Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday 25th October 2013...

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Hello and OMG!! What on earth is the weather playing at???  Where I live we are on amber alert for some really bad weather including real heavy rain and very strong winds.... gosh!!  I think I need to stay in!! 

Today as Han has a 'study at home day' I decided to cook something different for breakfast...

Wholewheat pancakes..

This was my first attempt with rhubarb and strawberry jam... really tasty.

Then I got thinking... as I have pretty much a large selection of Tesco Finest yogurts in my fridge why not put it in my pancake!  So I did!!

Let me tell you.. I used White peach and OMG!! it was so yummy, very different with yogurt in but OH SO nice!  I am so going to do this again... maybe with some of the other flavors too!

Lunch... hmmm have to see later!

Dinner, sorry the name escapes what they are called!?  But they tasted good!  The is it before I wrapped it....

And the 2 wrapped ones I ate...

And one of my yummy Tassimo latte coffee's :)

So this evening Han and I went for a swim, I should re word that as she tried to drown me!  It was really nice, the pool was empty and we larked being us!

Then a nice chill out in the steam room and bubble thing (that word starting with jac... never spell it right so just write bubble thing!). ha ha ha

Back home now and thought I would relax more and do some cross stitch.  I have joined in a secret stitch and have to stitch something to send to a secret person in my cross stitch group.  Quite excited to do this, never done it before.

Keep smiling :)

Thursday 24 th October 2013...

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Hello world!! 

Today well......

Gosh my life is quite boring lately! hmmm

OK what have I eaten and done today??

This is one of those days I actually have done not a lot... apart from the usual collect Han, done a bit of top up shopping and done the washing and tidied the house and done washing!  Nothing very exciting at all!!

Breakfast...yes you read that right! ha ha... I did eat breakfast today.  It was scrambled egg with heinz 5 beans small pot.

I actually found this very filling and only ate a snack later until dinner much later in the evening.

My nut pot... a nice mixture of un salted nuts.

Then in the evening for dinner I had wholwheat grain rice with a small chicken fillet and bacon medallions cut in pieces into a chicken supreme sauce.

I dont actually think I am drinking enough fluids.. sure I am drinking coffee and the odd herbal tea but I dont think its enough.  Note to self... DRINK MORE!!!

Went to bed to relax early as my knee was hurting, and as I have an adjustable bed I was able to put my knee up.  It was nice :)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wednesday 23 rd October 2013...

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Another busy day today...

Did plan on dropping Han at college but was running a tad behind schedule   She ended up getting a lift from my dad... he saved the day!

Was out early as had to take my car for a service and then onto the hospital for an appointment with Jon.

Turns out it was not such a good day after all as we could not get the car serviced as they did not have a suitable courtesy car.  So the service has been moved to another day now. hmmm

Onto the hospital.. very positive outcome and things finally might be sorting themselves out?  Have to wait and see.  Jon had to have an x ray, the department was empty so I took some photo's...

After that we went home and I went to Aqua fit.  Yes Aqua fit!!  Something new... I really enjoyed the exercise and I have decided to go again.

And a little bonus afterwards was the fact I could sit and read the paper whilst having a coffee in piece!  I had a bit of time to kill before I collected Han so why not!!

Picked Han up and later than evening made dinner... nothing exciting at all really!

Omelette with spaghetti hoops!

Think I made it too big! hmmm What I left!

That was my boring day!  In the evening I watched a bit of TV and cross stitched a bit too.


Why is it that I still feel the need to fill my plate?  
Why is it that I cannot judge how much is enough?
Why is it??

This actually drives me a little crazy...

The fact I cook it, leave it and then throw it away... because I dont want to eat any more because I am full.

WOW... realized what I just wrote... I recognized that I knew when I was full and did not want to eat any more.  BREAK THROUGH!!!

Feeling OK... better I should say!
Taking a day at a time!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tuesday 22 nd October 2013 ...

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Oh such a lovely day....

Dropped Han at college and spent a few hours with Jon then I went off to college.  Doing GCSE Maths and Advanced English... enjoying it so far.

Its a long day a college as I dont get back in until about 9 pm.  There is no lessons next week as its half term... I would say yippppeeee but I am not happy about taking a week off as I will forget things :(  Sure I have home work to do... I will pace it out I think to make sure I dont forget anything.  This is maths I am rambling on about.

Whilst at college I ate...  not a lot of choice really.  There was sandwiches or sandwiches!  Just had to decide on my filling..

Egg mayo, rice pot and coffee

Got home and fancied something so raided the fridge for some cheese and yogurt.

I am actually 'testing' some cheese from Tesco Finest range as a campaign whilst being a BzzAgent.  Let me tell you its damn good! 

The Tesco Finest cheese selection had this in the pack..
Check out this at the Tesco website... click here

Now I love cheese, all types... yes I know its bad for me... but little now and then as a treat is good for me!! I did not eat all of this cheese... just enough with the crackers I had.

That is the cheese... but let me tell you when I tried the yogurt it was like I had died and gone to heaven!  Seriously really smooth and packed full of flavor.

I tried Tesco Finest Rhubarb and Champagne flavor ..... mmmmm 

Yes I really enjoyed that!

