Friday, 31 May 2013

My challenge....

I am crazy right?!!  But as from tomorrow the 1st June I WILL be giving this a damn good go!  Thanks to one of my inspirational friends :)

I will post here how I am going and if I am coping OK and how I am feeling about this challenge. Watch this space!!!

DAY 1 - 2 sets of 20s planks am and pm, ooh liking this!! I CAN DO IT!! :)
DAY 2 - 2 sets of 25s planks am and pm... I AM doing this!!
DAY 3 - 2 sets of 30s planks am and pm... this is tougher, holding it though!
DAY 4 - 1 26s plank and 1 30s plank -  a killer!! 
DAY 6 -
DAY 7 - 
DAY 8 - 
DAY 9 -
DAY 10 -
DAY 11 -                                              LOST THE PLOT!
DAY 12 -                                        Will try again .... maybe!
DAY 13 -
DAY 14 -
DAY 15 -
DAY 16 -
DAY 17 -
DAY 18 -
DAY 19 -
DAY 20 -
DAY 21 -
DAY 22 -
DAY 23 -
DAY 24 -
DAY 25 -
DAY 26 -
DAY 27 -
DAY 28 - 
DAY 29 - 
DAY 30 -

Han trampolining!

Here is Han, first time on a trampoline!  I thought she did really well, and we are going back again next week. 

I cannot take any credit for going trampolining it was all Han's idea.  And a GREAT one too!!!   I thought it really really funny when the instructors were chatting to us and asked if we were sisters!! ha aha ah ah a it was so funny!  And the best thing was when I told them I was 42 this year they all nearly fell on the floor!  They thought I was no older that 35!! ha aha  ha a SO SO funny!!  I tell you the more weight I lose the younger I will look!! It is funny :)  Han just rolled her eyes in her head... nothing new she says!!  They did not believe Han was my daughter and that she was 18!! ha haha ha a  got to laugh!!

Trampolining is so much fun, sure all your bits wobble, lots!  We did not care!  They were really good, showing us how to do things from scratch, scary stuff at first but we picked it up OK.  And OMG knackering or what!! Seriously we took a bottle of water with us, it ran out in the first half hour!  We were there for 2 hours in total, and note to self...take more water!!  I was sweating serious amounts of sweat, all from just bouncing on the trampoline!  Crazy!!  Can you tell I liked it! :)  Roll on next Thursday.

Its been a little while .... ooops!

Things have been just a little crazy here so I am very sorry for not posting.... OK so I am going to start posting what I eat again.  The main reason for this is because I can keep tabs on what I do actually eat!  And believe it or does help.

I thought I would start with what I have been up to...

Han and I wanted to try something different so my husband searched the internet for these! Yes they are balls!!  You would think buying an exercise ball would be a simple process... NO!! Were you aware that there is a maximum weight limit, or a burst limit?  Hmmm we did not know this!  So working out our weights then finding a suitable ball was a task and a half, thanks to my husband we now have one each!  Ok so mine is the blue one, and Han uses the red one.  I was not sure about sitting on it at first, I mean its just a ball filled with air!  Reminded me a lot of those space hoppers from years gone by!  We will be experimenting doing some movements on these... to be honest we dont know a lot about them, just thought they were different and would be a little fun to do together.  We shall see!!

Starting tomorrow I will be posting what I eat and drink, I am in this 100% so need to motivate myself!! Those who read and follow my blog, I thank you for sticking with me and I so pleased you have as you being there gives me my strength and motivation to carry on.

Going back to remembering why I started this, it was of course to losing weight!!  But by doing this even if I inspired one person to just change one thing, either eat a little healthier or  take up a little exercise has to be a good thing.  And that was my drive, knowing I may do that :)  Oh and me fitting into some wellingtons!

Goodness it been so long.... so sorry :(

I did come back though! :)

What changes have I made.... well, I no longer study with the Open University.  I loved it, it consumed me and got me back into learning again.  I dont regret studying with the OU, I have made some lovely friends along the way :)

Family is very important to me, recently I had to go for tests as it was thought I may have womb cancer.  Well today I am pleased to say I am doing OK and had a letter saying I am clear.  I tell you its been weeks since I had the biopsy and only heard today.  I have been so worried hence why I have not been doing much of anything but worry!  

I am not one to dwell, I know I am OK, everything is fine SO..moving on with my life.  Getting back to losing weight!!  Watch this space!! OMG I have some catching up to do!   I think with being ill worrying and other stresses I am a bit out of the loop.  

Last night Han and I decided to go along to our local sports center to a trampolining club!  Yes I typed trampolining!! I tell you neither of us have done it before so we thought what the hell, we thought it would be fun!! AND... it was!!

I did have Han here on the trampoline for the first time but for some unknown reason it does not like having 2 videos on the same page :(  So I have dedicated a page just for Han!! :)

This next video clip is of me on the trampoline, first time!!  I really loved it, I never thought I could ever do something like this.  I tell you something it makes you sweat!!

