Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Angels are real......

Well I think stitching ones are!! 

Hello my wonderful friends.....thank you firstly so much for supporting me and giving me so many tips and bits of advice.  I really appreciate it.  Yesterday was a really low day for me... I tried to get out of it, I could not sleep so was surfing around...checked my mail and WOW!!!! 

The WOW!! Is for an amazing email I had....one I literally was in shock over.  It appears I have a wonderful stitching angel that was looking out for me and wanted me to 'cheer up' !  So this angel (person!) did the most generous thing ever.  I have been told by her to stop being in shock as its not good for my knee! Ha ha

Do you remember when I wandered around the HAED website wondering what everyone was looking at?! And I found those lovely, no stunning designs?  And my favourite being the William Morris design called The Strawberry Thief....its stunning.

This one....

I am excited to say my stitching angel gifted me the design, fabric and all the threads.... Like I say I was stunned and shocked! Oh and let's not forget...it's my very first HAED!!! Eeeekk!!

And now you see why instantly my mood lifted..and this stitching angel? You all know her, I cannot do the linking thing to her blog as I am on my iPad.  The lovely kind hearted person is Evalina ... Hope I spelled that right?  Such an unusual name too.... Love to know where that comes from.

So now I thought I would stitch this HAED and maybe as its massive and will no doubt take me forever I should be on the road to recovery?! It's a good marker I think...and will help me through all those tough days... I think this was the reasoning around it and why it was gifted to me.  To help me, hoping I would get back to my happy self again.

Let me tell you, it was perfect timing as I was starting to slip into the dark depths of depression... I don't say this lightly, it been really hard.  I put a brave face on when my family visit, but I am really emotional at the moment...ha this is not right, I can usually, normally get though the day without bursting into tears several times throughout the day.  So you see I know I am on that slope....and this gift is pulling me back out.  I see it as hope... Hope that once finished I may be on that road of recovery...any thing more and it's a bonus!!

I will post more about this when everything arrives :). Eeeeeeeekkkk!!!! So exciting!!!

Ok...back to now!

I have finished, yes finished a stitch!  The lovely LHN design "Welcome Spring" stitched with Classic Colorworks new threads and two DMC threads.....stitched on 14 count sky blue Aida.....is finished!!

Here is my stitching journey...

That is it completed!! I loved it....I especially loved the thread that I stitched the sheep fleece with.....it's called ' Shabby Sheep' .... How wonderful is that!!! Brilliant!!

Han and jon were in the kitchen.....cooking.....

It was a joint effort this evening, jon and Han both cooked dinner...naturally their version had less veg and chicken!! Me I love veg and do not eat meat!!

This is vegetable curry with noodles!  I loved it lots...and Han tells me I can have it for lunch tomorrow as there is heaps left!! Ha ha 

Well .... Goimg now as I have to find a stitch to keep me occupied to do until all my things turn up for the HAED .  Did I say thank you?  Well thank you my sweet stitching angel :) xx

Ok happy doing what ever your doing! Ha ha 

Smiles to you all xx


  1. Oh wow that's so great! That's an amazing haul to be gifted! If you need any help with the design just let me know I'd be happy to help :)

  2. We are your friends and we do care...

  3. Such a lovely gift. Great job on your stitching. Congrats on your finish.

  4. Angels certainly are among us! And one sent you a lovely surprise.
    Congrats on your Welcome Spring finish. It's lovely.
    love Annette

  5. Thanks for sharing this "welcome spring" it's lovely, won't you add eyes to this sheep?

  6. Evalina is a pure darling! So sweet :)
    I love your stitching, have to get my hands on this somehow!!

  7. Wowie Zowie! Evalina was truly, hugely generous! How very kind of her. She is originally from Poland. Now you know about her name. :)
    Keep smiling my friend. I am off to the doctor for the hip shot this afternoon. yikes!

  8. The stitching community is full of the kindest people I've ever met!!!

    Congrats on your lovely finish!

  9. Wow what a gift!
    I think you liked my little square design, so if you would like it.. please email me with your address.
    I did have it but I seem to have lost it.
    Chris x
    chs22hk @ gmail. com
    This my email without the spaces

  10. Wow, start and finish - all in one day! Your poor needles must be all warned out...

  11. I'm so happy for you! A new exciting cross stitch project can certainly lift your spirits! Looking forward to seeing your adventure into the land of HEADs - you are one brave woman:)

  12. So happy that you have a stitching angel and that they helped to cheer up your day! Look forward to seeing this piece get into your rotation!

  13. What a fantastic gift and lovely surprise for you! Wonderful to hear it cheered you up!
    Love the sheep for spring!

  14. How kind of Evalina! There's no going back now...
    Your sheep is super cute, I want one too! Love it.

  15. Evalina really is a lovely person, I've followed her blog for some time now. Looking forward to seeing you add that HAED into your stitching routine. I'd recommend alternating with a smaller design or two!


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