Monday, 21 November 2016

Busy me!

Hello again! I am back!!

We have a quiet house again as Han left for the hospital again today.  Ha ha well when I say left, it was not on schedule at all.  Not out fault! Her transport was booked to pick her up at 6 am, it did not arrive here until just around 10am! Han was so tired as she had been up since 5am! I think she may sleep tonight! I think I am a walking zombie right now, see I never actually went to sleep last night! No idea why just did not! I was still awake come 5am when Han got up! I did however go to sleep when Han left at 10am .....but I only slept until 12. Apparently not requiring much sleep today! Ha ha 

With my day being messed up my food plan went out the window! And today I thought it was a chilli day but was not! And ion told me to eat the humus as it does not have a very long fridge life.  Ha ha so I have now decided to use the planner as a guide! I mean some days I am at a loss what to eat so I can refer back the the planner.  I am fine with messing up, I mean I am only human! Ha ha

So here is what I actually had today... No breakfast! 

Was chilli with mini wraps.  Incidentally the chilli is off the other day, made a huge pan and jon froze it in handy small portions. Go jon!! 

I am useless at making the wraps, so jon tells me! 

It went in my mouth, that's all that matters, right!? Ha ha 

Then later for lunch...

A rather special sandwich! Only recently found bread I can eat! This is a rye based bread as is really yummy.  I spread the bread with humus the put lettace and tomato inside....mmmmmm

Not feeling that hungry today, so that's what I had today.  Just as well as I have been like a slug all day and hardly moved.

I have managed to finish my mums table mat for her Christmas table... I did not pick it back up until I had done some stitching! I did not manage all the 7 words I need to do, I think it was 3 or 4... Better than none! 

Jon and I are off out on our scooters tomorrow, popping around my parents house.  So I will stitch more when we get back.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about which design to do.... I did choose one...

This one..

I stitched them all together...


Then come the hard part how to finish it! I added some fusing to the back then put some white wool mix on the back.

Lancelot wanted to help I think...

Finished front...

Finished back..

I am really pleased with how it turned out, my first Christmas mat!! Go me!! 

Ok, got to go, it's jab time! Until I next pop in, remember to keep smiling :) 


  1. Lovely Christmas mat, Jacquie!

  2. What a cool hexie snowman mat! Glad you found a bread you could eat! That wrap looks delicious.

  3. ohhh love that wee mat :) sandwich looks yummy and you can wrap better than i can love mouse xxxxx

  4. Your Christmas mat looks wonderful!! So good to hear you found bread you can eat, your wrap look much better than any I could ever do!! Hope you have a great outing to your Mums and you get to catch up on some sleep.

  5. The mat is beautiful. Well done! And it's nice to see you are finding things you can eat.

  6. Jaquie: Love the mat it is adorable I am sure your Mother will love it.


  7. Sounds like you're doing well with your food and all. Way to go girlfriend. The mat is beautiful. What a nice job you've done on it. Excellent gift.

  8. The Christmas mat for your Mum is so sweet Jacquie. :D
    I hope you have gotten your sleep.

  9. It's lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. Mums going to love that, its gorgeous

  11. Love the table top you made for your mom , so sweet.

  12. Very good job on the mat! It looks so neat!!!

  13. That mat is beautiful! Wow! I really have no words as I cannot imagine how you did all of that! Just wow! Thanks for the picture of your chili as well. It looks so delicious I ran into the kitchen, found all the ingredients, and I will be having chili for lunch this week. I love to make large portions of things and freeze it down for several meals.

  14. Yay you picked my favorite! Lol the chili looks delicious :)

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