Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Happy birthday Hannah!!

Today is the day!! 
12th May 1995 my lovely daughter Hannah was born!! Today she turned 21!!! Yippppeeeeeee!! 
Han was born at two minutes past midnight, every year as she has got older now stays up and we all sing happy birthday to her! Invented her own tradition! Ha ha

I thought I would share some cute baby photos of her....seeing as she is 21!! 

I have chosen photos of Han simply being Han! With her adorable smile! 

This first photo is a favourite of mine and Han... Yes that's me! 1996!! 

These ones are more recent...  Ha ha 

I love how adventurous Han is with colouring her hair!! And she is not afraid to shave it off either! 

They make me smile so much when I remember the times behind these photos... Han was such a happy child, always smiling, giggling and laughing.  Ha ha just like me! And I am pleased to say she turned out alright! Ha ha Han is a lovely person and I am proud to call her my daughter. Happy birthday Han I hope you have a really lovely day 😊🎉🎂🎁🎉😊 xx

Oh yes... And look at her bedroom door...

There are other decorations around our home.... My parents will be popping over and no doubt more photos will be taken! So advanced warning there may be more photos to follow! 

Big happy birthday smiles 😊



  2. Happy happy birthday to Hannah

  3. Happy birthday to Hannah!!! Loving the photos!!

  4. A happy happy birthday to Han!
    Those pictures are lovely!
    I wish you a great day celebrating Han's 21st birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Hannah .
    And Jacquie you have one beautiful daughter .

  6. Happy birthday to Hannah! And congratulations to her beautiful mother:)

  7. Happy 21st birthday Hannah and congratulations Jacquie on raising such a lovely daughter.

  8. Oh my goodness! I could jut squeeze the liver out of you Hannah! Look at you precious child!!! ♥ Adorable. Happy Birthday!

  9. Many many happy returns for Han!Love all the photos of her childhood, I should be preparing a post for my son too!LOL!He wouldn't like me posting about him on my blog but I will do it anyway!Han dear, kisses!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. Happy birthday Han! Great photos!

  11. Happy Birthday Hannah! Love all the photos, she was such a cute baby and a lovely young woman now. You and Jon should be very proud of yourselves.

  12. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! Thanks for taking us on a walk down memory lane.

  13. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures of Han. I think, by looking at her pictures alone, she must be an amazing young woman. Job well done mom!

  14. hope you had a wonderful birthday ... loved seeing the photos :) love mouse xxxxx

  15. Happy 21st Birthday Han........hope you had a great day...........

  16. Happy birthday to sweet Han! Hope it is a great one. Love the pictures....

  17. I'm way behind on blog reading ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a little late) xx


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