Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hello happy wonderful friends...

I totally forgot in my last post to wish all my friends across the pond a Happy Thanksgiving.... I hope you all had a turkey stuffed day! Such a shame we don't celebrate it here in England it seems like a fun tradition.  I guess it's a bit like Christmas here... The turkey I mean! Turkey and all the trimmings is Christmas dinner here.  Ha ha not that I eat it! I really have no idea what I am going to eat this year for Christmas? Last year I was just about eating salmon so ate that.  I don't do meat, that is why I don't eat turkey.  This year I have gone totally off everything... A bowl of baked beans at this rate! Lol ha ha yes yes I will post a photo! Ha ha no doubt you'll all laugh! 

Over the last few weeks on and off I have been trying to stitch the blue flower in my Scarlet Letter Mary Gail design.  It's been frustrating me no end... I stitch a bit, checked the chart and OMG! Frog and frog! This is what I have been doing for weeks now! Must of stitched the blue flower several times I think! I tried to stick with it, when I lost my glasses ha ha that was the perfect time to throw the towel in and quit.  But then I found my glasses! So thought ok... One last try... And I am pleased to say I actually finished it!! The blue flower that is!! 

Here is where I was...


I am so pleased I stuck with it :)

I still have an awful lot to do with this design... If you have not seen the design, this is what ha ha it will look like! 

So next I am moving over to the lady side, starting with that green leaf above her head.... Then down the side.  Every time I pick this design up I feel like shouting WOW! Ha ha just because it amazes me that I am stitching it! I bet that sounds silly? 

Something else awesome to share with you all... I made jon search the Internet for some time now looking for a free motion quilting foot for my sewing machine!  I have seen so many quilters make lovely patterns on their work I wanted to join in!! Ha ha like I would be able to do it??!! Ha ha 

Well the foot arrived and I jumped on my machine...

Yes got carried away! It's so much fun....

I loved it! Sadly had to get off my machine as my poor back and coccyx could only with stand about 10 minutes at a time.  So I will have to plan it next time, 10 minute slots with breaks in between! 

Oooh yes been quite productive!! Stitched the cute adorable design up I was selected for on FSNI... This remember?

Here it is....

It was actually a really sweet project and I enjoyed it a lot... Jon has been trying to get on the website where is come from to see if there are any others similar to this? Ooh that would be cool... I mean a little village? 

I was kind of experimenting with it... Played all day! Lol

No idea what look I was after, no idea what I was trying to do either?! Playing like I say! 

I should really take some classes or something to learn skills properly? I am a hands on kind of learner, a bit difficult when I am not getting out much! But it's top of list of things to do when I am better! So self taught will have to do! Saying that though, I am open and welcome to receive advice and tips... Oh yes!! Anytime!! 

I cut the squares then did triangles, arranged them in this sort of pattern! Then stitched them onto the adorable design.  Added some wadding or filling or something, not actually sure what it's called! Made a fabric sandwich and then played free motion on my sewing machine! Oh no pattern there either!! Just a whole lot of squiggles and loops!  I was thinking of adding binding .. Still deciding!  And I asked myself the sensible question.... What is it? Ha ha don't know! It is what it is! A sample play piece that was a lot of fun to make! 

Lastly I wanted to show you all the frozen pie Han pulled out the freezer! It was so sad she said... I saw it and burst out laughing!  She said it's sad as it we left in the freezer and wants to be eaten! So she cooked and ate it! 

Oh yes!! Ha ha I have not forgotten I have left you all hanging regarding my AWESOME news! Ha ha sorry you will all have to wait a little longer! 

Ooooh and eeeeek!!! I see some of my happy packages have reached destinations! How awesome! I am so pleased I had the chance to be able to do that... Made me feel ever so happy sending them all out.  And again... I am so sorry if you have not got one of my happy packages, as you can appreciate I cannot send them to everyone... There is always next time though! It was a joy and my pleasure to to do it :)

Until my next post.... 

BIG smiles to you all :) xxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

All gone!!


I am so excited!!

Jon sorted them into UK, and international... And other destinations!

All my packages have gone!! I had a bag full...

Jon thought about £50 to post them all!! That was worst case scenario.... It's ok I did not have heart failure in the post office! It came in just under Jon's estimate! 

I know it's a lot of money, but this is something I have been wanting to do ever since starting up blogging... 

Now you can appreciate I cannot send packages out to everyone that follows my blog, I would I've to, but budget really does not allow me :(. So don't be sad if you have not received one of my happy packages... There is always next time! 

