Friday, 22 April 2016

Something new.....

I have been tired a lot lately.... Still managing to stitch.... Although I am saving the up date for a few more days! 

Have something to share with you all... As the post says, something new.....


Here is our new car!! Not sure I like the colour, I thought it was more Orange? Oh well I am sure it will grow on me.

I am really excited as it's an automatic car and means I don't have to use my left damaged leg to drive now!! Yes our other car was manual and I just could not change gear using the clutch without pain going through my knee... So I am hoping to get out a bit more now...pain permitting naturally.

Here is the brochure colour, so you can kind of see why I thought it more Orange...

Ha ha jon said it looks more orange due to the sun shining on the paint work... Well if that is the case we need to take it to a nice sunny place so I can drive it around looking more orange! 

Bye bye to my old car.... I did love it, hope I love the new one as much.

Nothing exciting in today's post...well craft wise! Sorry!! 
I will do another post very soon with an up date of my wonderful sampler I am stitching 😊 I was just so excited about our new car I had to show you all!! Hope you don't mind!! I don't know anyone, don't have any physical friends so who else am I to show?! Ha ha 

On my health front.... Nothing is happening yet! I had an ultra sound scan of my vital organs....I have to wait for the doctors to review it and then contact me.  Other than that nothing else has happened! Still waiting! 

Ok.... Smiles to you all and I will be back soon 😊


  1. You have a great new car! I wish you many safe kilometers!

  2. Hope you get lots of lovely adventures in your new car...hopefully to lots of craft shops!

  3. Oh I like the bronze color.
    Like you, I wait. And wait. puh!

  4. There seems to be something wrong with the sky in your photos too! It's not that nice bright blue.
    It will be lovely for you to be able to get out and about more. I foresee a trip to Ikea with Han and Kevin.

  5. What a great car! And I love the copper colour!It will definitely look better in sunshine! Hope the results of your tests are good!Hugs and bon voyage!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Love the color. Hope you are able to get out more.

  7. Congratulations on the new family member!! Great colour, looking forward to seeing a sunshne photo. Will be wonderful for you to get out and about.

  8. How exciting! I hope you have lots of fun adventures and lots of stash shopping.

  9. Great car! Looks spacious and "gritty"!
    I wish you many happy miles with it... in the sun of course, so it will be more orange as you like!
    A big hug,
    PS can't believe you don't have any physical friend... such a lovely person like you!

    1. Thanks for popping by :)
      Yes it's true, I really don't have any physical real friends.... I never grew up here where I now live and being stuck in my home I don't really meet anyone. I have not had the chance to make any friends... Being over 40 I think it's harder as everyone now has expstablished friends. It's ok... I have many online friends :) xx

  10. Awesome addition to your family - love the color, too! I'd call it "metallic copper".....think of the Kreinik metallic threads and how beautiful those colors are - PERFECT!

  11. Yay! Awesome new car! I've never driven a manual so I don't know how but I know this will be a lot easier for you!

  12. I know what you are talking about: after 20 years, I moved a few months ago, not very far from where I used to live, but far enough to make it hard to keep in touch with my friends.
    As I am over 40, too, I understand you very well when you say that it's hard to make new friends.
    I haven't met anyone yet, nor people living in my same condominium, and I feel a bit lonely sometimes (and sometimes I feel terribly lonely!).
    I hope it's just a matter of time, there should be a small place for me in people's life...
    I understand that you hardly go out of home, but your brand new car may give you the opportunity to meet new people, I'm sure there must be a knitting club, a crafter association or something similar in your area, where you can spend a couple of hours, stitching and chatting!
    (And if it doesn't exist... why don't you create it?)
    Anyway, I'm happy if I can keep you some company!
    a big hug,

  13. Well, your new car sure is pretty! It's the color of a new penny. I hope that you can soon drive it. I also hope you're feeling well.

  14. Oh how beautiful! Don't you love the smell of a new car? Hope it brings you many Happy Travels! love Annette

  15. Getting a new car gives you such a rush. I remember the first week that I got my last car. I could not stop smiling. I felt like a totally new person and I felt so special whenever I got in or out of the car. I felt like everyone could tell how great of a car it really was.

    Douglass @ Viva Kia


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