Sunday, 18 December 2016

Not long now.....

It's not long now..... What for? Not long until Santa comes!!! Eeeeeeeek!!!!! Who's excited?? Ha ha me!!


It's almost Christmas Day...shocking!! The days have just flown by... Have you done all your shopping? I think we have literally just finished, so many lovely things to buy out there! 

Have to share some silly photos with you all.... I was stitching in the early hours a few days ago, as I do! And jon sneakily took this photo!! 

Why not?? I was getting into the festive mood!! Ha ha 

I have had no time to do any dedicated Christmas stitching this year so I want to share with you all a lovely design i made back in 2014!!   It's a Blue Ribbon design from Just Cross Stitch magazine 2014 Christmas ornament issue. It's called "Wonderland Wish" with a few little changes by me :) 



I loved making this, it was if I remember the first time making a hard hanging ornament.  Also a first making the twisted trim, I used the same threads I used in the design. Lots of firsts!! I love all of Belindas Christmas ornaments, I think for next Christmas I am going to make more of an effort and make more of these!! 

Oh yes! And seeing as we are taking a little trip down memory is something else I created for Christmas, I think last year. It's from a Rico book called Feliz Navidad.

Do you remember this one? I made all the cute little buttons too :) and yes!! Another first!! First time of making a wall hanging to display my stitching! 

I have been really busy with stitching, yes another HATS design!! So not a lot of 'other ' things going on really.

Remember jon gave me my Christmas present early....the wonderful amazing new iPhone 7.... I have been getting used to it and I love it!! My previous phone was an iPhone 3GS and I thought that was good! Ha ha no going back now! So knowing how accident prone I am! Jon also ordered me an otter box! I have one on my iPad now, yes it's protected too now! One smashed iPad is quite enough! Ha ha  My iPhone 7 is actually really slim and I find slippy in my hands so a case for it seemed a good idea! Here it is...

I think it's wonderful, much nicer than just black! I have it on my phone now and it looks and feels really nice.  I feel better knowing its protected too! 

Whilst out with Han...I think going to hobby craft....week! Something to share with you all from their! Anyway....out and about, Han took this! Made me chuckle!! Ha ha

Oooooooh yes!! Hobby craft..... Han and I, erm....who else! Ha ha well we got a great deal..... On anchor tapestry wools.  What do we want those for? Good question....all will become clear in another post, maybe early next year! 

Han took this photo of me next to our car after shopping in hobby craft...and yes! That is the till receipt! Ha ha the poor lady on the till had to put each one through separately. In case your wondering no I am not walking about, wish I was.... Han had just moved the wheelchair so I can get into the car when she thought it would be a great time for a photo! Ha ha 

Inside the bag....

Oh we are going to have so much fun with these!! 

I have been opening my lovely Haribo advent calendar daily, it's been wonderful....mmmmm!! This was so cute I had to show you all :) 

Do you have an advent calendar? Love mine!! 

Oooooh I have something else exciting to share with you all.... 2017 I AM going to start an amazing project, yes the book!! Enchanted Garden, the one I mentioned a few blogs ago! It's going to be possible now as I have gathered all the fabrics and wools I need!! Eeeekkk!! 


The wools are from Moda and I love them! Yes! Another find by jon! Go jon!!! It's going to be my 2017 year long project...ha ha I think I need all year to make it! I want it to be a lovely heirloom to pass down to Han and for her to cherish it.  I will make the panels, I have to ask a rather lovely designer... One who loves to quilt and sew too! If she would kindly quilt it for me!? I hope she will, I will ask nearer the time as at this stage I have no idea how long it's going to take me to make! It's an amazing design and going to be a massive challenge for me....I can do this, right?! 

A little message to you all.....

Until I next pop in, take care, smile and ......



  1. What a fun post to read, Jacquie! I love your BRD ornament. Lovely bag of floss you have. Have a joyous holiday season!

  2. Great post Jacquie, love the chicken hat, that made me laugh!!! Great shopping for all those threads..looking forward to seeing that project!! Like the look of your book too.I do not have an advent calendar but had one with teas a few years ago which was great. Happy Christmas to you all...may you have much fun and laughter. All the best for 2017.

  3. You are quite fun Jacquie! What a hat! What a bag of tapestry wools! I am so very, very intrigued by this! Merry, Merry Christmas to you all! ♥

  4. Such a funny photo with the turkey on your head! And I loved all the other photos too!Hope you have a great holiday!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. looks like you are enjoying your days. Love the turkey hat by the way. Good luck with your 2017 year long project. I really want to see your progress on that one.

  6. Merry Christmas Jaquie: Looks like that till receipt is a big one so sweet.
    I love the turkey hat what a hoot, so cute, I too get up sometimes in the middle of the night to stitch.

    Merry Christmas

  7. OMG you crack me up with your head do you even find things like
    OMG that is one long receipt.........happy stitching.........

  8. Yay great post! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Good luck with the project I'm excited to watch your progress!

  9. Love your picture, so festive!!! Your finishes look lovely and wow, what a haul!

  10. A very proud moment for your Jacqui, beautiful stitching on the sampler, you should be very proud of the back of your work, its amazing



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