Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ooooooh lucky me!!

Hello wonderful friends....

I have been keeping myself busy.  Early hours of this morning Jon left on transport to Stanmore hospital for his weeks assessment.  I have spoken with him, he has Internet!! He is being put through the mill with a load of tests being done on him.  He is enjoying it as he is hopeful of the outcome... They have already said he will be going back for a 6-8 week reabilitation program, this is great news.  But he told me not to get my hopes up as he has been told it's a long long road to recovery he is on, with no guarantee that he will even regain 50% mobility/posture back.  Anything is a bonus!!

So like I say I have been keeping busy...stitching! 

Han and her friend went to London today, for a day out.  And I got some nice presents!! Lucky me!! I would of liked to of joined them in London but there was no way I was up to it.  So instead Han brought me back the most amazing present!! 

Yes an actual Liberty of London bag!!!! Eeeeeeeeeek!!! 

Ooooooooh now I am so excited at this point.... Could not hardly believe it!! Fabric???

Not just any fabric.....Liberty of London fabric!!!

Han chose the fabric herself and thought I would love them! Doh! Yes I love them!!!

Close up.... And they are huge pieces!!

I am over the moon with my present :)
I have always wanted to feel, touch and smell Liberty fabrics... They are so smooth, quite silky and smell divine! Now I have some!!! Omg! What shall I do with them? A very special project I think! Or will I just keep them in their bag and take them out now and then to feel?! Ha ha

And that is not all....

Apparently this is from the actual shop where macaroons are made! Mmmm Han says the main shop is in Paris but they have one in London.

And a gift box inside!! Oooooh!!

How delicious do these look?!... The flavours are, liquorice, early grey tea, coffee, salted caramel, strawberry marshmallow, chocolate, Marie antoinett- lemon grass tea and minted ice.

Goodness!!!  They are so delicate, surprised that they made it back almost in one piece! Mmmmm

Han had a great time although was disappointed that the Tate closed at 6pm! 

Onto my stitching...

Here is the Scarlet Letter Mary Gail I should of showed you all before! Although I have stitched more now! You will have to wait for the next up date! 

It's coming along nicely.  I am really enjoying stitching this too.

And now for the update of my first HAED, the challenge is to do 100 stitches a day... Think I am doing ok... For now! It's growing quite quickly. Lol can't see what it is yet!?

It's William Morris the Strawberry Theif! Of course it is! 

I have made tabs at the top of my blog, one for each of the two massive designs I am stitching right now! Feel free to pop in there and take a look at my progress anytime :)

So I am working on these two designs for now.... Oooh but I have my Joyful Journal series I need to stitch for September! Gosh that has come around quick!! 

I cannot believe it's almost September....
Hope your all well and busy stitching :)
Smiles  to you all :) 


  1. How cool! Good job Han! Lovely new presents and great job stitching! See I told you you could do an haed :)

  2. I do hope everything goes well for jon this week..........OMG you got spoilt from the London trip by Han..........

  3. Aww, you have such a good daughter, Jacquie. Hoping things work well for your husband. Wow, those macaroons look delicious, so does the fabric! Great stitching going on! Take care.

  4. You are a lucky lady, what a great gifts. I love Liberty and I have spent a lot of hours there. Love your stitching, Sunny Greetings from New Orleans, Alice

  5. That fabric is just gorgeous! Good choice, Han!
    J x

  6. What stunning fabrics Han chose for you from Liberty's, how wonderful.
    The macaroons look very tasty too...
    Hope all goes well for Jon this week.
    Take care x

  7. I am so very, very glad Jon is getting this done FINALLY! Hooray! Tell him I am praying for him. He can do this. Two months of therapy did wonders for my pain reduction.
    Han is such a good daughter. The salted caramel one was probably really good huh?
    Mary Gail and her man look lovely.

  8. Glad your husband is getting treatment. I will keep him in my prayers. Nice progress on your stitching.

  9. wow!! han brought you wonderful gifts from london! I have been to london this summer. I discovered the liberty shop. it was marvellous!! and I bought two liberty fabrics.. well, they are still in their wonderful paper , with the label, in their wonderful purple bag....as you say, I will sort them out every now and then and simply look at them....they are precious things of beauty for us stitchers. only the stitchers can understand how much joy these gifts give us.. and the macaroons from laduree. I know them too. I bought them too, just like han, in their pale green bag. in the Burlington arcade. wonderful memories.. I love this post of yours . thank you so much. as Always. kisses. titty p. from italy

  10. What gorgeous goodies! The bags are as wonderful as the contents! Will Han be posting some photos on her blog soon?
    It's a great idea having a special page for your larger designs, spell check Thief though! LOL I can't help it, I'm sorry!

    1. yes she just put the post up.... http://morrisdoes.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/lndn.html

  11. Lucky you without a doubt and is not even your birthday! Have a lovely day, your stitching looks great.

  12. Wow! What great treasures you received- and your stitching progress looks great. Hope you're feeling better and better with each passing day.

  13. You are a lucky Mom , what great gifts Han brought for you .
    Great stitching , enjoy your day.

  14. I always enjoy stopping by and seeing what you're stitching. What thoughtful and lovely gifts. You're certainly a blessed lady. Have a wonderful weekend coming up really quickly.

  15. Oh yummy looking, you are so lucky. Lovely fabrics, I think she loves you such a sweet thing to do for you.
    Beautiful stitching projects.


  16. Can't wait to see what you'll do with that so lovely fabric. Those macarons looks great, so which one was your favorite? Hugs


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