Thursday, 23 June 2016


Helło happy smiley friends...

Eeeeek!! Yes! I let my birthday float on by! Why? I just simply don't feel that old! Oh I know some of you will say well it's not old! Physically with all my health issues sure I feel a lot older! Ha ha but mentally as Han tells me I am no where near my actual age! Ha ha

And when was this? It was June 21st...... The longest day of the year! I was able to party longer! I say was, as ha ha party seems to of been erased from my vocabulary! 😁

And how old Erm.... Young was I??!!! This says it all......

I enjoyed a happy smiley day with my family... Sadly no cake as I cannot eat it! I am still struggling with all types of food, eating small and often.  All types of dairy is out...I cannot believe what foods have dairy in! Crazy! 

Here are some photos from the day...

My mum bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers with an ornamental cabbage! Ha ha 

There is the cabbage!

Jon, he bought me a beautiful bouquet too! How lucky am I!! 

Naughty jon also bought me a watch, now I have been looking and looking for a watch I liked for ages.... I need to be able to see it and read it! Yes I am fussy!! Here it is...

He also bought me a new smaller bag and purse to use as sometimes I don't want to take my big handbag out..

The bag in the back ground Han bought me, I love it!! And yes I am Radley Mad!! 

Hee hee Kevin bought me this....eeeek! More Radley! 

My dad said he would treat me to the bingo! See my dad and I spend time together and go to bingo! We used to do it years ago and want to go regular again! I did get this in the post!... Ha ha 

Spoilt! I actually ventured out on my birthday too.... To an Ice cream place in town.  Oh and I could eat some!! They launches a new vegan ice cream that was dairy free too! Oh it was delicious! 

Here are some photos from there! 

The ice cream!! Mmmmmm

Don't look at my hair! Ha ha in a few more photos you wil see why! 

Here I am sat outside with Kevin... Oh and with Bob!! 

I had a great day filled with lots of smiles.  One thing I have been meaning to do is sort my hair out! It's been driving me literally crazy...where I put weight on my face shape had changed to blob... Oh I am pleased to say I have lost some kilos now! Yes the visits to the pool is helping 😊 so I am now some kilos lighter and still actively losing weight too.... So my face shape is changing again, I now have my cheek bones back! No idea where they went, I think they went on holiday for a while! Ha ha and now they are back!! So I got my hair cut! 

Before being cut it was just about sitting on my shoulders... I needed a new look! 

The back....

I thought the hair that was snipped off looked like a sleeping small animal on the floor! I know, I am crazy! 

I had it like this a little while ago... The photo I use everywhere of me! Don't know it? This one.... I love it! 

I am happy to say this is me and me is returning! My hair now is slightly lighter... I prefer this mousy colour and will like it like this eventually again.

I did something that gave me a rather huge smile today I want to share with you all.... My mum commented on how lovely it was to get two bouquets of flowers.  So me being me what did I do? Went out and bought my mum loads of flowers!! My mums face was a picture when I gave them to her! Ha ha.... Here are the photos of the vases all over her living room! She laughed and said she's just open a florist! Ha ha 

Ha ha ! It made her smile!! Me too lol

I saw this and thought it rather apt.... Ha ha for a giggle!! 

Something else rather silly I want to share is a photo Han took of me whilst using an app on her phone!  She did it and I almost wet myself from laughing so much! It's a moving hippo face! When I opened my mouth the hippo did! It looked like I had a head of a hippo! 

I mean how silly is that! Ha ha 

Until I next pop in keep smiling :)


  1. Omg happy birthday... Love the new hair do.... It looks great and great to see you are seeing results from the pool....... And all those flowers forcweps....... I love flowers to......

  2. Happy belated birthday. Glad you had a nice time with your family.

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you had a good one. Your family knows how to make it special! Great new hairdo too. Looks a little like my style!

  4. happy happy birthday! I'm soooooooo happy that you had a great day with your loved ones!
    And what a wonderful thing to know, the pool is working for you, it's great!
    You know, I will turn 45 in september... and we have the same haircut eheheheh
    I hope you will feel better and better every day!

  5. Happy birthday, Jacquie! So glad to read your posts again. Your face does look thinner, congrats on the weight loss! Go Jacquie! :)

  6. Très joyeux anniversaire ! with lot of kisses, hugs and wishes for a good health. Bisous.

  7. Happy Birthday to you!!:) Lovely flowers and gifts !! Nice to know you are feeling better and lighter.

  8. Happy birthday for the 21st!!! So good to hear about you being out and about. Congratulations on the weight loss...well done you!! Your new hair cut looks sensational ....jut as well those cheek bones of yours came back from holidays!! Lol!! Love all the flowers and your presents. Lovely thing you did for your Mum...the hippo made me laugh!! I can see you all having a great laugh over that!! Good saying!!

  9. Belated happy birthday Jacquie. Lovely gifts from family.

  10. I am glad you enjoyed your birthday!Have fun every day!AriadnefromGreece!

  11. Oh, Jacquie! Happy belated birthday! Love, love, love your hair! You are so pretty! Your post was delightful. So happy you could have vegan ice cream....and all those flowers....awesome.
    Hugs, my friend

  12. Happy birthday! Sounds like lots of fun. Your new haircut is gorgeous!

  13. Sending belated birthday wishes! LOVE your new 'do:)

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday dear Jacquie! Your haircut is great. A great cut can do wonders, right? I love the scotty bag. So proud you have lost some weight already. Way to go!!

  15. Happy Birthday - your hair looks great. This was a wonderful post to read. Thank you for sharing your Birthday with all of us

  16. Happy Birthday Jacquie. Your gifts are lovely as are you. I love your new haircut. Congrats on the weight loss.


  17. I wish you a happy birthday! Especially good health and happiness!
    A new hairstyle is great!

  18. Happy Belated Birthday...glad you had a good day out.

  19. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great time.

  20. Happy Birthday Jaquie: Lovely flowers and gifts.


  21. Somehow I completely missed your Birthday! So sorry, I must have been distracted from my marathon on Monday. Looks like you had such fun anyway and some gorgeous flowers too!
    Love the hippo photo but it's good news your cheek bones have returned. A few less pounds will really help your knees and other issues. The swimming must be doing you good too :-)

  22. Happy birthday! So glad you had a wonderful day, and you are getting back to you. Good to hear your trips to the pool are working as well. Yeah!

  23. Lol happy birthday! Your post made me smile (they usually do)! You got some lovely gifts I'm glad you were able to get some ice cream :). I'm planning on buying an ice cream machine so I can make my own healthy version with almond milk and stevia :). Congrats on losing weight too that's awesome!

  24. Your new hairdo looks fabulous.
    Belated birthday wishes, nice Radley goodies.


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