Thursday, 16 March 2017

So exciting!!!!

Hello!!! I have so much to tell you!!! Where do I start..... With THE most exciting news of all??? As some of you know I decided to apply for university this year! To do something for me, that I would enjoy and hopefully to achieve something at the end of it.  I decided to apply for a degree course, B A in Textiles.  Due to me having health issues still and mobility issues too I opted to apply at my local college that also runs university degree courses. I went about 4 weeks ago for my first interview and it went really well.  The tutor wanted to set me a brief to see how I would tackle it.... I loved every minute of it. Today I returned for my second interview and took along all the work I had done.  It was an amazing interview and I am so proud of myself. I am pleased to announce that I was offered a place on the course!!! 

Feel free to high five me!! Ha ha The tutor really liked all the work I had done and was impressed with the fact I had done so much without direction.  She is excited too to get me working on her course!! Omg!! I am over the moon, I am having a little trouble actually expressing how excited I am...this may help....
Eeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!! Eeeeeeeeeeekkk! Ha ha I will be contacted soon as I have a project to do over the summer!! How exciting!! Then I start September!! Omg!! Me studying at university!! Who would of thought that!! And something else that is rather special....Han will be studying at the sam place doing a B A in Fine Art!!! Yes!! She will be doing a degree course too!! How awesome is that!!
Talking of Han.... Not sure but actually some of you will be aware as I know some are on Facebook and follow me on Instagram too.  All of last week Han entered a local radio competition.  The object of the competition was to become famous for a whole week! By taking photos with celebrities and videos too! I must say it was a hectic week!! Oh but a lot of fun!! A huge THANK YOU to Kevin as she pushed me about the who,e time in my wheelchair. Here are a few videos Han got.... Just awesome!!!

We also gathered photos!! 

It all started with a train journey...

Passed a few places...

Saw this.... Just the outside as we were going past it! 

Yes we went to London!! To the BBC!!! 

To watch The One Show...

It's done live and daily if your not familiar with it.  And Han was hoping to catch a few celebrities!! 
On the show that day was the Harlem globetrotter with  Tony Robinson (Balearic from black adder), Miranda Hart (a comedian currently in a west end show), Rob Beckett (comedian) and Dom littlewood (presenter, don't get done get dom!) and the presenters Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon (presenter from Robort wars). Han managed to literally get everyone apart from Angela.

Of course I had to get in on one!! 

Whilst waiting I spotted Fiona Bruce who reads the news!! 

It was such a fun are some photos of the filming...

An awesome day!! I don't think I have ever met so many famous people in one day!! As you could see in all the photos Han had her local radio flag!

Han actually spent some time in the radio station too, she was on air and read the traffic report! She loved it.

 The competition winner was in for a treat as the prize was for 4 VIP tickets to the Isle Of Wight festival this year!! Last year Han and I looked at it but it was far too expensive!! 

Guess what????

Hannah won!!!! 

And here is the list of who will be appearing...

Let me tell you....I am So excited about Rob Stewart!!! Not sure if I am able to go yet.... With my restricted mobility not sure if it's a good idea? Have to wait and see, we are waiting on more information. If I am unable to go then Han has to video and Skype me!! Ha ha 

I have some more awesome news to share... To date I have lost just over 6 stone in weight....or 38.2 kg or 84.25 pounds!!! How awesome!!! By bobbing about in the water when I can and eating healthier... 

Here I am with cheek bones!!! 

I have been having a bit of bother eating as I seem to of gone off literally everything. But I am trying...

Lol it's scooby doo pasta! 

Fist pizza in ages it's 6 inches! Lol has vegan cheese on it! 

Baguette with garlic mushrooms and a dairy free butter.

I must be doing something right!! One day at a time!! 

I have managed to make a few things too...

This blue one is the one I stitched! It's the March design in Kathy Schmitz one stitch club.  The red one is the one Kathy Schmitz stitched!! It really is!! She posted it to m as I was the first person to complete this months design! They are so lovely. I had an idea how to finish them, but just have not go around to it as yet.  Something experimental for me as it will be me using a zip or two! Eeeeek! Never used a zip!! 

A few close ups...

I also stitched this.... Trying some different stitches out.

