Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Goodbye 2016.....

Hello!!! We made it! Ha ha 

I thought I would reflect on 2016 positively then move into 2017 happy! I guess I have been putting this off as for me 2016 was not a good year. 

Here goes....


This was, putting it bluntly an awful year for me.  Come to think of it, for all my family! From the start right up to the present its been a roller coaster ride.  I want to try to keep this looking back to reflect positive but it's hard when you all know how hard it's been for me. This was mainly due to my ongoing health issues.  Goodness have I told you all I am fed up of being ill?!? Ha ha probably a lot of times right? 

I found out that my left knee is beyond repair, something I have found really hard to accept.  Not being able to walk and rely on a wheelchair to get about is soul destroying.  But I am thankful that I have a wonderful family, that care about me..and help me too. They won't fix my knee for ....oh too many reasons! I have learnt to deal with that now, with help.

Everyday living with pain is a struggle and for a while I began to sink, oh yes! I was sinking and sinking into depression rather quickly.  My wonderful family, jon and Han (and Kevin) helped me so much and I just don't have the words to show how grateful I am to them.  Oh but they know!! 

Over the months Han tried so hard to keep my spirits high, never once putting herself first.... And recently finding out she has fibromyalgia, it's awful from my point of view as I feel so helpless.  It was her idea for us to start to go swimming again.  A life changer that was!!! Thank you Han!! I really enjoy going to the pool, it's actually quite relaxing.  The water takes my weight, as long as it's not too cold I Bob about now for about almost an hour.  When we first started going I could only tolerate 5-10 minutes! After the pool it's into the steam room...I LOVE THAT!! 

The other major thing that's been awful has been my eating....or lack of it! Oh not through my own choice.  Developing food allergies has been and still is so hard to cope with.  Not being able to eat anything with egg, soya or dairy is a nightmare.  But it does not stop there! I don't eat fish or meat either now.  I tried oh so hard to try to eat breast chicken for the protein intake... I can eat it, it just does not like me now! Makes me rather ill.  Again Han has been amazing here, getting me to try foods and even researching vegan food recipes for me to try.... 

What happened? This was supposed to be a happy reflection!! Hmmmm

I have tried this year to move more, after being bed bound and stuck in one room for over 16 months.  Yes that pesky knee has been a right pain! The pain was so much it literally was too painful to move it.  I am not sure what's changed, maybe I am more tollerant to my pain now? Maybe I have will power to want more? Not sure? Saying that though it's not been easy, at first it was one morning out in my wheelchair and 3-4 days in bed with pain.  It's a little easier, I do still rest on my bed as its the most comfortabilst place for my leg still.  Having the freedom of a wheelchair is awesome! 

Not forgetting the amazing moment when I got my electric scooter!! Oh wow!! This was amazing!! It meant I did not have to rely on anyone, I could go out by myself it I wanted to!! Then we bought jon one too.... Freedom for him too!! We can both go out, together if we wish!! It's brilliant!!! 

Oh the best thing that I was thrilled about was being invited to stitch for Hands Across The Sea Samplers. I have always wanted to stitch for a designer, and this year this wish came true!! And oh, the samplers I am stitching are stunning and I am loving every minute, or should that me loving every stitch! Ha ha I feel so lucky to of been given this opportunity.

I think looking back the past year has given me the strength to want more... I do not want to waste my life in pain hurting anymore.  Sure I still have to live with pain, I have decided it's not going to control me, I want my life back! 

So moving into 2017 I want do something I have only ever dreamt about...something I thought never would happen. I want to do this for me.... I am applying to go and study a university degree in textiles and needlework!! As you all know I pretty much eat sleep and breath anything and everything to do with crafts! Why your wondering? Why not I say!! Your never too old to learn and oh, I so want to! Maybe I will set up my own business at the end of it....that's if I pass the interviews!! 

What else do I want for 2017? Not a lot really, to reclaim my life back and for more smiles and happiness to return to all my family.  Goodness knows we all need a break! 

So all that's left to say is....