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You for sticking with me through all my tough times this year.  Blogging and all you commenting on my blog has kept me going!  I have met some really lovely kind hearted people I now call friends.... Thank you :)

I know too much mush!! Ha ha 

Saying that those of you that will receive one of my packages, I hope (fingers crossed) that you like it!!?? Eeeeeek!! And by posting now I am hoping even the international packages get there on time? We shall see!! 

Yes!! Please let me know when you recieve one... I can cross it off the list! 

Something else exciting to share with you all....eeeeeeeeek!!
I have been so excited about this!! 

Well last month I was the lucky person chosen to win the monthly giveaway for FNSI... hosted by Wendy.. I am sure some of you join in too.

I think it's an awesome thing to do, as you get to stitch with other crafters/Stitchers all over the world at the same time!! Cool!! I have taken part for a while now, obviously when my health is ok to! 

Wendy hosts it from sugarlane designs... And the month I was chosen this was the gift!! Wow!! And it came all the way from Australia!! 

How cute is this,..

Thank you so much Wendy, I love taking part and this kit is adorable :).... I will wait a little while to do it as I put a light box on my Christmas list from jon! Fingers crossed!! 

Ok.... Must go, feeling slightly squiffy (not drunk! Light headed) so going to lie down...

I have some AWESOME news to tell you all in my next post... It's so exciting I am in shock about it!! Can't tell you all yet though! Sssshh.... Next post ok!!

Oh yes! I have found my glasses!! On with the stitching! Ha ha

Big smiles to you all :) xxxx

Monday, 23 November 2015

Your all wonderful...

Hello wonderful happy smiley friends..... Sorry I have not been around much, I have not been feeling so good.  Thought I would drop in and cheer myself up by telling you all my news.....

A little while ago I entered a competition on Lynette Andersons designs blog page, never thought for one minute I would be chosen! HERE is the blog page for you to go see all the details as I don't want to get in trouble by copying her photos! So YES!!! I am VERY VERY excited about winning :) ooooooh seriously excited!! I love all Lynettes designs and her fabric is so pretty... Eeeeek!! First I heard of it was when I saw an email ..... Eeeek!! I will happily show you all what I was lucky enough to receive when it arrives...OMG! It's coming all the way from Australia!

That is a nice piece of happy news :)

Welł.... Me.... Hmmmm not so happy things going on here I am afraid :(  

It seems no matter how hard I try to get better nothing is working, I am not ready to quit yet though! I have been feeling rather sick and so tired... On top of all the usual lower back/coccyx and knee pain!  My doctor sent out a nurse to take bloods off me last week and this morning they came again to take more blood! Appears on top of anaemia I now have vitamin d deficiency.... I am waiting for the doctor to call and explain all the blood results to me on Thursday.  I hope nothing else was picked up, I mean I already have a lot to deal with!! I will let you know when I do lol

As for my knee... Ha ha I had an appointment then it was cancelled and now I have to wait again! My doctor said these things happen!! It's ok I have only been waiting all year to see a knee specialist! What's a bit more time! Ha ha on the doctor front though I am going to see a skeletal specialist... For the pain in my lower back/coccyx...that is the 2 nd December! Not long now! Let's hope that one does not get cancelled!?

Right enough chat as I think this post is lacking colour! Here is something I made a few days ago for my mum, to put on her table with some Christmas treats on... I call it Santa scrappy mat! 

It's by no means perfect... Ha ha that is why it's a scrappy mat! And it's actually the first time I have tried quilting.  I hand stitched all the squares together first then when assembled it machine stitched the lines through.  I like the way my applique is not perfect too... It's ok as my mum likes it!

What else have I been up to...

As your all probably aware, I posted a little gift to Vickie at A Stitchers Story... Just realised I had not shown you all!! 

This is how it all started....

Then I had to decide what fabric to use....
Pink yes... But I was not sure..

So opted for something a little more Christmassy.....

I made the poodle designs, in a close a colour to all three sweeties.. Appliqued it on the fabric then attempted to make a little bag! For the doggy goodies..

Filled up ready to post...

I was thrilled to read that all three poodles approved the contents! 
Borrowed photo from vickies blog :)

Another one borrowed from vickies blog...

Wonderful!!! I also included a little gift for Vickie too... She liked my pansy needle minder so much I sent it to her! 

