Sunday, 31 January 2016

Creature comforts....

Hello happy friends... I thought I would share with you my space.... something different!!

Hope your all well? 

I am hanging in there! 

I am really enjoying stitching the wonderful Scaret Letter design Mary Gail and thought I would share my 'space' with you all.  Most of you know, but for those that don't... I am currently bed bound due to all the health issues I have right now.  When I first became bed bound at the start of last year I initially thought hmmm sitting/laying all day this could work out kind of ok! How silly was I! When your independance is removed it's hard to come to terms with not going anywhere.  Thankfully I have a wonderful adjustable bed... Feet and head so I can manage to get into a kind of comfortable position.  I have 'things' around me, a table at a good height to the right of me, I tend to put all my drinks there as I spill everything! I have adjusted to doing things whilst in bed... Ha ha rude! No seriously!! I mean stitching, eating... That kind of thing! Yes keeping my sense of humour is really important, it's hard some days but like I say I am hanging in there.

So here is a photo I just took of literally in front of me... My view ! 

Nice big TV in bedroom... I have sky news on mostly as I listen more than watch.  I have a Wii too, but. Not for me to get energetic! Ha ha no no no!! It's basically used so that we can log into Netflix, love just watching movie after movie.  Ha ha look at those lovely pjs! Ha ha my quilt is rolled to the left, Jon's side during the day, then rolled back at night... It's works! 

And my stitching station... Ha ha my knee! 

Since posting earlier I have stitched a little more... The lovely grape bunch and the outline of the hill... It's lovely how it's coming together.

When I stitch something not quick... Ha ha middle to large projects I like to keep everything together.  The little project box works really well to store all the threads for Mary Gail.  The little cubby square on the top right is filling up with all the off cuts of thread just from Mary Gail.  I keep them as I sometimes use little odd bits for a stitch here and there. Got my happy smiley scissors.. To remind me to smile! And if your wondering what the block is... It's not a cake! Ha ha it's something someone recommended I explore when stitching for a neater cleaner stitch.  It's a block of natural bees wax and it smells lovely.  I don't use it all the time, but now and then if my thread is looking a little fluffy I pull the thread through it and then stitch with it... Makes the world of difference.  And the lid of the box is a great stand for the key.

That is pretty much my world! Stitching and TV on in the back ground! Welcome! Ha ha

Until I next pop in.... Keep smiling :)

Friday, 29 January 2016

Are you smiling?

Hello my happy smiley friends.... It's the weekend again! Gosh they come around quick! Ha ha

Lots has happened since I last popped in, I am pretty sure you all don't want to be bored stiff with an update. Let's just say, I am quite sad and have a lot more to deal with. But if you really want to know send me a message and I will reply letting you know! 

Thank goodness for stitching and blogging!! 

So on the stitching front I have been busy... Yes stitched more of my bird project..

From this...

To this...

Then sad to say it went back into the bucket of dooooo! Ha ha well something else was calling me! And I have to be fair when stitching! So my attention went to the wonderful Scarlet Letter design Mary Gail... I love it and it takes my breath away knowing I actually stitched it! So I plodded on a little more with that..

From this...

To this...

So you can see it's coming along nicely... Mary Gail takes a lot of concentration from me, the stitches are tiny and I sometimes read the key wrong and end up frogging! So I only tend to stitch this when I know I am able to concentrate.  And boy have I needed to take my mind somewhere else.... Stitching is a pleasure and a place for me to hide in.  See when I stitch it's like I am in my own little world, sure I hear the TV on but everything else melts away and I enjoy the moment.  I am so pleased I have this escape.

I am sure stitching and doing crafts means different things for you all... And the love of doing stitching and sewing and other crafts have brought us all together.  It's simply awesome! I have been blogging for a few years now... Since 2013 and to be honest I write and post and never thought for one moment I would meet any of you... Your in my PC!! Oh I know your all real! It wasn't until last year 2015 when I was lucky enough to meet Sue... Kiwi Kid whilst she was on holiday in England.  I mean she lives in Australia!! What were the chances of that!! Meeting Sue was great, and for me it made blogging that little bit more real for me. Not sure if I am getting across what I want to say or even mean here? Hmm well I guess I want to say Thank You! For being my online blogging friends. 

And stitching wise.. What's next? Well I want to plod on with Mary Gail... For as long as I can this time around.  Then switch to something else I guess! But I am making good progress on her so I hope I can get a little more done.

I know what I want to start next.... And am so so excited about it... I have it on good authority that it's been posted! And should arrive here very soon.  Eeeeeeek!! More on this when it arrives! 

So like I say it's the weekend! So hope you all have a great weekend full of smiles :)
Until I next pop in! 

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Hello wonderful friends...

I wanted to show you the series I have been stitching over the years...

I saw these design oh so many years ago and instantly liked them, I bought some and over the years when I have seen more I naturally added to them! 

Here are the ones I have stitched, I have always bought them in kit form and loved doing them.

