Saturday, 27 August 2016

Want to see?

More on this stunning bouquet of flowers below.......

Sorry it's been far too long since my last post....

I have been quite poorly, had a short stay in hospital and had paramedics out to me πŸ˜•

Cutting a long story short I am feeling so so better now, not back to my usual self yet but getting there.

As you all know I had a giveaway recently... And the lovely Barbara from The flashing scissors blog was chosen. Yipeeeeee!! 😊😊

My giveaway this time was a little different as I made it a mystery giveaway!  I bet you were. All wondering what on earth I was going to send??! Hee hee

Me being me actually forgot to take photos of what I sent Barbara! Hmmmmm so Barbara very kidding after she received my gift very kindly took photos and sent them to me! Phew!! I can now show you all what I posted to Barbara!!

Everything in the box was wrapped! 

Everything inside this box was wrapped too!! 
You can't see the rustic box that well but it's really cute with sewing related pictures and words on it. And yes that's my stitching in the top, it's padded so could also be used as a pin cushion 😊

Everyone needs a mug like this!! 

And a lovely sewing stitching design! 

I tried to make it full of all types of sewing crafts.  There is some lovely fabric and Aida I included too...scissors, needles, buttons.... I really had fun putting it together! I am sure Barbara is going to post about. Herein on her log soon, she took many more photos so may post others on her blog 😊 I am so pleased after talking to Barbara that she really likes my gift, it's always the worry when I send something out! Wonderful!! Barbara was so happy with what I sent her she very kindly sent some flowers to me! Yes the ones at the top of the page!! 

Here are some photos of the. Beautiful flowers Barbara kindly sent to me....

I feel ever so special, thank you Barbara 😊😊😊

As I have not been myself lately I have done no stitching, no anything really! I am slowly getting back into it... I will no doubt show you all what I have been up to again shortly! And I promise not to leave it too long until my next blog post! 

Leaving you all now with a big happy happy smile 😊 :)


  1. Great gifts and Barbara was so kind to send you so beautiful flowers back!Keep it up and feel better soon!Hugs AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Sorry you have not been feeling well. Hope this finds you feeling much better.

  3. Oh Jacquie. I was so sad to read of the hospital again. I am glad you are home. I am praying for you dear.♥
    Your package is so very nice!! And what lovely flowers you were given!

  4. Glad you're feeling some better; keep doing what the doctor says to keep improving. You sent such a beautiful gift. I'm sure Barbara was thrilled - as she showed with those lovely flowers. A personal note - thank you for changing your blog background. I can read it easily now! Joy!

  5. Nice to see you back! The flowers are gorgeous and a great way to thank you for the fantastic gift you sent Barbara too.

  6. You both received beautiful gifts. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well again, but delighted you are on the road to recovery. You put together a wonderful giveaway and Barbara was obviously thrilled. Such beautiful flowers as a thank you.

  8. Lovely to see you back πŸ˜€sorry to hear you have not been well but good to hear you are recoverng and getting back to normal. I am still writing in the journal, taking it to NZ today and will get it finished and in the mail...sorry to have been so slow!!! Those flowers are beautiful and the present you sent was amazing!

  9. No wonder Barbara sent you these beautiful flower..the package you sent is much love and thought in it.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  10. So happy to hear you are feeling better. I really miss your fun posts. That giveaway was so generous and thoughtfully put together. Barbara is so lucky. I hope you continue to recover and feel better.

  11. Sorry you have not been so well but hoping you are much better now.
    You have such a kind heart the gift you sent to Barbara is beautiful.
    And the flowers she sent back to you are beautiful love the colours.

  12. Hope you feel better soon. An amazing gift for Barbara, and a beautiful bunch of flowers!

  13. Hi Jacquie,
    I'm so pleased to hear you are feeling a little better. As you already know, I was over the moon to receive your very generous gift! And so happy to see that the flowers arrived safely! They looked very nice, thank you for showing them, as I feared they wouldn't look as good as good as the photo in the book when I choose them at our florist, and I'm happy to see they are!
    Hugs, Barbara xxx

  14. What a lovely package you put together for Barbara and gorgeous flowers you received too!
    Sorry to hear you've been ill again. Hope you get back to feeling like yourself soon.

  15. Awesome gift and beautiful flowers :)


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