Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Hello happy smiley friends.... Yes!! As promised I am back! Ha ha 

I looked at the TV this morning and had to do a double take, it's really November?? Gosh! Where oh where has this year gone? Han and I were talking about this and as a child it's oh, the holidays take forever to come around! As an adult it's oh no! Holidays go too quickly! Anyone else think this year has passed quicker!? Ha ha we all know there's no way it could but to me it sure feels like it! 

I found a nice picture of pretty autumn leaves, so sorry if I over do it posting them, I like them!!

Yes! Ha ha that's them!!

Han and I ventured out, with Bob! If your not aware, Bob is the name I have given to my wheelchair! Why not!!? Ha ha  it's starting to get a bit chilly here... Southern England gets chilly but never freezing, although there are roumours out there saying we may get snow? Nah!!

Oooh I am getting really easily side tracked.... Focus!!

Ok, Han and I ventured out and in the shops there are Christmas decorations and a few Halloween ones too.... Han could not resist taking a photo with my new friend, ..... His name? Hmmmm bones? Yes! Bones, it's a good name, the dr in Star Trek is called it! Ha ha 

Oh yes! This is me!! Maybe you can see in my face my weight loss? One day at a time. Plodding on, my favourite food right now is salad (lettace, cucumber, tomato) roll spread with humus.  Mmmmm

Christmas is rapidly approaching, I really don't like Christmas food so it will be salad rolls here! It's true I don't do turkey, or meat! I did a few years eat salmon, no more as salmon does not like me! I really don't like Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and mince pies.... Something about all that fruit together?! Ewe! Sure I could have a plate of vegetables, don't fancy it.  And I won't be eating any sweets or chocolate either this year as chocolate is a huge no no, dairy alert!! So Christmas is being classed as just another day here! 

I am still stitching away on a HATS design, not long to go now, then onto the next one! I made a tab at the top with the HATS designs I stitch, if you want to go see? Or if you like them enough to stitch then the HATS link is in my side bar. 😊

Whilst out with Han, I found some really nice wool... So bought it! Started knitting...lol not sure what, I just am! It's very therapeutic!! Han thinks I should knit a blanket! So darling jon bought me another 10 balls!! 

What do you think?

It's rather chunky, I am using size 10 needles.... Now this means nothing to me! I was talking to my mum explaining to her I found this wool and am stitching on size 10 needles.  Wow! She says! That's large! Ha ha yup! Chunky!!  Knitting has halted awaiting the balls if wool ordered online!

I am a huge fan of Cheri Payne..... She creates wonderful quilts and appliqué wool designs.  This was one she designed too, for Fall.  I kind of made it slightly different, lol as I do! I have to finish it off, into something.  It's getting my sewing machine out? Not sure I am up for that yet? My back was killing just sitting at the table yesterday.  I keep trying, keep doing it.... One day I hope to sit there and enjoy it! 

Yes been busy doing all sorts of crafts! Again when talking to my mum today she says let me know what your doing today, sewing, stitching, appliqué, knitting....ha ha I just love creating I guess?! Mum and I talk pretty mum every day, you would think we would have nothing to say as we talk daily? Ha ah we always find something to talk about! 

I am off out to the car dealership tomorrow, no, not buying a new car! I have one! This one, remember...

Well when I sit with my foot on the brakes I can hear a knocking coming from the back.  Han has gone around the car and it's louder on the right back.  We are not sure what it is, it's just annoying really so going to get it checked out! Should be an interesting day.... It's near to Horsham so we shall have to see what else we get up to!? Ha ha

Just thought I would add this in.... Lancelot likes wool!! Oh no!!

Whilst surfing around the net I just happen to come across this beautiful table cloth... It's a RICO design.  I adore RICO designs, they are ever so pretty.  This table cloth would be an adventure as its all free hand stitches.  The design is printed onto the fabric and then you basically just stitch it in! With satin stitch and a few other stitches.  Lol yes it's a photo off my iPad, ha ha look at the time I was surfing! 1.42pm, any time of the day I get side tracked! 

Ok, going now as I have some stitching to do! 
Smiles to you all until I next pop in! 


  1. What a fun post to read! I like the yarn you are using and it was nice to meet your skeleton friend. Enjoy the first day of November!

  2. Nice post. Glad to see you are getting around.

  3. Yes, I do see the weight loss in your face Jacquie.
    Sweet, little Lancelot seems to be a rascal!

  4. That is lovely wool you are knitting up..a blanket sounds good. Hee hee love the photos of Lancelot, our dog likes playing with balls of wool too, they get tangled all around the room. That tablecloth is beautiful!! Good to see yu are getting out...is that your new hair cut I see?? Hope the car can be fixed up for you...even our boys say the year has flown by, seems to be happening all over.

  5. Love the wool you are using - it's going to be a lovely blanket. Glad to see you're getting out but a car dealership is not a good place. Hope the problem is located and fixed quickly. Lancelot looks like a mischief maker!

  6. Love the yarn and you are looking great!

  7. You are looking lovely! Happy Wednesday ♥

  8. The fella looks OK but I think you should stick with Jon!
    Lovely chunky wool and some great applique here. You really do love all kinds of crafts, you'll never be bored!

  9. You're looking fabulous. Keep at it - and Lancelot is adorable.

  10. A lovely post, and you are looking great. I agree that the leaves were worth posting several times :)

  11. You look great even with the ugly friend of yours there!LOL!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. I can totally see the weight loss! Great post and finds :)


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