Sorry they are not very good images, I took them some time ago and keep them stored on my PC.  Here are some others I am yet to stitch... But will get there!! 

Not sure if this one is of the same set... But I liked it and maybe it can go?

And the one I am currently stitching...

I have looked and jon too... I think I have all of them in the set... They are really lovely and I am so pleased all those years ago I decided to collect them.

Ha ha in my last post I mentioned the instructions... Here they are for the bird one I am stitching! 

You can see why I read and re-read the instructions! 

Do you know I am totally useless at taking photos! Ha ha 

Ok on with the stitching!
Smiles :)

Pulling my hair out....

Ha ha I feel like doing it!! Ha ha but won't as I don't do pain! 

Well hello there! Happy smiley friends :)

Are you wondering why I want to pull my hair out? Ok....

I have been whizzing through projects and really enjoying stitching right now, but two days ago I got so frustrated I honestly did feel like pulling my hair out.  It's because I can't decide what to stitch! I know trivial right? I mean why can't I just pick something??

I looked at all the wonderful links you all kindly gave, thank you!! But could not decide.... I adore Satsuma designs, they are so colourful and have stitched a bird one recently.  I know in some of my English magazines I have more of the Satsuma designs... Ha ha but got to locate them! So they are on hold right now!

Then I took to the Internet.... As you do! And I love bees and gardens and hives and flowers.... I found the perfect design!! Ha ha but could I find it, nope! I seriously looked everywhere, jon did too! So take a look at the picture I am just about to put up... If you know where I can locate this omg! Please let me know!! Naturally I will pay!! I saw it and instantly thought YES!! So please help me find it :)

Here it is..

It's called Gathering Honey (took image from the Internet)

Did I actually get any stitching done? Ha ha good question! I thought about pulling something out of th bucket of doooooo... Yes that's it, I thought about it! Ha ha 

As I recently finished a house I thought ok... Another house! Ha ha this was another Little House Needleworks design, called Berries.  Jon bought this last year for me sometime, it came with all the threads too....bonus! 

I opted to stitch on 18 count white Aida.. 

My start...

Then before I knew it within a couple of hours it was finished! 

A cute design... Now to ponder what to do with it! 

Oh yes look at all the threads left over... Maybe I could stitch it again another 27 times jon said! Ha ha 

Or maybe use them for something else?! 

Then as I seem to be in the house mood.... Not sure how I got like that?! I heard something in the bucket of dooooo calling me! Seriously it was!! It's a wonderful design I have stitched a lot of this series ..

Remember this one? 

Yes I had already made a good start on it, hmmmm some time ago! So picked it up again and set it up in my frame...

And thought I would make a start on the bird house... Ha ha the white space on the right in the trees! 

That did not take me long to stitch... The longest thing about this design is reading all the instructions! Oh my!! The instructions are so detailed, I have to read and re-read them just to make them clear to me.  I can get back into this... I cannot wait to start stitching all the birds around the edge, they are so detailed and pretty. Ha ha and educational for me too! 

On with the stitching! 

One last photo to share with you all.... Ha ha my PJ bottoms! I thought the design awesome so why not share with you all! Ha ha

Ok... Going now and I seem to be in a rather giggly mood! When I was talking to Han on FaceTime earlier (yes she is at Caterina's until tomorrow) I was chatting and said I was thinking I had cabin fever! Haha you know where you just cannot go out and stare at the same 4 walls... Ha ha or in my case 3 walls and a window! It does get to you being stuck in one room 24/7 and being bed bound on top of that! I cope by stitching!! Much excitement on Monday! See I am being picked up by hospital transport and taken to hospital! Han is coming with me...oh don't worry I am not being admitted! It's finally to see the dietician/nutritionalist!! I have waited a long long time to go and Monday its happening!! Hopefully I shall find out how they plan to get to eat more and eat more vitamins too!? All very exciting as I say! Highlight of my week!! Ha ha 

Ok I am going now... Sunday tomorrow.... A nice relaxing day stitching I think! Enjoy your day and remember to keep smiling :)

Friday, 22 January 2016


Yipppeeee indeed! 
Hello happy smiley friends :)

I have something rather exciting to show you all....

Remember the lovely Little House Needleworks design I was stitching? Here is my journey... Ha ha excuse my naff photo taking! 

The chart...

Then off I started to stitch....

Finished and framed, oh not professionally.... I just 'stuck' it in there! 

I like how it looks with the pine frame, I am very happy with my finish.

I hope you like it too? 
I did like stitching this...but... Oh my word!! The house was almost torture! It went on and on and I never thought it would end! I had dear jon spurring me on from the side lines! Ha ha he was saying not much left, you can finish it! Go me!! 