The ladies that run the trampolining are really lovely and welcomed us, we felt accepted.  And I say this as so many places we do feel out of place and uncomfortable.  Whilst doing trampolining we felt good, accepted and happy to be there.  We us both having dyspraxia our balance and spacial awareness is all over the place, we thought trampolining could help!  It did take a few goes to adjust to bouncing and I cannot move my head about, it has to stay looking at one place or I lose my balance!  But we can do it!!  We did do it!! And we both loved it!!

Its late now and I do need some sleep!  Tomorrow is a new day... will be posting EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth!! :)  And what exercise I will be doing, this will be a new section everyday as I will be doing something so I will record it.

I mean its not long until Han and I do Race For Life!! OMG!! got to step up the exercise!!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hannah's 18th Birthday...

It was Hannah's 18th Birthday on the 12th May... I cannot believe how time has flown!  

Hannah wanted to go and play Bingo for her Birthday!  So we went to Gala and played the afternoon session.  At first she found it hard to keep up with the caller and she was missing numbers!  ha ha it was really funny.

The funniest thing ever was when she shouted when she won a house!  She just really loudly said... "ME" !!  I nearly wet myself!  Her first win, £30!! Not bad! :)

We had Hannah's cake made by a local lady, who is very talented, the cake is just AMAZING.    Hannah did not want to cut it for ages, but did in the end as she wanted to taste it!

The cake is Hannah's suitcase, with all stickers from France on it and a model of her sat on the corner with her camera.  And the most amazing bit on the cake... the Eiffel Tower!  It took the lovely cake lady 3 days to make that alone!  Oh yes the cheshire cat too from Alice in Wonderland as Hannah loves that.

Hannah with her camera sat on the corner of the cake!  I did forget to tell the cake lady that Hannah had died her hair pink!  Oh hum!!

Cake!  And Hannah enjoying the cake!  It tasted great too... moist and yummy!

Hannah being Hannah!

With all her balloons! :)  Which are still in her bedroom!

After the Bingo Hannah and I then went to Chichester to watch the new Star Trek film in 3D.. AMAZING!!!!  Need to watch it again as it was brilliant!  After that we then watched 21 Again.. I think that was what it was called?  Really funny film, we both could not stop laughing!

Then came home and went to bed!  She really enjoyed her day... so pleased :)

Food... mmmmmmm!!

Today (Thursday 16th May) its warm outside, the sun is shining and I fancied a salad!  I love eating salad, so here is my lunch...

Its a rather big salad!  and I think I will only be eating something small later! 

OK so yes its got freshly sliced egg, lettuce, baby mushrooms and my favourite..... feta cheese squares with sun dried tomatoes mmmm

Ok so just wanted to post some more of my lovely salads I have been having... I love salad :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Another Bzzzz Post...

So the next BzzAgent campaign I am doing is this.... Free From range.  Its basically wheat and gluten free foods.

I understand that some people find these foods really amazing as they are able to still eat 'normal' looking foods.  They do look normal and I personally could not tell the difference, it was only until I read the labels I realised!  I was more interested in the taste of them and if they would benefit me, more on the health side rather than having to eat them due to having an intolerance to wheat or gluten. 

The one major thing that I did notice about these items, was the price.  Oh my, they are double if not more of there 'normal' equivalent item, such a shame.

Needless to say the first item I chose to try was Mrs Crimble's large choc macaroons!  Wonder why that was!!??

These were AMAZINGLY LOVELY!! Oh my word!  Really filling too, I could only eat 1!  I was really surprised at how nice these tasted, just the right amount of coconut and chocolate.  I could of chosen the plain variety of these but me being me opted for the chocolate coated ones!  The fact that I can only eat one at a time is a bonus, so great for an afternoon coffee and cake treat.

I also tried the Free From Pizza... this was a whole different story!

After tasting the delightful Mrs Crimble's large choc macaroons, I was really disappointed with this pizza.  I guess this was the one thing I was really looking forward to, as pizza is just lovely at any time!  I cooked it and cut it into finger size slices and my daughter and I shared it.  Now I had thought about adding peppers and mushrooms, but opted against this as I wanted to taste it as it was.

Goodness... it was very bland and tasteless.  It seriously needed a taste infusion, maybe some herbs?  It looked so nice in the packaging... such a let down.  Saying that though my daughter actually preferred to eat it cold!

Moving on... I decided to then try some of the bread, I made a quick snack of French toast.

This bread, Warburtons Gluten and Wheat Free Sliced Seeded is very soft.  It was left out in room temperature and my husband tried to butter 2 slices for a sandwich.  Hmmm the bread just fell apart and was not fit to make anything with, let alone a sandwich!  So I then decided to put it in the fridge, in the hope it would firm up a little.

It luckily did firm up, enough for me to cut into quarters to make French Toast with.  This was my version with freshly sliced tomato and cracked black pepper and sea salt.

