Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hello! really is me!!

Hello happy friends.... WOW! Where do I start? So much to tell you all....

I bet your all wondering what on earth my header is? Well something rather exciting happened....quite by accident too!  You all know me, how I love to create things, always doing something with my hands!! 

I shall start at the beginning! 

Unfortunately my glasses broke! Yes, they did...rather spectacularly too! 

How on earth I managed to snap the frame I just don't know!? So this happened and the opticians did not have another 'same' frame in stock..they ordered them in. Bearing in mind I cannot actually see without my glasses! That meant no stitching! 😧😕  I have been working really hard On the HATS design.... A little peek, this was me stitching watching my favourite box set! 

So no stitching meant I had to occupy myself with something else! I love doing wool appliqués, so thought I would have a go designing something! It's so much fun! I designed a Cacti and Succulent series, five designs!! And I offered them to lovely stitchers in two of my wool groups... Everybody really likes the first 2 I have launched so far. Want to see some? Ok!!

Here is 1,2 and 3! Little sneak peek for you! Hee hee 

They were a lot of fun to design and make up..... I have each one available in PDF.... That was fun! Ha ha Han and Kevin had to help out a lot!! As I am offering my designs free in the two wool groups I frequent on Facebook, I wanted to give something back..... To make fellow stitchers/crafters happy. If you would like to make these, I would love to send you a PDF! Just message me and put free PDF of cacti succulents! The last two designs are really interesting too 😊

Oh yes!! 'Jacqueline's Studio' - how did this come about?? It took me ages to pick a name, I wanted one I could use through uni too.... Do you like it? I mean Jacqueline is actually  y name after all!! Ha ha isn't it funny what I get up to!?

I have been working on some more designs, fitting that inbetween stitching HATS :) 

What else have I been doing? 

My tutor said if I do anything, to carry on this is what I have been doing! I love drawing, love painting... So much fun. This was from when I had my uni interview! I am counting the days down until I start at uni!! It's currently 109 days!! Ha ha 

Just got my water ready to start painting and look.....Lancelot fancied the water! It's alright he's not up on my desk her! This was on my bed! 

Here is my desk! Me being creative...

This is out and about in our favourite coffee shop in town. I was savouring my oat milk coffee before drawing! 

I adore cacti and succulents...

Even drawing at the bingo with my dad! 

I found this plant, really liked it, not sure what it's called? Maybe it's a weed? 

Here it it....rather large! Do you know what it's called?

I have squeezed a little 'other' stitching in, just a small project....been meaning to do this for ages now! It's a Kathy Barric design called 'Good Intentions' ..... I stitched it 1over 1 on 32 count Belfast line in rue green.

A little perspective whilst stitching...

And my own personal touch ...

I have been out and about too.... Yes to the local coffee shop in town, I seem to be frequenting there a lot! It's the coffee!! The only place in town I can get a coffee, oat milk capacchino mmmmm!! 

I also went on a mystery tour with Han and Kevin....a lot of traffic on route

Ended up here! A huge yellow and blue place.....

Yes!!! IKEA!! I love it there, could visit it everyday if I lived closer.

Also went out to Brigton on the 12th...Hannah's birthday 😊

Jon came too, so we decided to make a day of it! 
Loading up the car with mine and Jones!

Thankfully our car is MASSIVE! so we know they fit! Han and Kevin do an amazing job fitting them in....

Happy birthday for Han.... Can't believe she 22 now! Where has the time gone? 

Here I am! I wanted to share with you all my ever changing face! Lol and my dark eyes from not sleeping very well! If your wondering ....yes those are decorations on the walls! Han refuses to take them down, she wanted to leave them up all year!! So why not?! 

I think that rounds everything up? I will try hard to pop back again soon but I am stitching loads to get this HATS design finished. We are all going on a short break (one week) to Cornwall soon..... So exciting as we have not had a holiday in so so long, it's going to be brilliant.  AND!!.... I am going to drop in on someone for a little visit!! Nicola Parkman, the person behind Hands Across The Sea Samplers.... Eeeeeekkkkk!!!!! I actually get to meet her!! How awesome right??! Soon!!  Will tell you all about it! 

Ok.... Thank you for popping in... Take care until next time 😊


  1. Ah Columbo. I watched that program many years ago as a young one. Your drawing skills are so very, very good Jacquie. I LOVE your tiny finished Good Intentions piece.♥ Happy Birthday Han!

  2. Lovely designs and you are looking marvelous. Glad to read that you are getting out and about.

  3. Lovely designs and you are looking marvelous. Glad to read that you are getting out and about.

  4. wow what a wonderful post you have been very busy,your drawings are lovely,you are very clever xx

  5. What an exciting update. I love the designs and the paintings. Have a wonderful holiday.
    J x

  6. A lovely catch up. The succulents and cacti are gorgeous. I love IKEA too!

  7. Aww such pretty stitches ..I love all your projects so much
    Have a lovely holiday x

  8. I love all of your updates. You truly are a talented and creative designer. Please continue sharing photos of all of your projects. And you are looking great!

  9. You are looking great! So jealous that you get to go to IKEA and meet Nicola. Post photos so we can see the visit!!!! Love your drawings and designs.

  10. Exciting adventures you are having Jacqui, enjoy your week away.

  11. Lovely drawings and designs!
    My cat would drink the paint water too, but then it wouldn't be the first time I've put my brushes into my tea and picked up the water to drink either

  12. things are sounding good for you........except the glasses.........wished I could draw.......keep it up.......

  13. Lovely designs. I love the colours of your paints! And you are looking fabulous too x

  14. Looks like you have been very busy despite the broken glasses! I was told by the optician when I got my new glasses not to put them up on my head, which I do all the time, as that is the number one way to break the frames. Lovely to see you are all out and about.

  15. Great drawings! Oh, I think the plant is a Red Verbena, a wild flower, we have quite a lot of them in our garden ...... the butterflies love them! ..... and, we were only looking up that name yesterday!
    Love the personal touch on your stitching! You're looking good!
    Hope you had a great time away!
    Barbara x

  16. You are looking great! So jealous that you get to go to IKEA and meet Nicola. Post photos so we can see the visit!!!! Love your drawings and designs.


  17. Hi, Jacquie! You look fabulous!

  18. Jacquie, I cannot find your email link anymore so I am leaving a message here. I still think of you, and I wish you a Happy New Year!

  19. wow !!! it really beautiful so much.i like your good idea Thanks for the inspiration!


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    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..

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  22. Hi Jacqueline. I have been collecting your cacti & succulent designs from Calico Patch Designs. They have not posted design #5 that I an aware of and would like it to finish the collection. Could you please send me the PDF for it? Thanks so much...I've have a wonderful time stitching the first 4. You are a very talented artist. Thanks so

    1. I hope you have received this now ? If not please let me know.

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