Monday, 29 September 2014


Hello friends...

I did not post yesterday as I lost track of time... honestly!  

One minute it was 9 pm and I was thinking of making a blog post and then when I looked again it was after 2 am! OMG!!

I seriously have no clue where the time went.... Jon and Han just say status normal as its well known I have no concept of time! 

So yes I was stitching away until the wee hours... ha ha now that is a rather funny thing for me to come out with!  Maybe as I have heard a Scottish accent recently and it just popped out!  Still rather funny!

Well I was still working on my pumpkins.....

I guess you all want to know who the designer is by now?  OK!!

Its a Country Cottage Needleworks design called "Be Thankful".. and as I have said in other updates I have changed a few things.  I changed the color of the pumpkins... as you will see from my photo where the chart is... they are white and I just could not get on with that as I have never seen white pumpkins!  So yes I changed them!  I chose the color of them and I think they work brilliantly.

Changing things from the original chart, like the colors or even what they recommend to stitch on has always been a no no for me ... until now!  I belong to a group on Facebook for Country Cottage Needlework lovers and posted my stitching in there.  I was actually blown away at all the wonderful supportive comments.  I now understand that it is fine to change colors and much more... I think for me the reason I had not changed things was due to the fact I may offend the designer.  I mean all that work they take designing these wonderful charts.. for me to come along and alter it! :(  hmmmm 

What is your view on this?

So here is my up dated stitching...

And with the chart....

I want to finish this project before embarking... ha love that word!  Anyway.... yes before I start another.  Oh but starting new projects is such a thrill... do you think that too?  How very naughty of me!  I do have a stitch I want to do.... I have had the fabric and ribbon and buttons for ages and really want to start it.... eeeeekkkk!  After this one!

I should really finish my 'Happy' stitch I was doing..

This one.. the lovely Blue Ribbon design "Find Your Happy Place"...

When being ill.... as I still am I find my eye sight is not as clear as it usually is and I cannot concentrate on the finer fabrics to stitch on.  I really dont have a lot left of this to stitch but I just cannot concentrate at the moment on it :(  I try every couple of days... 

Its not forgotten about... its just resting!

The other project I seriously need to finish is this one...

Its called "Sampler Game Board" by The Drawn Thread...

I am over half done on this....

I must have some kind of stitching block.. you know where I like to start but not finish projects?!  ha h a

OK... I NEED to finish this too!

Oh my word... are any of you like this?  Is this normal?

Until tomorrow.....

Happy stitching!

Smiles :)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

What am I stitching on?!

Hello friends :)

First of all I have to say a HUGE Thank You from Jon for all of his happy birthday wishes yesterday.  He had a wonderful day and has heaps of sweets and chocolate to last him a long time! hee hee

Well I have been stitching.... in fact I have stitched a fair bit more on my wonderful pumpkin design...

Here it is...

I love how its coming together :)

You may be a little curious to know what I am stitching on?  I bet you have all taken a closer look and just wondering what it is?! ha ha

Well its not aida or linen... in fact I am not quite sure what it is! ha ha Really!!  See things a tough for us, have been since Jon's accident and well... sure I have 'some' bits of fabric in my stash.. not that much and I like to 'save' those to use for making gifts to send out to people.  I know there are a lot of people that only stitch on linen and or aida but me... well its a case of have to try other fabrics.  And to be honest as you all know I love a challenge and stitching on different fabrics is quite good fun!  Take this one I am stitching on now... it fits my criteria to stitch on... it has squares and holes!  I appreciate that some of you out there would be horrified ... I accept that, that is why when I give things out I stitch on the 'real' stuff!  And besides I think the pumpkin design looks quite good!

Happy stitching to you all! :)

More tomorrow :)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Happy Birthday to Jon!

Yes today is my Jon's birthday.... 

Bless him he does not know anyone, well everyone he knew he knew through work...since not working due to his accident all he has is us.

And every year Jon says he does not want anything... believe me it is really hard to buy a gift for him too.. he really does not have a hobby, does not have any interests.... well not since his accident any way.  So all of my family now try to make his birthday fun for him.. to make him smile.  

