Monday, 1 August 2016

We have a winner!!!

Hello happy wonderfull friends...... Sorry in advance for making you all wait so long for me to announce the winner.

Thank you all so so much for popping in to visit me and for leaving wonderful comments 😊😊 I see most of you do lots of crafts, it's awesome! I love to learn new things.

So you all wondering who won my giveaway??? 

Of course your wondering!!

I basically assigned everyone that commented a number, 1-20 going down the names.... Then googled the wonderful random generator and hey presto the winner was chosen! 

Here is the number....

And number 17 is.....

BARBARA from The Flashing Scissors Blog!!

Yes!!! It's you, Barbara!! 🎉🎉🎉


Now you all know it's a mystery giveaway so nothing will be shown until Barbara has received it!  How exciting!!

Barbara please could you email me with your address, where ever you are in the world so I can mail it to you 😊 I am guessing USA?? 

How exciting, I hope Barbara likes what I have put together 😁

Thank you everyone that popped in and entered, I loved reading all your comments 😊

A special thank you to those that also spared a little extra hopping to pop in and see Hans new venture too 😊😊

Happy happy smiles to all 😊😊😊😊


  1. Congratulations to Barbara!!!

  2. Congratulations to Barbara! Hope Han's new venture is going well.

  3. Good for Barbara! :D I hope things are going well for you Jacquie.

  4. Congratulation Barbara!
    What about you Jacquie? Are you feeling better?

  5. Congrats to Barbara, what a surprise she will have.

  6. Congratulations to Barbara!
    I ordered some cards from Han, using my special "I'm a friend of your Mum" discount code, eagerly awaiting them now

  7. How lucky is Barbara! Can hardly wait to see her surprise package.

  8. Congratulations to Barbara! Looking forward to seeing her surprise. Hope you are continuing to do well.

  9. Barbara you are so lucky, I am excited to see what she gets.



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