Saturday, 18 June 2016

I am back.....

Hello wonderful friends 😊

Look at that cheesy grin! I was so excited about this it was taken before it was hung on the wall! More on this if you read down....

I have to say a big thank you to Han for letting you all know about my little adventure! Hmmmmmm

I have lots to share with you all but first I bet you all want to know what happened?! 

Tuesday I was not feeling so well and had a few too many loo trips if you know what I mean! Unfortunately I was bleeding an awful lot from hmmmm a place I should not! Jon got straight on the phone and called our Dr, he advised I call an ambulance and go to hospital to be checked out.  It was more of a precaution as I am taking blood thinners as many friends you are aware.  I literally thought nothing of it! The ambulance was called at 6.30 pm Tuesday night and a very nice paramedic man in a fast car turned up! Later as we chatted I found out he was the very same paramedic that came out April 2015 to see me when I was rushed in with blood clots in my lungs! So we chatted and chatted whilst waiting for an ambulance.  The ambulance was classified as none urgent, just that I was a routine call that needed to get to hospital! So we waitied and waited... Until 10.30 pm!!! Seriously a long time! And the whole time the paramedic stayed with me! 
At hospital they did some tests and confirmed what I had said! So they then told me I had to be observed and to do that I needed to stay in hospital! No!! But I agreed to stay! I was in real discomfort as my stomach was hurting, so they admitted me and said only to drink water! That really did not bother me as I have no appetite and drinking just 500ml water a day was all I could manage without being ill.  
Anyway....cutting a long story short... I stayed in hospital for 4 days and they did numerous tests on me. I am alright now, but for how long is uncertain.  I am waiting to go for more tests and a colonoscopy hmmmm not something I am looking forward to.  Home and taking things easy... They question I have is... Why me and how many more things can go wrong!? Got to keep my sense of humour!! Thank you for all your messages, your all amazing 😊😊😊

So enough of that!!

I have been wanting to share something really exciting with you all for a little while now but had to keep it hush hush! Eeeeeek!! But I can tell you all now!! Lol that's if you all don't know already?!

Ok.... I am doing something I never really ever thought I would be able to do, why you ask? I thought I was not good enough and I thought only professionals did it.  My eyes have been opened and wow! Seriously anyone can do this!! What am I talking about?? Stitching samplers...

For years I have wanted to stitch samplers, yes for myself, but it's been a dream to stitch for a designer. I honestly never thought I would get the chance to, but by some amazing opportunity I have been given that chance! 

Eeeeeeeek!!! So I am very excited to say I am now a model stitcher for Hands Across The Sea Samplers... Eeeeeek!! There is actually a link in my side bar if you would like to take a peek at there designs 😊

And what have I been doing? I can show you all now!! 

It's a beautiful Bristol Orphanage sampler called Louisa Coulimore..

Here is my journey of this stunning design by Nicola Parkman....

And the back.....

This design took me 3 weeks to stitch using 4o count lakeside linen vintage sand dune and I used 2skeins of Glorianna silk in schoolhouse red.  Oh the colour is beautiful and was a joy to use silk thread! 

Then I sent the finished piece to be photographed for the chart... Eeeek!! Something I just could not get around my head at. All! My stitching on the chart!?! 

Here it is...

And look!! On the back.... That's me!!! 

To be honest the whole experience is exciting beyond belief! I still have a massive smile on my face thinking oh wow! I did that!! Jon and Han think it's brilliant and are very proud of me.

But that's not all!! Eeeek there is more!!! 
Not sure how many of you read The Attic Newsletters?  The recent issue is awesome.... But for a very exciting reason!! Here is the link

Some peeks for you...
This newsletter...

Look on page 14!!!! Yes it's what I stitched!!! 

Maybe a little closer on this page too, the little box! 

How exciting!! I saw this when I came out of hospital and was so excited I just had to share it with you all! 
 And ha ha that amazing cheesy grin photo at the top! Well got to be done I guess?! Here it is again just for one more look and maybe chuckle! 

And yes!! I am stitching another Hands Across The Sea Sampler now... And you guessed it! It's hush hush until finished! 😁😜

Oooooooh something else to share with you all...

I had a package waiting for me when I got out of hospital... All the way from the USA!! Ooooh I wonder who it could be from?!

