Saturday, 29 August 2015

Jon is back!! Yippppppeeee

Hello happy friends :)
I am happy today as jon is back home.... Yes back from his week assessment at the hospital.  We will now wait for the report, but we know the outcome already!  I think I already mentioned... He is now on a long long road of recovery they think 10-15 years to help improve him.  We shall see!  But he is back home and happy... Just like me! Lol I did miss him... Pleased he is home now.

Well I have been trying to do some stitching... Yes I have done some! 

Working on The Scarlet Letter Mary Gail, stitching on 45 count fabric with DMC threads. 

I really like the way this is coming together, and now Oooh moving onto flowers :). I still am quite shocked I am stitching this, I am stitching this!! Wow!! Ha ha 

I missed the link up, because I am actually useless... For the Gifted Gorgeousness sal (link in margin) but I should mention this one, the scarlet letter design the chart (on loan!) and fabric was gifted to me and the Strawberry Theif (sorry Jo I can never remember which way the I and e go for the spelling of this word! Ha ha darn dyslexia) was gifted to me too. I am so happy that people gift me things, it's so very kind and thoughtful and I cannot thank them enough.  It's wonderful as I get to stitch things I simply cannot afford or would never get a chance to.

Here is the Strawberry Theif (thief) lol ... Update....

Close up.... Yes I am rubbish at taking photos! 

For me this is the biggest project and my first Haed I have ever done.... It's very daunting.  And does not look like a lot, but in that tiny bit there are loads of stitches! And yes... Incase you think I have lost the plot I am stitching it upside down! Ha ha it's because I put it on the large frame and it's too far away the right way up! I cannot sit on the edge of the chair, still hurts my coccyx and knee so for now I am stitching it upside down! It's not like yo can tell from the design! Ha ha

My health has unfortunately got in the way of something that I love to do... Yes blogging.  I have made so many lovely friends over the time I have been blogging, I am sorry this year I have been a rubbish blogger.  I do hope things will improve and I update more, I really like to!  My health is just so unpredictable from day to day, this is what annoys me.  I will never just stop blogging so don't fear I am not going anywhere! If I get rushed off somewhere I will get Han to post an update... Oh yes Han... Check out her link in my margin, some photos from London when she went recently.  Blogging and stitching keeps me sane! Lol

Ok so I am going now as I need to stitch more! Ha ha 
Smiles to you all :)


  1. Anybody who has ever stitched a HAED knows how much time and work goes into "just that little bit" of stitching!
    It's looking wonderful so far! Looking forward to seeing more progress, and sending best wishes that your health starts cooperating:)

  2. So glad Jon is back home and hope he will improve, along with you!!!
    Your stitching is lovely--Mary Gail is really coming along! Beautiful colors!
    I haven't stitched a HAED design before, but I have seen the charts and they look rather involved, to say the least! I'm sure that is a LOT of stitching, and I can't wait to see more--I love the pattern you're stitching!

  3. Reunited and it feels so good!♫ tee hee! email me about Jon,okay?
    You are making fabulous progress!
    Off to visit with Han now.

  4. You've made lovely progress! Especially on your haed. I think it's so funny you started yours before I did mine lol

  5. Glad your hubby is home. Consider yourself brave for stitching on 45ct fabric! It's looking great. I have 3 HAED's and I have I started any of them? No! Scary things those HAED's. No worries on your blogging, it's understandable. At least you're getting some posts in. When you go an entire week without checking in, I think people get worried :) Take care!

  6. So pleased to hear Jon is home..... Stitching is great therapy it had helped many people get thru so much......

  7. Glad to hear he is home safe and sound. I hate it when my husband is away. Lovely progress with the stitching. I before E except after c and only if the it sounds like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rofl

  8. Happy to read that Jon is back home. Great stitching.

  9. Chére Jacquie,
    Je te souhaite de bien belles heures sur ce merveilleux projet!
    il est splendide!
    Je suivrais ton avancée avec plaisir

  10. Your HAED is growing well.
    Good news Jon is home safely and there is a plan in place to help him,

  11. Glad that Jon is back home again, it's not nice being apart.
    Mary Gail is looking great and the HAED is looking .... Started LOL. Every 100 stitches is another block ticked off and one day that splurge will look like something we recognise!

  12. I'm happy to read Jon is back the the news is good. Take care of yourself, my friend. We're here for you. One day at a time….

  13. Lovely stitching Jacquie and good to hear Jon is back home. Take care of each other!

  14. There is no place like home, I'm happy he is back.
    For some reason I'm not a big fan of people on those old samplers but I love flowers. They are magnificent! Nice progress on ST!

  15. Bon retour à la maison, great stitching. Best wishes.

  16. Your stitching is wonderful and so good to hear Jon is back home with you.


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