And now onto what I have been up to!! 
I am still stitching, stitching to a deadline....the current design I am stitching for HATS must be finished by the end of January.  I am fine with this, not stressed at all... So if I don't return to update my blog until the end of January appologies now! More about the design later :) 

I did manage a little stitching though....
It was my mums birthday on 1st January and I thought I had already stitched her something...hmmm slipped my mind.  Not a problem I thought! So started stitching, she loves anything and everything to do with witches, maybe as she is head witch! Ha ha 

Jon found a rather cute design.... It's from Home Spun Elegance called Witchy Sampler.


Me being me decided to stitch it smaller! Of course!! I stitched it on 32 count fabric over one.

It fit really good into a nice frame...

My mum really liked it too! Phew!! 

I want to show you something really cute, it's a new diary I bought...ha ha to try to organise my life better! I can but try!! 


A doodle colour page! No doubt for the odd boring day! 

The pictures inside are lovely.  The reason I bought it was due to the colours...I love colours, all colours... I found it happy when I looked inside, so wanted it! 

And look!! I am actually using it!!

The only's rather large to carry about.  Jon as you all know bought me the adorable Radley bag as an anniversary present.  I think I need a bigger bag.....

Need to find a solution as I want to use this beautiful diary! Maybe jon will come to the conclusion I need a slightly larger bag? 😇🤔😉

Have to show you all this photo Han took.... Yes it's our car! Taken this morning!! Think of frost! It must of been really really cold last night! I love how artistic Han is even with frost! Ha ha 

Until I next pop in,....keep smiling :) 


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Happy you are looking on the bright side .
    I love your book so me , I love books you can keep your note's in and thats a beautiful one.
    Start off the year with writing all the wonderful things you have in life .
    And then on a down day take a look.
    I know how it feels to be so down , my world fell apart the day I lost my daughter.
    Weeks later I was told to look at the beauty around me and the things I loved and to write them down and there were so much beauty around and my loved ones .
    Enjoy your New Year you have such a beautiful daughter and loving husband .
    You are a very talented young lady , Love your stitching , hugs &kisses.

  2. Ah yes Jacquie, 2016 was a rather crummy year for us both. I hope and pray 2017 is a year of much improvement for us both my dear.♥

  3. Bonne année 2017 ! Meilleurs voeux pour toute la famille ! Send you warm wishes and lot of kisses for all the family, happy new year! Bisous.

  4. Happy New Year greetings to you, Jacquie! I hope the new year brings you better health, simple pleasures, enjoyable moments, and many stitches!

  5. Jaquie: Love the Witch, the frames is perfect it looks like smoke swirls around the framed piece.
    Happy New Year, 2016 was a trying one for us also.
    2017 is so far a good year I have been stitching lots since New Years day.


  6. Wishing you a year filled with better health and lots of fun and happy times, and lots of stitching and crafting too. Good luck with the interview for the course.

  7. A look back never hurts, but it's good to remember it's finished and you have things to look forward to.

    Love the project for your mom and the wonderful frame you found.

    Terrific journal too. I hope you have lots of wonderful things to write in it.

    Good luck with your interview - and your deadline!

  8. Sending much love and good wishes your 2017 is a great one.

  9. Oh I'm so glad you're going to the University classes! I'm really looking forward to hearing about it! I hope this year goes much better for you and I'm happy to hear about your positive outlook!

  10. Looking back can be good for us... it reminds us to keeping going forwards towards the light at the end of the tunnel!
    I really hope that 2017 is a better year for you and the family :o)
    Love that witchy finish - so cute!
    Hugs xx

  11. I think you did great job at staying positive in spite of a number of kind of crappy issues that you had to face.
    From another person who had a pretty crummy 2016, I send you many wishes for a Happy New Year!

  12. Happy new year Jacqui. Good luck with all you have planned for 2017

  13. Yes, 2016 was a pretty terrible year all the way around! I can only hope that 2017 will be better!!!! It certainly started off first grandchild was born last week! I blogged about it a few minutes ago! I hope this is the beginning of a fantastic year! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  14. Best of luck, enjoy the process, I am sure you will fly through the interview.



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