I was thinking that my last few finishes have all had a lot of greens and Browns in... And guess what?! I am all green and brown out,.. meaning the next project I pick up I don't want to see those colours at least for a little while! Ha ha

I have had jon pulling out my stash from all over the house looking for a happy colourful design to stitch... I am sad to say we could not find one :(

So dear sweet friends, if you know of a colourful design you know I would enjoy stitching please leave a link... I will get jon on the case and spend my Christmas money on it! I do hope you can help... I need a colourful injection! Ha ha 

Oooh yes... Remember that Julie's name was chosen by the bucket of doooooo to be the next person to stitch the lovely Tralala design...this one...

Well I am happy to say that Han popped it in the post so it will be on its way :) I wanted to post it quickly as I was afraid of misplacing it somewhere.  I feel a little sad that I did not wait as I had no time to include anything with it in the package :( jon tells me it's fine as I have Julie's address and could post something later... This put a smile back on my face! So Julie if your reading this, apologies and I will get around to posting you a smile :)

Ok... Get your thinking caps on and post those links for potentially my next colourful project! I should say... OMG! Yes!! Not too big! Ha ha

Keep smiling until I next pop in! 

Monday, 18 January 2016

The bucket of dooooo chose a winner!

Helło my happy smiley friends :)

Yes it's true the bucket of doooooo has chosen a winner...look!!

Firstly I want to thank all of you that left comments... And would like to stitch the adorable Tralala chart... This one if you forgot!

I got to thinking on this chart and I would love love love it to be a travelling chart... Oh there is no time limit to stitch it, but once stitched I would love it to be offered to another happy stitcher.  What do you think about that idea? It does not matter if it takes the new owner 1 -5 years to stitch it! I would be happy just knowing that person would pass it on...just as I have :). And it would be so exciting seeing where it travels to...

So the winner... Dear sweet jon put his hand into the bucket of dooooooo and pulled out a piece of paper. Ha ha I took all the stitching projects out of it first! 

The winner is....JULIE !!! 


Thank you so much for your comment and I hope you enjoy stitching the design.  Please email me with your address so I can organise to put it into the post :)

And I have been stitching too.... I pondered for a whole day! It was a kind of torture as I wanted to stitch but just could not decide! I was almost pulling my hair out with frustration! Sweet jon went looking through my bits and bobs and found me a darling design to stitch...

I got started on it straight away!  A clue... Maybe you can guess the chart or designer?

Yes!! Ha ha it has my name in it! Ha ha my actual official name too! More clues needed... Ok

Surely you know now? 
The next photo will give it away for sure.....

Ok.... Here is the chart...

It's a Little House Needleworks design... I am stitching again on 18 count white Aida with DMC threads.

This is where I am now, yes been rather busy! You can see from the chart and what I have stitched I had to adapt it slightly... Ha ha to fit my extra long name in! I think it looks ok though.

And have to share with you all the latest food I am enjoying.  Ha ha yes! You read that right, I am enjoying it! Mmmmmmm

Petite pois in a bowl with just fresh cracked sea salt and black pepper... Mmmmmmmm.

There you have it!! 

Thank you once again for popping in to see me, I love to read all your comments.  Until I next pop in, keep smiling :)

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Would you like it?

Hello wonderful friends.... Ha ha it's true I need help!

Well your wondering what kind of help I bet?!

Aaarrrrgggggghhhhhh....... I don't know what to stitch next!! Help me!! 

When I say next, this is because I have finished the lovely Tralala design :)

Here is where I left it last time I posted...

There was not a lot left to do... To be honest over the last few days I have been taking things easy.  I have been so tired with not sleeping I had a day off! So thought I would show you all the finished look now.

Maybe from this angle...

It's really hard to get the pretty colours to show through, it looks rather dull, ha ha that's my naff photo taking skills! This is another finish to join the finishing pile.

As I won this chart in a marvellous raffle, hosted by Gaynor of Stitchers Anon.... I have desided to give it to someone else to stitch...if you would like that? The chart was originally kindly donated by Ingrid of Mii Stitch for the raffle.  I hope both Gaynor and Ingrid don't mind that I am passing this chart onto another happy stitcher to do? See it's such a pretty stitch I wanted someone else to do it too.

So..... What do you have to do to get your hands on this adorable chart? Good question! Maybe just leave a comment! That's it really! 

I will be happy to post this anywhere in the world to one of my followers :)

I will put all of your names in the bucket of dooooo ha ha yes I will firstly take the projects out! Then add the names of those interested and sweet jon can pick a winner :) 

Remember of course feel free to leave me a comment, I love reading them! But if your interested in this chart then just give it a mention that you are! Eeeeek! I mean I don't want to give it to someone that really does not want to stitch it! Ha ha I am sure there are a few of you out there that think it's cute enough to stitch? Here's hoping! 

Right I am going as I have no idea what to stitch next! Need to go and pull out some charts and see if I have the threads I guess! Ha ha 

Hopefully my next post we shall have a winner of the chart and fingers crossed I shall be stitching something! 

Remember to keep smiling while I am away!
Until I next pop in... Xxx