Sunday, 30 October 2016

It's been too long.....

Yes!! A virtual hug to you all as I have missed you!! I am so sorry I have been excuse really, just had a break.  I feel in a much happier place now so am happy and full of smiles to be back 😊

I guess you all want to know what's been happening all this time I have been gone? Not a lot! Ha ha 

I have been stitching away, as I do! You all know I am part of the Hands Across The Sea Sampler team and am one of their model Stitchers....I adore doing this!! I recently finished the MASSIVE project I was working on, oh yes I did!! I can now show you all what I was stitching! I don't actually have possession of it, see its on loan to an amazing sampler shop in USA...The Attic!!! Do you know of this wonderful place? Oh I have only seen photos and it looks like a real Aladdin cave of beautiful things. The Attic has a newsletter that comes out is the link if you want to take a look.... HERE.

Inside the newsletter is my stitching!! 

And the chart too....

It's so surreal seeing what I stitched on a chart and in a newsletter!! This sampler will be on display in the Attic shop all year, wonderful!! Then she will be returned back to me to treasure.

She took me around 3 months to stitch and I loved every minute... 

And yes I have moved onto a new projects for HATS now!! There was a sneak peek a little while ago so I can show you this...

It's a very pretty sampler what I am stitching now and ha ha not even half as big as the last one! This one should be finished soon, it's really interesting as it has eyelet stitch and satin stitch.

I bet your wondering if I have managed to do anything else, I do like to make things for me and friends as you all know.  Been dabbling a little....

I thought seeing as it's almost winter I would knit me a scarf! Hmmmmm maybe not! I am pretty useless! The wool I chose, very soft and I liked the colours.

I tried this, 

Close up...

Did it like it so unpicked it! Crazy right??

Tried this....nope!! You guessed, unpicked!!

Now well I am contemplating! Ha ha I just look at the pretty wool wondering what to do with it!! Ha ha
I am sure it will come to me soon! 

I thought about getting my hair cut, but at the time I could not as I did a rather silly thing.  I was in my wheelchair, somehow my glasses fell off my head and I proceeded to launch myself over the right side of my chair, over the arm to attempt to pick up my glasses.  I mean what was I thinking? Hoping to catch them before they hit the floor? Maybe I thought I had super powers! Lol and WHAM! My ribs made contact with the hard arm on my wheelchair.....I almost passed out with the pain. For some 4 weeks after that I was in agony, I mean screaming agony.  Any movement and boy did I feel it.  We went to A&E to get checked out, they don't x-Ray ribs anymore.  They are only really concerned if I was having trouble breathing, I was not so apparently it was normal to be in that much pain! I could of badly bruised or fractured one or a few ribs! Thankfully now several weeks later I am feeling much better, but still taking things a little slower just to be sure! Anyway....back to the hair cut! Ha ha which I still not had, but want to soon! I found this picture on the web under the search short haircuts! idea who she is? But I like her hair!! 

Yes, I am thinking I would like this look!! 

This year Han and I thought we would have a craft Christmas tree, I mean all these years doing crafts and never put anything on a tree! So this year that's what we are doing! The ornaments will only be things we have made!

I kicked things off by making a little ornament....

Back... Lol do you like the table cloth!?

Close up....

More to follow I think! If your wondering where I found this design it's from a brilliant creative blogger.... bug and go take a look she has lots of things to make! 

I have been keeping my swimming up... I love going to the pool to Bob about, and relax in th steam room.  I still have the lady visit me every couple of weeks to get weighed and I am thrilled with the results! 

At my recent weigh session, last week I lost another 3.8 kg !  So far since end of June this year (2016) I have lost almost 2.5 stone or 35.5 pounds or 16 kg!!! 
Slow, taking each day as it happens.... Go me!! 

Oooooooh.... Check out my new tab under my heading, I am going to place all the beautiful designs I stitch for HATS there 😊 it will become a space to celebrate samplers! 

I think by now I must of bored you all to sleep!? It's been really nice catching up with you all, I will be back soon!! Promise! 


  1. Good for you on your continued weight loss! Slow and steady is the way to go. The model stitched sampler you did is lovely. Thinking of you!

  2. You have been incredibly busy! Your sampler is gorgeous, and must be so amazing to have it featured! I love your little christmas tree too. Hope your ribs feel better soon!

  3. Oh Jacquie! I am so happy to read a post by you!! I have thought of you often. I knew what you were up to with the stitching. You are doing so well with the weight loss. Yay! Don't be away too long! Take good care now.

  4. I was just wondering where you were! Congratulations on your super model stitching. I can't believe you don't have any handmade ornaments in such a crafty family!

  5. Congratulations on your continues swimming and weight loss. Sorry about your injury...please try to be more careful!

  6. Congratulations on your continued weight loss - you are doing wonderfully well! I hope you are soon fully recovered from your injury. Why is it we always get hurt doing the silliest things? I LOVE your sampler and how nice to be credited as the stitcher. Cute little ornament - I hope you'll post a picture of the tree.

  7. Sorry about your injury, and congrats on weightloss♥

  8. I have wondered about you and hoped you were ok! So glad to see a post from you! Your sampler is just beautiful! They are so lucky to have you to stitch it! I have heard of The Attic, but haven't been there-it's all the way across the country from me! Maybe one day I'll be there! Take care and post again soon! <3

  9. hellooo lovely to see you back at blog land .. I knew you were busy with your needle .. well done on being in print too :) congrats on the weight loss as well ... I am just a teeny weeny bit in front of you will be over taking me in a week or twoo .. keep up the good work :) love mouse xxxxx

  10. So wonderful to see you back again!! Sorry to hear about the ribs but WONDERFUL to hear about your weight loss, well done!! How are you going with food?? Your sampler is beautiful, well done!! Must be a thrill to see your name in print too!! Great idea to have a craft Christmas tree, I have to confess initially I took more notice of the table cloth that the deco!!! Woops!!

  11. Yay, you're back! I was worried when you missed my Blog Hop but then I saw you posting on FB so I guessed that you were OK just taking a break from blogging.
    The samplers are gorgeous and I love that you get the credit for stitching them too. Far too often the model stitchers barely get a sideline on the packaging.

  12. Nobody else mentioned it that I saw but that's Keira Knightly :D I hope you're feeling back to 100% now...or at least as normal as you usually feel. I'm glad you're back! The sampler looks amazing! I liked the first scarf you did, I hope you found something by now :)


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