OK so that was my day... Tesco Finest Range made it feel so much better! ha ha 

Up wards and on wards...

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Hello all!! 

Yesterday (21 st October) was lets say an interesting day! ha ha ha

I had made a list of things to do as it was a busy day.... nothing went to plan! ha was I actually expecting it to??

So yes... I thought the gym was 12... it was actually 1 pm!  I did not get out of the gym until after 3 pm.  BUT.... it was good.  I am now working on a 2 week program to build my core strength up.  With low impact activities for my knee.  I have a busy week schedule... thought I would try some classes too!  Aquafit, boxing, pilates and circuits!  Dont worry I am not going to over do it... they are all low impact or slow activites to get me moving again... then I can step it up later!  See I will get reviewed ever 2 weeks now instead of every 4, I think that is SO much better.

After the gym we had to rush down town to collect a parcel from the mail post office... one that was delivered when we were out, and too big to fit through the letter box.  What was it? Nothing exciting, just a daylight bulb for me so I can do cross stitch in the dark!

Then it was straight around to the phone shop to collect Hannah's new i phone 5's in gold!  OMG!! I sick of her talking about this phone, you would never think she had had a phone before.  Well OK it is a nice phone but I have been brain washed now!  So collected that and then headed over to the college.  Yes the college as I was getting my hair done!  And Hannah then decided she wanted her hair cut too!  So luckily they managed to squeeze Han in and she got her hair cut too.

I had a tidy up and blond highlights put in, I like the color. Here I am!!  I so need to change my glasses, I think they look so big on my face now.  (Just taken today 22.10.13)


See what I mean about the glasses?? hmmmm

(me again!)

Whilst we were at the college I naturally needed to eat!  Seeing as how I had some how forgotten to eat all day! DAMN!!  So I chose a healthy looking pot of prawn noodle thing... its cold but very tasty and filling.

We did not actually get home until around 9 pm!  A long old day.  So I pretty much collapsed in a heap on the sofa until I found the energy to get into bed! 

Its all go again on Tuesday... I am in college from 1 pm until 9 pm doing maths and English!  So if I have time I will try to up date my blog when I am back, if not it will be Wednesday when I up date.

Just so you know...

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

sssshhhhhh - yes I am back!

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This as they say is a very good question!! hmmm

Where do I start?

OK I know its been forever since I last communicated... sorry :(

I will wrap it up quickly what I have been up to... 

In a lot of pain, in and out of hospital, waiting for physio, a bit depressed due to my situation and as they say lost my mojo... what ever that was!?  I think its because I have been out of action and unable to exercise, well even move about its been really hard for me.  

But I have said enough is enough now!! And you will be pleased to know I have pulled myself together.  I have finished with the feeling sorry for myself bit now, I am ready to move on.  

I can walk about, but after about 10 minutes of walking it turns into a limp, and I still cannot fully extend my leg.  After any walking it really hurts still.  Instead of sitting on my backside and feeling sorry for myself I realized that is not what I want! hmmm took a while huh?! 

Well like I say I am now feeling positive and looking forward in ways to help myself.  I went along to David Lloyd (where we have membership)  explained to them about how I have been feeling and that I need some help.  OMG!! Worthing David LLoyd is amazing... a bit of a life saver really.  

Tomorrow (Monday 21st October) as 12 I am meeting with a trainer and others to work out a program that will suit me, my injury and they are going to give me loads of help and advice.  I am over the moon with the support they are going to put into place.  Then I will go for a swim, then to the hair dressers as I am in need of feeling better about myself!  All in one day!!

Looking forward not back...

I will be blogging everyday again now, cannot wait to tell you all what happens tomorrow :)

Nice to be back xx

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Today is a new day...

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Where do I start....

Hmmm well my knee!  I ended up in A&E as the pain was too much as your all aware, then a nice few days in hospital.. some photo's!

This was me in A&E loving the gas and air intake mixed with oramorph! 

And this one is of my 'view' in the hospital from my bed!! ha ha a

I have been trying to recover at home, walking about with crutches is fun!  I say that as I normally bump into furniture and knock things off due to my dyspraxia but OMG try using crutches as well! ha h a disaster!! 

I have been recovering taking medication pain killers at home and now I am waiting to be referred to the physio therapy people to help get me up and about more. 

Apparently I have arthritis in my knee... now this was a complete shock to me and well I naturally blame myself for all the weight my body has had to carry over the years.  And who ever thought that arthritis could be this painful?

Positive waves over me as I know I have to stay positive... 

hmmm does that actually make any sense?  I am hoping you understand what I mean though?  Hope so? ha h a

Today was to be a catch up session and let you all know that I am OK and still alive!  I feel awful as I have not done any exercise in weeks.  I think this feeling is dreadful and I WANT and NEED the happy feeling when those dolphins get going :)

So you dont really want to know what I have been eating... not that much if I am honest as when taking the medication I am not feeling hungry and the pain actually stopped me eating for a few days!  Not good!  But I know my body now and it needs exercise... have to see if I can get to the pool at some point?  Not that would be relaxing surely?

I guess I am using this blog to reflect and move on from what has happened and say what the hell I am still here and I will carry on regardless!

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