Saturday, 9 April 2016

Under the weather...

NFirstly sorry for not popping in sooner but I have been quite poorly.  I have had this dreadful head cold lingering and I have had terrible sickness too.... But I am here now!!

I have something exciting to share with you all... Eeeeeeekkkk!!!!
Well you all know I love Hands Across The Sea Samplers, their designs are wonderful! I would say that seeing as I am stitching one....right!! But oh!! The designers, Nicola and Sandra have just, literally just released another design.  It's beautiful...really pretty.  I love the colours in it and the look of it too... It's oozing happiness.  

Here it is...

Borrowed the picture from Hands Across The Sea Samplers 😊

How wonderful is that!!! I have a link in my side bar, just click the sampler photo and it takes you to there site... Go have a peek!! 

I have been trying to keep myself busy....yes with stitching!

In my side bar I have the link for this cute little ABC SAL I joined.  The next square was released a little while ago and I have only just got around to stitching it.

Here is how they all look so far...

Sorry I am not the best at taking photos! 

For a little while now I have been secretly been stitching little things for gifts for stitching friends... And I managed to finish one and post it off too! Well ok, Han posted it for me! 

Here is what I made, it's ok I can show you as its been received! The design is from one of my many English magazines in my stash! I thought it pretty so stitched it! 

And am happy to say the person that received this really liked it! And the other little bits I sent too.

I love to send things to friends, so much so that now I have a 'hit list'! Ha ha basically a list of names in order of need... 

And of course I have been stitching away on the stunning sampler Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1871 from the design studios of Hands Across The Sea Samplers...

Here is where I last left off...

Here is what I have been stitching....

And I am pleased to say I attempted my first satin stitch... This had to be filled with satin stitch.

Thankfully on the Hands Across The Sea Sampler pages (link in side bar) they have a helpful section and it showed me how to do satin stitch! This was a wonderful aid and I followed it a couple of times before I got the general idea what to do.

Then I stitched more...

That was a rather naff photo so took some more today whilst stitching...

This is the section I am concentrating on now....

The bird is so pretty... Soon have him finished! 

And am loving every stitch, it's a really lovely design and a joy to stitch.

Ooooh yes!! Recently I found out about a great magazine I would of loved... Ha ha just my luck really finding out about something when it's finished! Yes it's the Sampler & Antique Needlework magazine.  Paper issues are hard to come by, without paying massive postage costs so you can imagine when jon told me he had found one on eBay in England too!! 


Hours of drooling reading! Ha ha I say reading! I don't read as such, well not books anyway.  I love stitching reading though! 

Ooooh yes!! Han has been busy drawing again so thought I would share some of her drawings...

Ha ha well this is not really a drawing, she said she was lying in bed and the shadow off her light was on the ceiling... So what she do? Made it into a jellyfish!! Oh but it's adorable! 

And some drawing too....

I thought this had the look of a cartoon almost.... 

Han draws in so many different styles, clever really. I think she is going through a plant phase now!!

Ok I am going now....  Summer must be on its was as when Han went out recently I got sent this photo....

Ha ha she look freezing!! But Han did say it was her first ice cream of 2016!! 

Thank you all so much for popping in to visit me :)

Have a lovely happy smiley weekend xx


  1. I am sorry you have been poorly Jacquie. Your stitching is coming on great. What a great gift you gave! Ha! Our three children eat ice cream almost every day of the year. I am NOT exaggerating at all.

  2. The sampler is developing greatly and I am seeing one more in your future LOL!.
    Sorry you are feeling poorly hope you feel better soon!
    Thank you so very much for the gift! I loved everything and especially the daisies pin cushion!

  3. The little alphabet sampler is looking great. nearly done now.
    Superb progress on Mary Ann Bournes too. Your satin stitches look great. Nicola has some tips for stitching them if the coverage is working out but your's look perfect.
    Han looks cold but ice-cream is worth suffering for!

  4. Awesome progress Jacquie. Your sampler and satin stitches look great.


  5. Beautiful stitching Jacquie. I love the colours of those silks, and the colours you chose for the ABC SAL. Poor Han looks freezing!

  6. I hope you finish recovering quickly!
    Your stitching is lovely and the piece you are working on is beautiful. I will have to check out Hands Across the Sea.

  7. hey get your self better quick.........I hate colds........they can hang on for so long......lovely stitching......

  8. Hope that cold gets the boot very soon!! Beautiful stitching happening at your place too...that new sampler is amazing! Lovely pin cushion you have made, very cheery! Had to laugh at Han...coat and scarf and ice cream!! Sums up Engligh weather really!! Lol!!

  9. Sending good thoughts that you will feel much better every day that passes. Great stitching

  10. Hope you continue to mend and feel better. Lovely stitches....every one.

  11. I hope you get better soon I think I'm coming down with something too :(. Your stitching is gorgeous and that pillow is so cute! Enjoy your magazine :)

  12. Good luck on your healing Jaquie.
    I had my first icecream cone today yummy.
    Beautiful stitch choices, love the daisy pillow.



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