Sunday, 2 August 2015

Go me!!

Hello wonderful happy friends... Wow!! I cannot actually believe it, it's AUGUST!! Here is my Joyful Journal Heart in Hand month :) they are all just so darn cute!! Loved stitching this one :)

Ok so I bet your all wondering why I put "Go me" ?? I will explain.....

Last time I posted I showed you all where I was up to with The Scarlet Letter Mary Gail design.  Oh my!! Well I looked at it and looked at it, the men's jacket that is.  And the more I looked the more I thought the colour was wrong.  Jon the sweetie checked the conversion to DMC threads and NO!! The number was wrong! So basically what I had stitched had to come out!! Eeeeeek!! 

Around this point I was thinking just as well I stopped when I did!!

Remember this is what it looked like.... Ha ah the wrong outer colour on the jacket.

See it's awfully light, got me doubting everything.

I stitched a little of the inner colour just to make sure! The thread bobbins here are what is listed... And 646 is not dark enough.

Here you can see the 646 I used and the darker colour I should of stitched it in! 

So a frogging I went!!.....

It took ages and ages!! Those tiny stitches on 45 count are really hard to get out!! I don't recommend it!!

So then I stitched from the inner bit I tested... Rather odd but it was a starting point I had when I had pulled all the other stitches out.

Then I went on.... Stitched more!! I also stitched the outer darker colour... I like it better!!  I still have the Middle bit and filler of the jacket to do.

So the "go me" is basically because after sitting 2 days sulking about what I had done and what I now he to do to correct it.... I DID IT!! Lol go me!! Ha ha a

I feel a lot happier about the colours now... On with the stitching! 

Today is Sunday and tomorrow here in England apparently is a bank holiday ?? News to me! Ha ha I am so out of the loop.  Well a nice long weekend for some! Enjoy :)

Hope your all well and merrily stitching or creating? 
I will pop back soon! 
Smiles to you all :)


  1. I thought it still looked good but it looks better now :). Nice job frogging as mine always has little bits of floss left over lol

  2. I liked it as it was but yes, can see a difference and it does look better. Well done xx

  3. I like the darker colours too.........

  4. Sorry you had a frog visit Jacquie. He looks great now. Congrats on the cute finish.


  5. Oh my, that was a lot to frog! Looks great though. I have to say that your finish is the cutest yet with the big blue whale. I've had a thing for whales lately! Something about them....

  6. Love the whale! Well done you for unsewing and then getting it back in again!!

  7. OMG Your sampler is looking gorgeous!!! WOW! So sorry that you had to frog but what a difference.
    GO Jacquie!!!! You did great. I would have felt exactly the same as you did wondering...
    It's truly beautiful! love Annette

  8. Oh no... not a frog visit.
    Bank holiday in Scotland only, but not us, ours is the end of the month.
    Best wishes x

  9. August is adorable!
    Good for you Jacquie. It looks so good now. What a pain, but worth it.

  10. Wow - love August! So pretty - and the sampler progress - lovely, lovely. Kudos to you, my Friend.

  11. Go you! The re-stitched jacket stands out better, congratulations on overcoming this challenge. :)
    Nice August finish!

  12. Oh no, attack of the frogs! You can really see the difference the correct colour makes, well done.
    And no, today was not a Bank Holiday in England, so get back to work LOL

  13. Oh no! There is nothing worse than discovering a wrong number.... and I feel your pain of trying to frog on 45ct!!
    But it is worth it... the jacket looks great now (looked fine before... but definitely looks better now!)
    Looking forward to seeing more of this one!
    Hugs xx

  14. Ack I hate frogging! It does look good though. Great stitching!


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