Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I am just so darn busy!

Hello wonderful friends, I notice I have a few more love,y happy people have joined our merry band!  Feel free to comment as and when you like...oh I love to read comments....

Easter is over....was it good for you?  Did you manage some stitching or were you too busy eating chocolate eggs?! Ha ha 

Oooh I think this year is passing by so you think?? It will soon be Halloween!! Ha ha

So yes been stitching...something that has been in my stash since last year, jon secretly bought the set of three of the series.  They are designed by Little House Needleworks.....So I started the "Over the Moon"... First one in the set....oh it stitched up pretty quickly really... I did a bit here and a bit there... Before I knew it, it was finished!!

Here is my journey....

I think I stitched this on the recommended 30 count linen as it come all in ...used the Classic Colorworks threads. Omg I just love the names they call their threads... Pea Pod!! Cherry Cobbler!! Hazelnut!! Cocoa Bean!! Eggshell!! But stitched really lovely too!! Fantastic!!!

Such a happy design to stitch.....not sure when I am going to stitch the next mind is kind of wandering, I feel the need to stitch pumpkins! No idea why, just do!!

Ooooh wanted to show you something, a little gem I found! Whilst standing yesterday and hopping to my commode I thought I would look out the window.  Well it's right by me, but I have nets up so don't really look out...

I looked out onto the ground and found some pretty flowers growing, daffodils and bluebells I think?  But oh for me such a treat being stuck in bed I don't see anything like that!! So naturally I took a few photos!!

What I saw....

Oh my photos are really naff!! A lot of the outside window sill..... But hey!! You can see the little flowers...ha ha and the odd reflection!  Pretty though and a treat for me!

Oh I have to show you all something rather silly.... I poked my finger with the needle and yes it bled a little so Han wanted to put one of her plasters on....hmmmmm well I just could not have one could I!!


Yes they are "Hello Kitty" ones!! Han is obsessed with the darn cat!! She has lots of things all around her bedroom... 

Something amazing now to show you all..... Han bought me a lovely balloon for Mother's Day here....well she bought it the week before!! We are all amazed that it's still up!!  Mothering Sunday was 15 th March...she must of bought it around 7 th or 8 th March....incredible that it's still up!! I love it!!

Pretty ingenious really why she bought was because previous years she bought plants or flowers they would die..ha ha she said I killed them!! Ha ha so she saw this...can you all see its flowers in a pot!! And we are amazed like I say that it's still up...ha ha and that I have not killed it yet!! Ha ha

So I think I may of bored you all enough?? Yes maybe!!
Hope your all well, making, stitching and creating?
Feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you :)

Oh remember to smile, it's good to........ Go,on!! 



  1. what a treat out your pleased to see that cross stitched finished I really like it too.........although the last is a favourite............

  2. OMG! You have left your bed, congratulations! Flowers are lovely and stitching is lovely too.

    1. You make me laugh!! Ha ha I have to leave my bed to use the commode, just at the end of the bed! It a 3 hop on the good leg to get there!! Oh sure I get a lot of pain bending my knee, it's awful when I make it back in my bed....takes ages for the pain to settle down again. But when you have to have to go!! Ha ha

  3. Your stitching is really pretty! Hope you can see those flowers for real soon.

  4. Ah, daffodils! They are such happy flowers~! I'd be forever sad in a world without them. Looking out the window is a good step I think. Such a cute little stitch too. :D

  5. Nice finish! Very pretty. A least you got to look outside, maybe with the bit of pain it was worth it. Yeah, those balloons never stay up that long for me! I haven't done a darn thing since getting home from work, just on the Internet! No creating or stitching..maybe tomorrow. Take care, Jacquie.

  6. Very pretty finish. Spring has sprung outside your lovely.

  7. How nice to see a bit of spring happening!! Look after yourself hop a long!!

  8. What a sweet, little stitch you have created.
    Those are daffodils and grape hyacinths(muscari). All your flowers there take care of themselves. Isn't that nice? So glad you have them to cheer you up and on!

  9. I absolutely love the 'over the moon' design!! I've never seen this one before. Love the daffodils and your bandages ;0)

  10. Over the Moon is so sweet. I really like LHN designs for their simplicity and beauty. I also like using threads with nice names!
    I wish I'd planted more daffs last year, they do look so cheerful after the Winter.
    As for the balloon, we had one which lasted an entire year! So this one may be up for a while.


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