought at one point I would not but I ploughed through. The last couple of days are a blur because all I did was stitch, seriously....I did not sleep for 2and a half days!! Just so I could get it in the post back to Nicola at Hands Across The Sea Samplers :) 

The sampler I was stitching was on a deadline as Nicola is attending the Nashville show in USA!! Awesome right?! And the sampler I was stitching plus two others will be launched there.  It's all REALLY exciting.

As Nicola did a pre-launch to show the new samplers being launched (they are available for pre-order now through Hands Across The Sea Samplers -link in my side bar) so I guess I can show you all what I have been stitching! It's really unusual and really pretty I hope you like it....

It's called Eliza Skelton 1820

For me it's still quite surreal seeing the sampler I stitched looking so pretty in a frame....then on a chart!! 

Here are some other photos of this journey....

I stitched her on 40 count Lakeside lined Autumn gold and with AVAS silks.


I really enjoyed my stitching journey with Eliza, working with the beautiful rainbow of colours was a real treat.  Eliza is off to USA! To Nashville.... So exciting. She looks so pretty in that georgous frame, I hope you all like her? 

So what else have I been up to....

Yes this is where I the university centre. you all know I was applying to go to university this year, to start September if I was accepted. I had my interview on the 6 th February and it went really well. I took a few things with me of what I have made and drawn/painted.  I would like to share a few things here with you all...

I wanted to take something totally original, made by me, showing some of my skills. This is what I started with. I had an idea and sketched about it to develop it further before I started creating.  This is the creating phase! 

 I love making a mess! 

This is how it started....

Then grew....

It's a work in progress, I really like it. Being a kinaesthetic learner this is awesome for me on many levels.  Touch, colours and freedom to just create makes me happy.

I did this too...

Before creating drawing and paintings for this interview I had never drawn or painted! I watched a few YouTube videos and just went for it! I found the painting really therapeutic and calming, really enjoyed it.

Literally painting everywhere! Ha ha Han took me to the local garden centre and I drew a plant! Finished it at home.

So the outcome of the interview is really positive, I have one further stage to complete before the university tutor will decide if I have a place or not.  I am to receive a brief/project to research and complete, submit and it's a case of wait and see! The tutor will run through everything next week so I know what I have to do and then I will be busy with that! It's all really exciting.  I am oozing with creativity right now....I just need structure and guidance now.  I can't believe going to university is within my grasp! It would be awesome to create in an creative! 

I have a plan, a plan of action..... I hope, fingers crossed to be able to do this degree... Oh yes you all probably want to know what it is?! It's a B A in Textiles.... Yes, if I get to do this degree I then want to go onto the Royal School of needlework to specialize in needlework.  I am hoping, see that would be 3 years down the line, I am hoping I would be in a much healthier place come then.

Talking of health...ooooh!!! I am doing great!! At the pool I am doing a nutritional/weight loss course and it's going really well.  In the first two weeks this is what happened,...

I have upped my swimming too..... Previously only swam up and down a couple of times.  Now I am building my lengths up! I started with 5 then 8 then 10 then 14 and now it's 16!! I hold small floats in my hands to help me and good for resistance... My left leg (the poorly knee) does not actually move in the water...I kind of drag it behind me, like it's dead! Ha ha I found even if I tried to move it, even slightly I would be in agony, so I just don't now! Saying that if the professional swimmers are in I have to get out the water, they create too many waves and it hurst my knee all that water chopping about.

Some wet hair photos... Ha ha

Whilst at the pool Han tries all ways for me to try the health bars. I decided ok, I will try one....this one...

OMG!!! Ewe!! Nope! Han liked it! Ha ha 

What have I been eating? Loving salads...

Han Kevin and I decided to try eat out.....for a change! Han and Kevin are vegan eaters so it's difficult anyway! But me with my food issues, no dairy, no egg, no meat, no fish and no soya! It was a challenge! But we found somewhere! And it was pizza!!! I don't eat that much! 

This was my pizza! Han and Kevin ordered the same! It's mushroom, spinach, chilli and rocket. Han ordered polenta chips too....ewe!! No!! Not for me! 

Looks yummy right!

This is the after shot! Everyone finished!  Almost, Kevin was just finishing off! As you can see I still can't eat a lot! I did however take this home! And this pizza is literally all I ate that day! 

At the top I showed you a photo of Lancelot.  He's such a cutie, sits with me snoozing or wanting to play when I am stitching! Here are some adorable photos...

I have been playing more on snapchat on my phone! It's brilliant and given me so many giggles...

I decided to stitch something for me, that I love, as well as stitching a stunning design for Hands across The Sea Samplers.

Now you all know I love Blue Ribbon don't? Oh my!! I adore them!!! 😍😍
I had this design  and thought it about time I stitched it! It's beautiful and really unusual too.  It's called Botanical Blessings. (I am naff at taking photos!)

I have actually stitched more than this! Naughty me just forgot to take a more up to date photo! It's a lovely design  and I can hardly wait to see it grow.

Ooooh yes!!! I have had a lucky January... Look what I have won :)

Ha ha lucky for Jon!! Ha ha yes it's cheese! Stay well clear from that I think, or it's a trip to the hospital! Ha ha It's actually Jones favourite! Of course it would be, it's Welsh cheese and jon is Welsh! Ha aha 

Talking of jon.... Look what he bought me for valentines! Yes I know I had it slightly early! They are really lovely and I like the design on them 😍

Also my sweet husband contacted Kathy Schmitz directly asking about her new design, jon knew I would like it without asking me! In fact let me tell you, I did not even know he contacted Kathy!! Apparently jon said he contacted her to ask if he could buy the full kit of her new ensign Bees in the bowers as a gift for me.  Sadly Kathy does not ship to England so no kit.  Appears Kathy was thrilled Jon, a lovely hubby contacted her, she said she would pop something in the post for me by way of a thank you for him contacting her!!  How nice and kind hearted is that!! I knew nothing of this until afterwards!! When the letter arrived with the Kathy aschmitz logo!! I was really excited as well I don't get mail with that on!! When I opened the envelope I was blown away.... Her new design!! Jon then explained the goings on surrounding why I had the chart in my hand! 
It's true I have an amazing husband, he is so understand and helpful with all my crafting things. He helps out where he can and spends hours searching for things I need or like on the Internet! So I know he reads my blog....Thank you Jon xxxx

This design is beautiful and I cannot wait to make it!! 

Well I think your all probably bored of me now and my photos!? So I will go..... I will return soon!! Ha ha 
Take care, remember to smile :) xx