Thursday, 2 April 2015

April fools day.......hmmmmm

Hello my lovely happy friends...

Do you know I really had no clue it was the 1 St April today....Han come up to me and did that old thing where you get a pinch and a little punch and Han said 'pinch punch first day of the month, no returns!' Hmmmm ok!!  Can you hear my mind ticking over trying to think of another way to get her back??! Ha ha


Yes well today our house was really busy... Bit like a train station during rush hour a few times throughout the day!  

First was my own carer that sorts me out in the morning...ha ha I think her mind was somewhere else as she kept looking at her phone.  I had to ask for things a few times and well the care just was not there today, it was rushed.  I was pleased when she left.

Next was the assessment from the care to to see about my long term care.  It's to see how and what they can do moving forward with my care.  So that was interesting but drained me as I was constantly thinking and talking.

Next was my physiotherapist visit.... She did nothing, we did not exercises.  I thought she was playing a April fools prank on me at first!! But terns out she had been thinking and says that the physio sessions were just making me worse... And she did not want to cause me more pain.  She was going to talk to my gp (doctor) and what is know as the po-active care team...well they know all about me! Ha ha. She was going to have a meeting and suggest my gp refers me back to the there are no signs of improvement and there should of been by now.  So ho hum....may be in for another hospital admission!! 

Then I had my dad dropping in and out....apparently we needed things, loo roll first then oh he was passing as mum had him out on an errand!  He is not in good shape, waiting for the heart test results.  We all know from what has been said he will have a heart by pass.  It will be in a hospital not near here, so not sure how my mum who does not drive, not sure how she will visit?  Anyway...worry about that when it happens. So everyone is just keeping an eye on him for now!!

Oh yes then the last person to visit was the lovely Red Cross lady...she helped Han organize the kitchen cupboards.  All the tins and jars of food were in the bottom cupboard and Han and jon could not reach them! So the nice lady moved everything ....and helped re-organize things in the kitchen.

So told you!! A right busy day!! 
Oh but in between all that I have managed to do some stitching today... I would squeeze stitching even if I old had 10 minutes free!! 

Here is what I did today...any ideas??

What do you think???
Ha ha this one is something I had not planned on stitching at just kind of happened.  See if I get an impulse or urge to stitch something I have to go with it!  Never stitched anything like this before so it was rather odd of me to even think of it!!

Please, if you like for a little fun....have a guess, what am I stitching?? 

Did I get bored with the grey and stop, or is there something else going there?  If so what?  Is it upside down? Maybe?! Hee hee I would love to know what you think!!

Do you know I have nothing else to share with you all...terrible!! 

Oh I am feeling fine now...I see the other day as a hiccup and I can and will with help get over it...your all wonderful giving me support.  I guess it's only natural that I will have up and down days stuck in this bed.

I want to Thank You all for sticking with me, and helping me through this tough time... I really appreciate it.

I hope your April fools day was not too bad... 

Happy smiling and creating/stitching...



  1. Hm... it looks like a tombstone... is it for our April Halloween SAL with Jo?
    Evalina, This and that...

  2. I think it might be an Easter egg upside down....or a cracked egg maybe with a chicky in it?? Good to hear the physio is looking after you and the red Cross lady sounds like a god send for you all! Happy Easter.

  3. Oh dear what a day for you , hope today is a better one.
    Could be a easter basket or egg upside down or an igloo , ha .
    Have a happy day.

  4. This time I'd say it's definitely something Halloween!!!

  5. What a lovely gift you are being sent, that'll keep you busy. So good to read you are feeling brighter after your low day.
    No idea what you are stitching, a few ideas like the other commenters, will have to wait for the reveal.

  6. Wow that does sound like a busy day but it must of been a nice change to have a few people pop in.

    I have no clue what you're working on!

  7. I could just hug the Red Cross Lady for you also. What a BIG blessing she is!


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