Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Meet Bob....

Hello happy smiley friends....

Thought I would introduce you all to Bob, now I think you all met Bob mark one! That 'bob' is my manual wheelchair! But the 'Bob' I want to introduce you all to is Bob mark two! I name them Bob because it's easy to remember! Ha ha Han says I can't have the same name for both...why not I say?!

Without him further ado, here is Bob! Ha ha

Well you can just about see Bob! Yes! Lancelot likes sitting on it when I stop! As soon as I move Lancelot jumps off! It's not a very good photo of Bob.... So took another one!

This next one is a rather silly one, it's me naturally! With my mum and jon on scooters too! You all know I can hardly walk due to my knee, my Bob is a lifeline and gives me so much independence it's brilliant.  My mum has a crumbling spine and hobbles about most of the time so the scooter for her is amazing. Jon, well if you don't know, jon is my husband and in 2010 had a works accident injuring his spine and he cannot walk. I thought we looked like the three amigos all lined up like that! Or the wise monkeys! Ha ha 

Now that I am feeling well within myself again...that means no longer being sick! I just have to be careful what I eat. Omg! What I eat!? That is going to be kept for another post I think! 

I basically just wanted to share with you all that I am feeling better and it's brilliant being able to go out when I want to.  You know without relying on anyone to take me... Independance is awesome! Oh I should say I can't go out everyday... I still get tired and am still in pain from my knee and lower back, it's a balance I guess? But it's nice to go out 😊

Until I next pop in!! 
Happy smiles to you all 😊😊

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Want to see?

More on this stunning bouquet of flowers below.......

Sorry it's been far too long since my last post....

I have been quite poorly, had a short stay in hospital and had paramedics out to me 😕

Cutting a long story short I am feeling so so better now, not back to my usual self yet but getting there.

As you all know I had a giveaway recently... And the lovely Barbara from The flashing scissors blog was chosen. Yipeeeeee!! 😊😊

My giveaway this time was a little different as I made it a mystery giveaway!  I bet you were. All wondering what on earth I was going to send??! Hee hee

Me being me actually forgot to take photos of what I sent Barbara! Hmmmmm so Barbara very kidding after she received my gift very kindly took photos and sent them to me! Phew!! I can now show you all what I posted to Barbara!!

Everything in the box was wrapped! 

Everything inside this box was wrapped too!! 
You can't see the rustic box that well but it's really cute with sewing related pictures and words on it. And yes that's my stitching in the top, it's padded so could also be used as a pin cushion 😊

Everyone needs a mug like this!! 

And a lovely sewing stitching design! 

I tried to make it full of all types of sewing crafts.  There is some lovely fabric and Aida I included too...scissors, needles, buttons.... I really had fun putting it together! I am sure Barbara is going to post about. Herein on her log soon, she took many more photos so may post others on her blog 😊 I am so pleased after talking to Barbara that she really likes my gift, it's always the worry when I send something out! Wonderful!! Barbara was so happy with what I sent her she very kindly sent some flowers to me! Yes the ones at the top of the page!! 

Here are some photos of the. Beautiful flowers Barbara kindly sent to me....

I feel ever so special, thank you Barbara 😊😊😊

As I have not been myself lately I have done no stitching, no anything really! I am slowly getting back into it... I will no doubt show you all what I have been up to again shortly! And I promise not to leave it too long until my next blog post! 

Leaving you all now with a big happy happy smile 😊 :)

Monday, 1 August 2016

We have a winner!!!

Hello happy wonderfull friends...... Sorry in advance for making you all wait so long for me to announce the winner.

Thank you all so so much for popping in to visit me and for leaving wonderful comments 😊😊 I see most of you do lots of crafts, it's awesome! I love to learn new things.

So you all wondering who won my giveaway??? 

Of course your wondering!!

I basically assigned everyone that commented a number, 1-20 going down the names.... Then googled the wonderful random generator and hey presto the winner was chosen! 

Here is the number....

And number 17 is.....

BARBARA from The Flashing Scissors Blog!!

Yes!!! It's you, Barbara!! 🎉🎉🎉


Now you all know it's a mystery giveaway so nothing will be shown until Barbara has received it!  How exciting!!

Barbara please could you email me with your address, where ever you are in the world so I can mail it to you 😊 I am guessing USA?? 

How exciting, I hope Barbara likes what I have put together 😁

Thank you everyone that popped in and entered, I loved reading all your comments 😊

A special thank you to those that also spared a little extra hopping to pop in and see Hans new venture too 😊😊

Happy happy smiles to all 😊😊😊😊