With fun and smiles the order of the day I bet your all wondering what we all got him for his birthday?!  ha ha well my parents bought him a tonne of chocolate... all varieties, Cadbury plain, fruit and nut, whole nut and Galaxy chocolate bars too!  He loves chocolate so the perfect gift really!  He loved it!!  From Han and I... well in previous years we have bought expensive 'smelly' and he rarely used it!  We bought a designer scarf and never used it!  True we bought socks once for a giggle and he loved them... so we thought we would save them for Christmas! ha ah a Jon likes all the old fashioned sweets.. you know humbugs, rhubarb and custard, blackcurrant and licorice and pontifract cakes (licorice) and sherbet lemons.. many more too.... so Han and I bought a HUGE selection of these ... I think about 10 packets in all!  So with all that chocolate and sweets I think they will keep him busy for a long time!

Here are some photos...

And yes my mum made him a cake.... red velvet and chocolate :)

That basically was Jon's birthday!  He was happy and smiley so aim of the day was achieved!  Fun and happy!! :)

Onto the stitching!!

Hahahahahah well I have actually done no, yes you read that right... have done no stitching today :(  Well I was busy... no not eating cake, I actually dont like this one!  Jon and ~Han ate it! 

Thought about starting a new little in between project...

Here is the start of it...

more to follow on this later...

I shall work more on my pumpkins and hopefully have more to show you on them tomorrow.  

Hope your all having a wonderful day full of smiles and happiness too :)


Thursday, 25 September 2014

I have been busy.....

Hello friends..

I have been stitching away in my stitching corner.... I am so happy as I have managed to finish off my mum's Prairie Schooler ornament for her.  I was experimenting with shapes and wanted to make something in a shape I have never created before... think I did an OK job :)What do you think?



I have learned so much from making this ornament, working with such a small thing was slightly tricky for me.  It actually took me a few days to complete as it was starting to frustrate me, and I had to put it down for a few days!  So pleased I stuck with it and finished it, just hope my mum likes it now.

It was Frances that got me hooked on making ornaments!  Thank You as they are a lot of fun :)  And oooh I also love Prairie Schooler now too!! Job done Frances!! ha aha ha

I have been working more on my pumpkins too...

Started like this...

And this is where I am now....

I am really enjoying these pumpkins a lot, the design has them in a another color.  For me I love the design but the color of the original pumpkins made no sense to me, hence why I changed them!  Do you know the design?  I bet you get it from the next part of the design!?

Oooohhhh yes!!!


Today I received a wonderful packet from my Round Robin partner Catherine, she sent me a wonderful sheep design and some 'nice happy things' too! :)

I think the sheep design she stitched is a Shepherds Bush design, its adorable :)

Here is the packet.. lovely paper :)

Cute adorable sheep...

And ooohhh 'nice' things! :)

Those buttons are so lovely... and these pegs are so tiny and cute too :)  Oh yes and look at the sparkly fabric to :)

Thank You ever so much Catherine, it was very kind of you to send me these 'happy' things too :)

I am very excited at my next Round Robin challenge... its so much fun to take part in.  Its been organized by the lovely June... at the top of my page I have a button showing all the Round Robin things so far and a link to June's blog to see more :)  So pleased I decided to join in :)

OK.... well Han and I nipped out today to get Jon a birthday gift.. ha ha it a fun one this year as he told us not to buy him anything!  As if!!  You will find out tomorrow as its his birthday tomorrow!  I will post photo's :)

Happy stitching everyone..

Smiles to you all :)


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hello wonderful happy friends :)

I have been busy.. I guess!  Still trying to sort out my PC.... 

I am still trying to gain more energy to boost my iron levels back up.  Han bless her heard me say that dark chocolate is good for me, it helps boost energy and has a source of iron too!  So Han being Han went and bought m some chocolate... ha h a she said she could not decide which ones to buy so bought them all!


I am sure this little bundle will last me a while!  Thank You Han :)

I had to take Han and her friend Morgan to a concert in Brighton yesterday... to see Alt-J ... a music band.  Not my thing.. but hey they loved it!

Here are some photos's Han took, I liked all the different color lighting used :)

So we were not back till after 11.00 pm from that so was too late to blog.. doing the catch up, up date now :)

Today Han went to get another tattoo... its Han's body and she knows she has to live with the rest of her life.  And I am fine with that... hmmm my parents, her grandparents... different story!  Han is her own unique person and if it makes her happy ... why not!

Here it is..

OK... to some stitching now...

I am carrying on with my pumpkins... done a little more....

Do you know the design?  Maybe I should stitch some more!

And yes whilst on the subject of stitching... remember the lovely Prairie Schooler ornament I did for my mum?  Well I was undecided how to finish it... I bought something to maybe experiment with ...

The design...

And oooh yes look what I got...I am sure I will have a lot of fun with this!

And well I have one more thing on my mind...

Its Jon's birthday this Friday... I have no clue what to buy him!?  Suggestions?  Please!!

