Saturday, 22 August 2015

Friday fun and ooooh!!....


Yes this has come around rather quickly!!  

Hello friends!! 

I have not been around much lately as I have been trying to get to grips with feeling rather low.  Oh you know just my knee getting to me and my lungs as they are taking forever to heal from the last lot of blood clots.  So I hope I am through the worst of it now and thanks to some wonderful blogging friends I am back again! 

I think keeping myself busy is a good thing, so I have been stitching more... Yes more! 

I have several projects on the go right now, and I love it!!! 

I was wanting to get into the wonder HAED I have, it's William Morris, the Strawberry Theif and it's awesome.  Just thought, ooooh daunting as its so large! 

Something wonderful happened, Evalina contacted me and wanted to stitch the same design along with me!! Cool huh!! 

This is the design...


Close up....

It's awesome, right?! 

Stitching with Evalina, her blog is This and that.... It's going to be fun stitching this wonderful design with someone else.

So I am thinking of putting all the photos i do in one place, so I think I will add a new tab at the top... Or take away the 2015 stitching as that just went to pot this year! I just have not uploaded any finished designs as I still cannot sit at my sewing machine for long. Wilł have the tab ready soon.

So here are some start up photos...

The OMG! threads!! Ha ha 

The part I have started, and will stitch more tomorrow..., lol and the day after...

I just thought.. Silly me thought how on earth am I going to keep track of how many stitches I have stitched! Doh!! Each square is 100 stitches!! Omg!! If I only had a brain! Lol I would be dangerous! Ha ah 

So many thread changes, I am pretty sure you all call it confetti... Interesting! If your wondering the little half stitch in the left corner is to remind me what what my stitches are going!! Seriously a big help for me as I am useless! I do it on a lot of my projects and it works! 

Ok well hopefully you will see this grow over the next few days, weeks and months... It's so exciting.

And now to show you what other wonderful projects I have on the go, keeping me busy....

I thought I had taken a more up to date photo... Appears not! Well you will have to take my word for it! I literally have just totally finished stitching the man... He is done!! So will be moving onto some flowers next I think... Cannot wait to add more colours.

Quick re-cap, it's the Scarlet Letter design called Mry Gail...... 

And it will look eventually like this.... How pretty?! 

And there is more!! Ha ha yes I decided to do a little hand stitching... As a kind of experiment! 

It's from this wonderful book I have...

I have had it years so thought it was about time I made something from it!! 

Bearing in mind I have no skills, just winging it! Lol 
And me being me decided on rather odd colours to experiment with! Yes, a pine tree, I mean how hard can that be? 

Remember I am stitching by hand and cutting all out by hand too... Ha he well jon helped as I cannot cut straight! 

Fabric cut and templates too... I thought 4 was a good number!! 


Just before stitching... Should be interesting!! 


OMG!!! OMG!!! 
I knew there was a reason why I had never experimented with triangles!! HELP!!!

I just managed to stitch it together, but oh what a hash up!! As I have 4 to stitch I am hoping by the 4th one it will look better than the first one! And it may ha ha look better once I have ironed it too!!  Lol not sure how long this project it going to take me, depends if I get side tracked! Ha ah 


Oh yes!! Yesterday Han said omg! Your hair has grown and it's a little curly! Well rather odd thing to say as my hair is taking forever to grow and it straight!! So Han took a photo!! 

Lol don't look at the mess in my home! Ha ha paper cuttings all over the floor when she did this too!! 



So after looking at these photos I thought, wow! My hair has grown!! I had washing it and stuck it up straight away, then later I put in down and pinned the sides up.  And it did this!! 

I am doing lots of things right now, keeping me busy... I love it!! 

I will be doing heaps of stitching next week as its just Han and I at home.  Jon is going into hospital, for  an assessment.  It's basically to see how the specialists and doctors can help jon to have a better quality of life.  It's a long long road of recovery he will be on, with no guarantees if anything will help, but for us anything will do.  Hope is good thing to have.  I know we will never have the life we had before his accident, all I hope is that they help him to manage his pain more and maybe his posture? This is a long time coming, well 5 actually!  So a whole week without jon, it will be rather odd I am sure, will Skype and chat on messenger :)

Ok, ta ta for now!! 
Keep smiling :)


  1. Une grille fantastique de Williams Morris,je la posséde aussi ,mais manque de temps!
    Je suivrais donc avec plaisir l'avancée,bonne idée de le broder a deux!
    Bonne chance a vous deux

  2. looks like you had as much fun with your Paper piecing as I did. ;P We'll get it as we progress.

  3. I am so impressed with all your many projects keeping you busy.
    Your hair is so pretty Jacquie. Really.
    I am praying for dear Jon. I am sure he is rather anxious.

  4. Glad to see you're keeping up with your crafts to keep busy and help with the depression :). Good luck to Jon! It'll be like girls day except all week lol that always helps me

  5. Awesome stitching and quilting! Let's get those thieves moving. Love your hair. Maybe some day we can connect on Skype and stitch together.

  6. Your stitching and quilt look great Jacquie. Sending prayers and happy thoughts for you and Jon.


  7. No matter how much I love William Morris's work I wouldn't ever dare start this!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. You are going to be one very busy person over the coming weeks/months. Hang in there with the paper piecing. It does your head in.....ask me how I know.

  9. Great stitching as always. I've just bought a HAED pattern too. It's going to be a long slow process.

  10. Well, you have certainly made up for lost time this post! Don't forget to make a GG post with Mary Gail, there's another week to go to link up.
    Your tree block looks like my attempts at sewing, maybe practise will make perfect.
    I saw Evalina's post about the SAL, such a great idea to set a target. 100 stitches a day seems possible!
    Hope Jon's assessment goes well too.

  11. Good luck to Jon at the hospital for his assessment, I hope they can give him some positive news and some help.
    Great stitching, good start on the HAED design.
    Take care x

  12. Nothing like hand stitching of sewing to soothe the soul.

  13. OMG! That William Morris design is so detailed. You get a bravery award from me for even thinking of attempting it! All those threads for one project..... heck! Have a lovely time with Hannah and I hope all goes well for Jon at the hospital. xxxx
    p.s. Your hair does look lovely... gorgeous colour


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