And I made time to make a few things to send as gifts too! I am happy to post photos now as they have been received by the people :) 

This is a pin cushion I made, it's a miniature version of something I intend to make!! It's from The Enchanted Garden book. I am pleased to say the person I sent it to loved it! :)

I made a heart little pillow filled with lavender for another friend...using more stitches... I am pleased to say the person that received this loved it too! 

I managed to get my sewing machine out too, to play with some fabrics!! 

I made this into a little tote bag, hmmm forgot to take a photo! Next time!! 

So I think I have probably sent you all to sleep now?! Hope you have enjoyed my photos, I have really enjoyed sharing this with you all :)

Until next time...keep smiling! 😊😊😊😊


  1. Congratulations to Hannah! And you look great! Congrats on your university course acceptance!

  2. woo yeah awesome fantastic yay woo yah!!!

  3. I TOLD YOU!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! HOORAY YOU! I am so proud of you Jacquie! And Hannah! Good for you both! And all that weight you have lost! Wow! Such pretty pretty stitching my friend. Love those violets so much.♥

  4. Yay! Congratulations on getting your university place! Very well deserved! And well done to Hannah - I'm glad she won after all the hard work you both put in. Amazing weight loss too. What a lovely post to read - thank you for sharing x

  5. Huge congrats to you both, well done.

  6. Congrats to both of you!! You both have had some wonderful accomplishments. Wishing you both the best of luck on your studies.

  7. THAT couldn't send me to sleep Jacquie. What wonderful news. Your perseverance has been outstanding and you have your just rewards and Hanna as well. I look forward to reading about your course as you do it. Your weight loss, what can you say but congratulations, your photo looks great. Love the Cath Kidston fabrics for your bag. Look forward to seeing the finished item. Have a wonderful week:)

  8. So good to have you back, missed ya. Very happy that things are going so well for you,going to uni lucky you. Only hope for the best for you. Looks as though you and that girl of yours have been having a great time, full of envy.

  9. Congratulation to you and Hannah.

  10. Congratulations to you and Hannah!

  11. Wow! You've got a lot of good things going on right now! Congrats! And what's also amazing is that you still have time to create wonderful works of art!

  12. Congratulations on getting into the course and on the weight loss. Go Jacquie! Also congratulations to Hannah on her win!

  13. Oh so many great news and so much achievement in your goals ! Congratulations to you all!AriadnefromGreece!

  14. Congratulations to you and Han on your university acceptances! Looks like the competition was as much fun as the festival will be!
    Lovely stitching as always, you have been busy.

  15. Wow so many exciting and joyous things in one post. Very jealous that you met Miranda Hart. She is fab! Gorgeous embroidery. The heart is stunning. Good luck to both of you for uni

  16. Congratulations on the fantastic weight loss Jacquie. I'm trying. And congrats to Hannah for winning the contest.


  17. Congratulations to you Jacquie for your Uni acceptance and for your weight loss!!! Well done you!!!! Congratulations to Hannah too, must have been a fun day celebrity spotting. Your stitching and sewing is just beautiful.

  18. What a wonderful uplifting post and congratulations on being accpted at the university! Way to go girlfriend!

    Loving all your needlework, and isn't it fun to get into different types....I quilt squares are lovely.

    Great job. Sounds like all is well and you're doing everything right.
    Hugs and Stitches to you. LindaLee

  19. So glad to see a post from you. I've been slow in posting, too!
    Congratulations on the university! It's fun to be a student, a few years older than the others!!! haha
    Congratulations to Hannah, also! You will enjoy her prize!!
    You're doing great on your weight loss! How wonderful for you. So glad it's going well.
    Your stitching is lovely, as always. I especially like the floral heart! The colors are beautiful and the stitching is so pretty and full!

  20. Oh wow what a wonderfully happy post! All those happy dances... uni place - amazing weight loss - day at the BBC - meeting Tony Robinson and Miranda Hart and finally the Han's win to the Isle of Wight - I am swooning over Rod Stewart being a headline act! And then you go and top it off with beautiful stitching pics! I am so pleased for you - after the journey you have had it is wonderful to see good things happening for you :o)
    Hugs x

  21. What a difference a year makes! When you consider what an awful time you were having it really seems like 2017 is going to be the start of a wonderful new chapter for you. You totally deserve all the good things coming to you. And Han of course! She's a star too!

  22. What a wonderful uplifting post and congratulations on being accpted at the university! Way to go girlfriend!


  23. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..


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