Oooooooh yes!! Some more exciting news for you all, Wednesday I will be going out!! Ha ha I know it's awesome news! Ha ha I will be using a scooter down town and visiting the post office! Eeeeek! I have a lot, an awful lot of 'goodies' to post!! 25 things in total! I have been waiting so long to do this and I am so excited that I managed to do it! Watch your post boxes! More on this later!!

Well got to go.... Oh yes, I need to find my stitching glasses, put them somewhere? This is why I have not been doing any cross stitch! I need them to see!!!! I will get Han to have a look! 

Smiles and happy smiles to you all :) 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Gosh time flies!

Lol I thought that so funny.... And rather true in my case! Ha ha aaaa
Hello wonderful smiley happy friends :)

So it has been a little while since I posted.... Erm.... Sorry :(

What on earth have I been up to? Are you curious? Hee hee 
I have been rather rather busy! I have been preparing 24, yes 24 envelopes to go out! And it's been a lot of fun doing it ..... You ALL will have to wait and see what they are!! Ha ha 

I was looking through some old Christmas photos and argh... (Nice argh!) I found a cute one of Han! Ha ha she will probably kill me for posting the photo but it's rather cute! And actually inspired me to make something!! 


How adorable does she look! And OH MY! How she has changed! Lol all grown up now!

And ..... So yes I was inspired by this....

SANTA!! Naturally! Well it's almost Christmas!

Look what I made! 

And a ribbon too... Nope!! Can't make a them! Han very kindly made this and many many more! Hee hee

I used gold thread for the outside... What a nightmare too! 
The back...

As this was the prototype (lol) I gave it to my mum! She was naturally over the moon!! I have never given her anything like this before! As for the filling... I put a Christmas spiced tea bag inside! So the warming smells of Christmas oozed out when touched! My mum thought it wonderful!! And yes she tells me it will have pride and place on her tree this year! Awesome! 

Yes I have my new new wheelchair now so the world is my oyster! Lol.... So I did manage to go out, just to tesco shopping! It was great to get out!!

Whilst looking in the home wares I came across this picture... Well Han and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing! Not really sure why, I guess we just thought it funny! Odd thing to have in tesco I guess!?

And of course we stopped for coffee!! Mmmm costa coffee has all the yummy Christmas drinks in now.  So I had a spiced gingerbread skinny latte! I only have skinny as I do t like full fat milk! 

Mmmmm and of course some chocolate covered rice crispie marshmallow bites too!! Mmmmm

Then the snowman selfie! Lol
Han, me and Kevin as we call hans partner! Her name is actually caterina .... Kevin is what she uses as a lot of people say it wrong! Kevin in Portuguese, oh knows English very well!! Lol I have not learnt Portuguese! Ha ha 

I am not looking my best at all... Still rather I'll but managed a smile! And yes they crouched down to my level as I was in the wheelchair! 

Soon time for a visit to the hairdressers I think! Just tricky judging it for when I am well enough to go.

Ok.... Watch ALL your mail boxes! 
Until I next pop in!
BIG smiles to you all :)

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Never mind...

Hello happy happy friends...

I tried and failed :(
What at your wondering? Pay It Forward! Maybe I will keep trying? Maybe in a few months time? I feel terrible as I said I would join in.  Jon tried to make me feel better by saying everyone must be busy with other things... Yes this must be the case! It's ok.. 

So today I wound myself up so much I really upset myself... Over what your wondering? Welł you all know I sent out another happy package... I had notification from the international tracking that it was being sent back to me! I then checked the address and OMG! It was my fault! I had left a number off the address! Not the postal code.... The house number! 

Oh my!! Jon tried all sorts to contact the postal service to advise them, but we were told it had already left on its return journey to England! NO!!! Arrrggfhhhhhh!!! So I mailed the person who it was going to.... Explained what I had done and said I was so sorry. That was earlier today... I sulked, oh yes I did! Sulked and moaned about it to jon... How silly I was to of missed a number off.  

Opened my emails this evening and..... Yipppeeeeee!! Some how, not sure how but it was delivered!! Eeeeekkk!! I instantly perked up and my smile returned! I will not show you photos! I know I am a tease! I will let the parcel receiver do that! Awesome!! 

So I am happy again! Lol

I have been doing some more making... Not sure why just felt I wanted to! 

Jon bought this book for me last year! Thought I would make something out of it! Lol

It's a really lovely book with lots of wonderful projects inside... Hmm some quite hard looking and some even harder! Lol

The design I chose is hard lol! I fell at the first hurdle where it said enlarge templates to 200%! Nope! Took me forever to work that out on the printer! 