This is my daughter take on her style of French Toast!  Just with ketchup!

To be honest it tasted OK, different with the seeds, I actually liked it.  Took a little more convincing with my daughter...but she did eat it!  Overall it tasted OK, and the bread did stay together when coating with egg.  I noted that as some other breads just fall apart.

Whats in store today...

Well I have this, I am thinking of turning it into a flapjack maybe?  Let you know how I get on later!

I also have this bread... not sure what to do with this either!?  Maybe search for an interesting recipe and dive in!?  So I will let you know what I do with this too...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Another Sad day :(

feeling a little sad as I have sold my little car I have had for 12 years :( Its just gone and now feel sad :( But then again am happy as its gone to a good home and the man I sold it too is over the moon with it... and I do have a new car now :) 

Funny really how we get attached to objects... my car I bought new, its been everywhere with me, all lovely happy memories :)

And now to build new memories with my new car!

I would not class myself as materialistic... I could walk away from everything that I have, but my car, I think its slightly different as I have used it practically everyday for 12 years.  Its been registered in 3 different countries with me and its been nothing but perfect the whole time.

But its a car!!  I do feel a little chocked now its gone, and I know I will miss it.  Its nothing to do with the time and money spent on it to keep it running... its been a part of my life, a huge part!  And now its gone!

I have been driving my 'new' car around from 3 weeks today and I really love it.  In some ways it reminds me a lot of my old car, which I love.  Many a time when I have been looking for parking spaces I have said my little car would of fit!  The car I have now is massive compared to it... but I could not go back now... even to my lovely little car.. nope!  I love my new car...  and really enjoy and love driving it!

So much that like I say its 3 weeks old today and I have clocked up over 1700 miles already! ha ha ha  That is funny! 

Dont mistake my post today as me being sad!  Oh no, not at all!! I am over the moon I have found a lovely chap to take my car.  Its a win win situation really... I have a lovely car and I know my car has gone to a great new home.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Signed up!!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Some exciting news!

Han and I are signed up for Race for Life!! eeeeekk!! 

Its on July 14th 2013 in Worthing.... its 5K, not sure I will make that!  We are not planning to run around, OH NO!! We just could not!  So its a walk for us!  But we WILL do it!! :)

Post photo's when I get bits! :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wanted to add this....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

This is how it will be...

Take it slow and one day at a time...

Some news... hmmmm

Well I have decided to 'give up' studying with the Open University :(  I really have loved every minute of it.  The people I have met along the way, the friends I will keep in touch with... hope they keep in touch with me too!

I have taken this decision so that I can have less stress in my life right now and spend more time with my family.  Life is too short to stress about things...  I am going to be concentrating more on my health and me!

So this is the transitional period... I am in limbo land at the moment!  I know where I am and I now know what I want now... so bear with me whilst I transition!!  :)

This blog has been a kind of life saver!  Its made me think about things, look at my life and think about what I actually want.  Its HUGE!!

I am not giving up...  I WILL get through this tough time right now... and I will come back smiling :)

Watch this space!!!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A sad day...

Well after discussing things Han and I have come up with the conclusion that we can no longer afford to go to sessions by The Weight Loss Guys...

We are both really sad about this as we really loved going, loved the people and the exercise. But we have made cuts and jiggled things and just cannot find the money... so it has to go.  

Han and I are not giving up on our journey, we will do this, but it will have to be 'free' things. And yes we are back to square one again... no help and still wanting help.  OK yes we had help, we had to pay for that help... why does things cost so much?  Why can they not be means tested?  Now that would be good, we could get help then and not worry about if we can or cannot afford it.

I do feel terrible, terrible because I really loved going to The Weight Loss Guys.  But if your in my situation, living on carers allowance and your husbands DLA as your only income, its very hard.  We had to juggle things about to make that work... but realistically we 'found' the money because we wanted it so much.  We did not have the money spare to go, and now things have gone a little pear shaped as we cannot juggle anything else about as there is nothing else to juggle.  We have made cut backs, cancelled things and are watching what we spend... we still cannot find the money.

OK so some of you are probably wondering how we have a new car, how we go to theme parks...

So the new car is for Jon, and he uses his DLA to get the car... its needed to get him out as he is house bound.

The theme parks... we have annual cards my parents purchased for us, to get out more as a family.  Since Jon's accident there has been non of that, but now we have the car Jon can get out now.  Family time is precious and as with Jon, being in a wheelchair is bad enough so helping him to 'fit in' and still be a part of our family is key.

Its Han's 18th birthday on the 12th May... I will NOT cancel this for anyone... I would sell the whole contents of my home to make sure she had a birthday to remember.  And who is anyone to tell me otherwise!

I am an honest kind of person and I guess I have justified things here... but that is me, how can we do something if we cannot afford it?!  We have to make the best of what we have... and I am working on this...

And to be totally honest leaving The Weight Loss Guys I am finding very upsetting as I really loved it and they were there to help us...