Ok... until tomorrow... happy stitching :)

Smiles to you all :)

Monday, 22 September 2014

Oh my!!

What can I say...

I am about to pull my hair out with all this computer stuff!!  Oh my! I am so not PC savvy...... I just use it and hope it all runs fine.

Over the last few days things have gone from bad to worse :(  It appears I clicked something I should not of and now my PC has something embedded in it and I now get constant advertisements.. everywhere!  Oh Jon has tried lots of things, specific removal programs and even taking Chrome off and using Firefox for a while.. now I am back on Chrome as I know this browser.  But still have all the adverts :(

Seems I have to live with them until Jon can find something else to remove them.  So this is why I have not been posting.... so sorry :(

I do however have some stitching to show you all :)

I finished my stitch for my mum... but am still to make it into an ornament.  The cording was driving me a little scatty as I could not get it just right so put it down before I launched it across the room!  I will maybe have another go at it over the weekend.

Here is my mums Prairie Schooler Santa...

I started another project....


A little more..

This is only a very small part of it... and if you think you may recognize it... well I have have changed some colors! I will post more on this tomorrow :)

I hope your all stitching away?

I hope to pop around all your blogs and catch up with you all :)

Happy stitching and smiles to you all :)


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Happy...but of course :)

Hello lovely people...

I am sorry I am late with my update but I have had major issues with my PC today :(  I was using Chrome as my browser and well it was causing lots of issues.  Jon being my PC expert tried to fix the issues but sadly could not so now I am using Firefox as my browser... lets hope this one works better.

Ooooh yes Friday was Friday Night Sew In... I just love it as its quite a surreal feeling knowing that virtual friends are stitching all over the world at the same time as me.

Bet you all want to know what I have been stitching?

Sure OK I will show you!

Here is what I showed you all yesterday ... what I started...

Then I carried on stitching...

Not a lot left to stitch now... just the green outer shape then its done ready to make into a Christmas ornament... for my mums Christmas tree :)  Mum wanted a traditional ornament to put on her tree so this is what I come up with.

If your not sure what the design is... its Prairie Schooler Book No.48 A Christmas Visit... I chose one of the Santa Clauses from there.

Well continuing with trying to get more iron into me at any opportunity I can, I bought something that really looked yummy today...Han spotted it!

Its called Nutty Super Wholefood Salad...

 Let me tell you all it was delicious... I really mean that.  Of course I am still taking my Spatone apple supplements ... I am hopeful that my iron levels are starting to increase now.

With all this extra time on my hands, I think... oh not about anything in particular... just things!  And well do you know I am feeling really happy right now :)  Do you all want to know why?  Oh its a silly answer really... but one that makes me smile lots.  Because I amaze myself ... its really hard for me to stitch, I wish I could explain things for you all to try to understand how hard it is for me to sew and stitch... I will try.

Well forget following instructions written or verbal... I find when people try to explain things to me they talk quick and I just cannot take it in at all.  Its almost like the person telling me is talking another language and I cannot understand them.  I find this with a lot of things in my daily life... I get really frustrated because of this.  So written instructions... hmm if its on white paper forget it! Even written instructions on colored paper I struggle with sometimes as I dont fully understand what I am to do... or when I am to do it.. sure it could be numbered.  But I tend to over read things and somethings just dont stick so I get frustrated.  

I am what you call a kinesthetic learner.... I like to touch and feel what I am doing and try to understand what I am touching before I do anything with it.  I learn best by people showing my and me trying at the same time, I have short term memory and a really bad working memory issues too so to be shown a lot of things and then to do them I just cannot do.  

So you see being self taught... everything to do with stitching, I am self taught.  I sat for hours and I mean hours teaching myself how to cross stitch, I wanted to do it so bad, I loved the amazing things people created and wanted to do it too.  I had lots of frustrated failures, but I never gave up.  Even to this day I still get very frustrated... and yes that means I throw  my stitching across the room!  I think I like it so much because for me its repetitive.. and I love repetitiveness.

So you see... I am happy because for me every day I stitch is amazing and I still cannot believe I can do it!  I try that is the main thing for me, sometimes its not very good what I do.. but that is really good for me as I learn form that... and next time I do it I have some understanding ha ha if I remember!  And with stitching every day is a challenge for me... but I love it!

OMG!! sorry went off on a tangent there!  I guess I just want you to understand a little more about me ... me the stitcher :)

Hmmmm enough I think?!

OK... happy stitching everyone 

Smiles :)