So this is what I wanted to make... Nice picture in the book! But could whatever I make look anything like that? Hmmmmm

I have to sati am really useless at following and reading and understanding written instructions! I naturally had jon to help me, but I was confusing jon in the end! 

Here is what mine turned out like...

Yes I changed a few things... To me style! Lol this has literally taken me all day to make! It is quilted and I filled the instructions!! Go me!! Hee hee

What the inside should look like...

The pink pocket was the most difficult thing for me to get my head around! Lined and elastic! Hmm

It kind of looks like the one in the book!!   I really had fun making this, kind of sad now as its finished! Need to get back to some cross stitch now! 

Must show you all this treat I had last night! Mmmm never thought I would like it, but oh! Really yummy!! 

Lol yes it's resting on my knee... I was in bed!! It was my good knee! 

Oooh yes!! Some really good news to share with you all.... Next Wednesday (11th November) my wheelchair is being delivered!!! I am so happy!! It means I will be able to get out a little more often... Yipppeee!! And I also now have an appointment with the knee specialist!! 22 nd December!! Oooh great right! People,  well ok Han... She tells me things come in threes?! Really? Wonder what other news I will get? That's good?? Have to wait and see! I will let you know! 

Ok so I am going now... It's just after 1 am and I need to drink my tea! Ha ha I don't like tea, but actually found one I like the tast of! It's Twinings and tastes nice :)

Ok so until my next post... Smiles to you all :) 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Time to pay it forward....

hello wonderful friends I have something truely wonderful to share with you all....

A while...hmmm a long while ago... Sorry would of organised and done this sooner but my poor health got in the way.  As I am feeling much better I think it's time to do this.

Like I say a while ago I joined in of a pay in on a pay it forward event, how cool!! And I received an awesome handmade gift, from Cheryll... From Hibiscus Stitches blog.  It's lovely, as you can see from the photo!

So it's my turn now!! To pay it forward.... I would like to make someone something special, handmade by me.

Here are the rules (sorry got to be some at some point!)

My pledge is to:
1. Make a little handmade something for one person who opts in. International are welcome.
2. I will choose one person with the help of Random Number Generator; you need to be a Follower of my blog.
3. It will be a surprise & will arrive when you least expect it. You will give me your postal details after you are chosen, then I will have fun leaving you to wait be surprised!
4. I must make & send my item to you within 365 days. *lol sooner probably!*

To get a handmade gift from me you have to play too!
1. If you put your name forward to receive from me, you pledge to make & send to one or up to three of your own readers.
2. It doesn't have to be 'quilty' but it must be handmade.
3. You must have a blog. If it's reasonably up-to-date, it helps the person making for you to get a feel for what you might like to receive.
4. Once you have received your mail from me, you must post about Pay It Forward on your blog & keep the fun going.

Please only put your name up if you can commit to full participation to Pay It Forward.

Please clearly state in the comments you would like to join in in the Pay It Forward event :) 

I will let you know on my next post update who has been chosen :) 

Talking of hand made things.... I have been busy as you know, I have sent out some happy post to some people recently.  And ooooh I can show you one of them now as they have received it! 

Gaynor over at Stitchers Anon is a lovely lady and does so much for others.... I thought I would send her a smile in the post, you know just to say I appreciate everything she does as she is a kind hearted person.

Here is what I sent her....

It's an AAN (Alesandra Adelaide design)...

Front ....


Blanket stitching all by hand...

One of my handmade heart buttons...

I was thrilled with how it came out, I spent a lot of time making and stitching this, and am thrilled to say Gaynor loved it!   The hope was that she may hang it where she does crafts and look at it and smile now and then? That's what I thought anyway! 

Oooh yes!! I have been busy with Stitchers Anon designs! I have also finished the Primitive Hearts designed by her too! 

Here is the journey...

All stitched ready for finishing...



Mixture of front and back...

All finished and ready for a tree? Oooh but which

I also sent out another happy parcel, but that has not arrived yet, soon.... Lol I know as its being tracked!! Hee hee

Lol here is a clue from it! More of this soon!! 

One last thing before I go...

I want to wish Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs good luck as she and Team Twinkle Toes are doing their charity walk this weekend :)
Belinda is another amazing kind hearted person who does so much for others too.... So this shout out is for you Belinda GO YOU!! and Team Twinkle Toes...

Until my next up date.... Smiles to you all... Xxx