Now we all know dear Kim from is celebrating her 60th birthday in a rather spectacular way!! She is doing something that would give me a big logistical head ache! Kim decided everyone should celebrate with her so is sending out 60 RAKS!! Wow! Came to mind when I read about it! 

I am thrilled and excited to tell you all I was chosen as one of the lucky 60!! Eeeek!! And wow!! Look what arrived all the way from USA in one piece! 

Oh these are brilliant and will be used!! Simpler wonderful!! 
Look!! How special do I feel!! Thank you ever so much Kim for your friendship and kindness xx

Him hand painted the cup and saucer, it's stunning and I will treasure it, thank you so so much.

Well I think I must of worn you all out with all those photos!?
Thank you all so much for popping in to see me and letting me share my exciting news with you all 😊😊😊

Until I next pop in... Keep smiling!! 😊😊😊
On with the stitching!! 


  1. Oh what a great day!!! I'm so happy you're back home and WOW and WOW again for all the great news! You must be so excited!!! Congrats!!! I'm very happy for you!!!

  2. So glad you are home and well for the moment. I hope they figure you out!!!!
    Great fun you had doing the model work Jacquie! Neato!
    What a fabulous gift from our friend Kim! Beautiful.

  3. Oh, Jacquie! I'm so happy you're home. I truly hope they can zero in a n what ails you.a HUGE congratulations on you being a sample stitcher! How exciting is that!? Enjoy your gifts, my friend.

  4. Wow how exciting! It looks great!

  5. I too am very proud of you and your achievement with the sampler, congrats on being a model stitcher, only a select few of privaledged stitchers get that opportunity.... well done! xxx

  6. So glad to have you back and with such a wonderful post. You are so rightly proud of yourself - stunning work on Louisa Coulimore. Great gift from Kim, she is so very generous and talented - just like you, really. xoxoxo

  7. Congratulations all around--- feeling better, stitching beautifully, being famous and winning cool RAKs--- is there anything you can't do? :)

  8. I'm so glad you're back home and I hope the tests show nothing. Fabulous news about the sampler stitching - the first one is a beauty. Looking forward to the next one. And a beautiful RAK! What lovely goodies.

  9. Glad you are home. Hope you get some answers from all of your testing. Congrats!! You are famous now. ;) your sampler is stunning.

  10. Happy smiles that you are back home!!! 😄 I hope y I u get some answers from your tests. You should be super proud of yourself..well done. You are famous!!!! Lol!!!! 😄 Wonderful too that you can finally let people know what you have ben doing.That must make up a bit for having to go to hospital!! What a w I nderful surprise to come home to!!! Beautiful goodies and a lovely cup set!! Well deserved. 😆

  11. I'm so glad your home and hopefully feeling a little better. Congratulations on becoming a model stitcher. The piece you stitched is awesome. You did a beautiful job.


  12. So wonderful and exciting. Glad you are back home.

  13. Well done you, and pleased you are back home. Lovely gift from Kim.

  14. Lots of good news - congratulations on becoming a model stitcher! You did a great job on your first piece. Glad to hear you are home and such wonderful gifts from Kim to welcome you home too.

  15. Congrats on being a model stitcher ..its like a dream job..isn't .Lovely gifts from Kim.

  16. What a wonderful post to read! So pleased that you are home safe and sound again.
    Your fame is growing too, in the Attic and on the back of a chart! Nicola definitely chose the right person for her model stitcher, only 3 weeks and such beautiful stitching too. You are right to be very proud of yourself.

    I am rather tempted by this one myself, but not this year!

  17. there is something about you hospital and birthdays lol ... sorry to have missed it this year... sooo pleased you are famous should I curtsy or not ???? gorgeous stitching of the model peice and what a wonderful gift you got from Kim too .... I got a gorgeous stitched peice from her :) love mouse xxxxx

  18. OMG that smile on your face.....its huge and wonderful to see............congrats on being a stitcher.........its a gorgeous cross stitch too........
    glad your home and ok.........

  19. I am glad you are out of hospital and feeling better. How great this is that you stitched the model sampler!Congratulations! I hope you enjoy more of this!AriadnefromGreece!

  20. Your model sampler must have been such a fun stitch. Congratulation on being a model stitchers now, I think that is very cool.


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