Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hello happy friends :)

Oh my!! 

Firstly thank you so so much for all your lovely comments on my last post :)

I had an email from the RSN regarding attending their open day on the 14 December... For me it's a bit dissapointing but they are having some refurbishments done and in my wheelchair I would not be able to access all the areas I needed to.  Only a minor set back! I am not giving up quite yet! I see this as another Cinderella says.... I shall go to the ball! Ha ha you know what I mean! 

I have been trying to keep busy, stitching still for HATS, I am patiently waiting for the go ahead to show you all my latest finished sampler...soon!!  I have started another design, this one is a little more challenging, awesome! Ha ah I think it's brilliant and am loving every minute! Cannot wait to show you all this one it's really lovely and quite unusual too.

I have been busy with the next one stitch club's so much fun :) if you missed me telling you what it is, sorry :( I shall explain quickly....
Jon signed me up to a wonderful club that is so much fun.  Basically Kathy Schmitz releases one design a month for this special club and I get to stitch them!! Here is the link to join, you still can if you want to....

 Last month was those rather cute squirrels....

This month....

Here is what I stitched, I used dmc variegated thread 4130 :) 


I actually managed to finish it too!! First time trying this way too...

What do you think?? I really like it and am pleased with the outcome :) 

Jon, yes sweet dear jon gave me an early Christmas only because I could not wait! Ha ah I shall explain.... Well I have been surviving with a really old phone, a 3GS iPhone! Han calls is my brick! Ha ah well slowly it's been dying on me! It has, honest! I would call people and nothing, no noise, no tone...nothing!! So a new phone was needed! Eeeeeek! Now I have jumped to a really more modern sensitive phone and boy it's awesome!! 
Here is the little beauty! 

It's an iPhone 7 in rose gold and I love it! Han had to educate me a little as its very different to my 3GS! To be honest I am still learning! Some things are similar with my I am not totally in the dark! 

That's all I have got for no.... Keep smiling until I next pop in :) 


  1. Looking forward to seeing the sampler. Great new phone!

  2. Congrats on the new phone. I love mine....and you will, too! Maybe we could FaceTime sometime? Anyway, lovely stitching and looking forward to seeing your sampler.

  3. Sweet, little birdie you created Jacquie.

  4. Love the thread used on the new pattern and what a great way to finish it.

    Have fun with your new phone!

  5. lovely bird , and nice phone enjoy.

  6. Great choice of phone lol I have the same exact one! Pretty stitching and finishing as well.

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