Thursday, 9 June 2016

Here you go!

Hello happy smiley friends!

I am so happy to pop in again to share with you some photos... Han finally got around to taking some photos of the pool! 


Here is the main pool area...

This is what it's pretty much like in the evening when we go, it's lovely! There are no children in in the evenings past 7pm... There is just the odd few people in sometimes popping in after work I guess? This was 10.30 pm I think...

Here I am in the water!! Just got down the steps, takes me ages as it really does hurt... But once in the water it's brilliant. You can just about see the smile on my face! 

Here in the water bobbing about with a float.... Again smiling! Lol

It's so nice in the water, there is no pressure on my back and my knee is ok if I remember not to move it any direction other than straight!  I understand this is not a 'flattering' photo!! But this is me! And by using the pool and doing even the little exercise I am doing now... It's a start... So don't look too closely!! 

Then the best part! Han wheels me around the corner to the hot tub.... Oh it's lovely!! It's actually huge! I am only sat in one corner! I don't like the big bubbles, it's too much for me, so I sit in the one next to them (where I am) as the bubbles are much gentler. It's hot and so relaxing.

Opposite this hot tub there is a sauna and steam room... I have ventured into the sauna that is so nice, love it in there! But I have found by the time I get out of the hot tub I am very tired and have no energy so at the moment it's one or the other.

Hope you liked my 'pool' photos... I am really enjoying going, it's so tiring... I hope it gets easier soon.  

As for other things....

Stitching, yes I am stitching! I assure you I am! I will have something to show you all very very soon, I promise! I am thrilled with it, I hop pe you all like it!! Eeeeeeeek!!

The weather here has been so warm, Han has been trying to get me out the house more, it's been brilliant but really tiring.  Maybe I should schedule a rest day after a day out? I mean just getting dressed is a major effort and something I have not been used to doing for well over 12 months! I lived in PJ's whilst stuck in bed, I am not out of my bed, I am still spending all my time in it, it's my lower back pain that keeps me there.  Sitting upright is still causing me a lot of pain, when I am out in my wheelchair I find I lean forward a lot to relieve pressure. My left knee is the un-repairable one and well yes it's painful most of the time.. Recently my right knee has been causing me pain too.  I think it's due to moving more than I have been? Hey ho! Got to work through it.

Well I am going now as its late and I am really tired, the heat is zapping my energy.

Happy smiles to you all until I next pop in 😊😊


  1. Heh! You look fabulous ! You GO, Girl!

  2. You look wonderful. Good for you.

  3. Woohoo.....go girl.. . Lovely pics
    The pool looks like it is a great spot you are lucky you have it.....

  4. Great photos! That's awesome you have it to yourselves a lot! I'd go more if we had that lol

  5. Wonderful nice to have the pool to yourselves!!! Wonderful. So good to hear Han is trying to get you out some more, an out day followed by a rest day sounds good to me, you still need stitching time too!!! ☺ Hang in there, hopefully as you do more in the pool it will get easier for you.

  6. I think the pictures are great Jacquie. So glad to hear that its helping a little. Sure wish I had a pool like that around here. Just curious - can't you find a doctor to do knee replacement so you don't have to live with it for the next 15 years?


  7. The pool looks fantastic and so do you. You should be proud of yourself, it will be little step after little step and you will surprise yourself with how far you go.

  8. Good that swimming is bringing some relief to you. Keep going, don't lose your will power.
    After the end of harsh summers in my part of the world, it has cooled down and now the hot tub looks so inviting to me.

  9. Beautiful pictures, and you look amazing! That pool looks so comfortable... I miss swimming.
    After the workout it's always tiring. For the first three months, every time after going to the gym I had to take a nap... Take it from someone who spent almost two years in PJ's - it does get easier with time... Just keep at it. Taking the rest day may be a good idea (I remember deciding to go every other day, since every day was just too much). Wishing you the best!

  10. I am so proud of you two!How wonderful that you two are keeping at it! Han is a wonderful motivator. Keep up the great work Jacquie!

  11. Great pool photos! I love pools and saunas and everything but haven't got much chance to spend time in them here. I am glad you are enjoying it. Keep going!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. Good for you going to the pool.

  13. So nice to see a happy smiling photo! The pool looks lovely and I'm sure it's doing you good too.

  14. The pool looks very tranquil and relaxing....enjoy your visits there xx

  15. Well done again Jacquie! this pool looks really quiet and suitable for your needs, so keep on training even if it's hard... you will be rewarded when you will feel better.
    A big hug!

  16. Gorgeous photos of you in the pool, Jacquie, you do look like you are having fun. I hope that it is helping you.

  17. way tooo go ... glad you are enjoying the pool and yes you must have a rest day between ... its still early days of doing stuff and your body needs to adjust to this ... love the photos :) love mouse xxxx


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