Friday, 29 April 2016

Where have I been....

Lol no where! 
I have actually been taking things easy.... Things here were a little hectic at one point but are now happily returning back to normal. Ha ha what ever normal is!!

Well hello every one!! Thank you so much for popping in to see me...I do hope you like my post today.

As you all know I have been stitching ( to keep my sanity!) the lovely sampler Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1791 designed by Hands Across The Sea Samplers .... Link in my side border 😊

I thought I was not making progress...see it's a rather large design and I was stitching and stitching.  So thought I would show you my journey so far.  I am five weeks today into this wonderful journey and really living every stitch....


Week one....

Week two...."

Week three....

Week four....

Week five...."

Wow!! It's so much more clearer what progress I have made layer out like this!! I am thrilled!! 

So that's that stitching!! 

I have some bits to share with you all....

Han recently went out with Kevin and lucky me got something nice! 

How awesome is this fabric! Sorry you all know I am unless at taking photos so tilt your head! Hee hee

For a little while I have been wanting to try perforated paper... Why? Well I am not sure! Ha ha I have read posts some have made about stitching on perforated paper and it seems ok! And as I am one for trying new things I thought I would give it a go!  Well the paper arrived today... Not sure what to do with it yet?! Ha ha 

Do I just stitch on it like it was fabric? One strand or two? And do I then cut the paper around the design? See I know nothing! Ha ha any suggestions would be wonderful 😋

Something rather special to share with you all....

Not long to go now well the 12 May actually!! This is Hans birthday, but not any birthday! It's Hans 21st!! Time has flown by! We, that is jon and I asked ha what she wanted, we wanted it to be something really special... All Han kept going on and on and on about was an iPad pro ( the large one) with the new pencil.  As you all know Han loves to draw so this is probably the best gift we could give Han, knowing she would use it all the time.

So that's what we got her!! Unfortunately the parcel arrived early and Han guessed! Well we don't have packages delivered! She was shrieking at the poor delivery man when he came today! He actually commented but saying he had never been greeted like that before! Ha ha

Here is Hans new iPad pro and pencil.. She is still thinking of a name to call it! No doubt you will see it pop up every now and then as I have now tasked her to take my photos! Ha ha

As you can see it's rather large! 

Jon and I are so happy she loves it.... Lol it keeps her quiet! Ha ha so as I know you read my blog Han....

Even if it is slightly early! 

Ok.... So I am going now but I may have something really special and exciting to share with you all really soon 😊

Until I next pop in.....Keep smiling.....


  1. I can't believe how fast you are stitching up your Sampler. It is so pretty and my goodness almost done. What an amazing and wonderful birthday gift. So Cool

  2. Hi there friend , you are stitching up some wonderful stitching , looks great .

  3. You've made amazing progress on Mary Ann, the photos really show how much you stitch each week.
    Brooke's Books have some great designs for stitching on perforated paper. Also, Christmas Ornament designs are good. You need a design with whole stitches only, no fractionals and just stitch as usual. Doing each stitch individually is usually better (rather than in rows) and using 3 strands may help with coverage. Cut out the design with long nosed scissors and back with felt or card to cover the stitches. Join Brooke's FB page for more hints and tips!
    The iPad looks awesome, get a case though. They break so easy. Depending on how clumsy Han is, the Griffin Survivor is the best. Army-tested and even more rigourously Special Needs School tested!! If she is careful a generic leather one which doubles as a stand if fine.

  4. Wonderful progress on Mary Anne! I love perforated paper to make small items like ornaments. On my blog I have some finishes there in the year tabs at the top... Enjoy!

  5. Happy birthday Han! iPads are fun enjoy! Jacquie your stitching is gorgeous! I hope you are enjoying relaxing :)

  6. Awesome progress Jacquie.


  7. I loved trading your update. Happy birthday Han. Enjoy your gift.

  8. Wow you are stitching up a storm. Lovely gift for Han and happy birthday to her.
    Waiting to see what you stitch on perforated paper.

  9. good to see you back.....great present idea for Han and OMG she's 21..........

  10. It's incredible how much you have already stitched of this wonderful sampler.

  11. Your sampler looks gorgeous - and what a lot you have stitched! Beautiful work. Happy early birthday to Han too!

  12. Oh Han will have such fun now! Your sampler is soooooooooooooo pretty. Thank you for the smile my friend. Yes, I do need it. I am still hurting.

  13. Love seeing the progress on your sampler. It's beautiful. Looks like the perfect gift for Han!

  14. Wow - are you ever Speedy Gonzales on that sampler. Love seeing the progress. You'll have it done in no time.

  15. Love the progress on your sampler. Great job.

  16. Your sampler is coming along nicely. Happy Birthday to Han

  17. Wow, I can't believe how much progress you have made on your sampler. It's marvelous! You'll be done in no time. Happy Birthday to Han! It's great when you can give a gift that you know the recipient loves.

  18. The sampler is amazing! You must be proud of yourself!
    About Han, I'm sure she'll enjoy the gift, young generations are in love with technology!
    My eldest son is turning 16 on May 15th and he asked us a new keyboard and a new mouse for the computer he is going to buy this summer!
    PS what about your new car? Did you try it?

  19. Your sampler looks fabulous. Your needle is smoking. You will want to use either 2 or 3 strands of floss when you are stitching on perforated paper. The design should not have any fractional stitches like 1/4 or 3/4. Have fun with it.

  20. You've done a lot on your sampler and it looks wonderful. All my hints for stitching on perforated paper Jo has already listed, so I won't bore you by repeating them.

  21. My son will be 21 in May so they have the same age!LOL! What a great gift! Your stitching is developing exceptionally well!AriadnefromGreece!

  22. Oh and about perforated paper, I had a kit once and stitched it. I think I used two threads but it was the needle up down system that I had to follow that tired me!LOL!AriadnefromGreece!

  23. You've whizzed along with the sampler, well done Jacqui.
    Happy early Birthday to Han

  24. So good to see how your stitching is progressing!! It looks amazing. Great gift for Han, she will be super happy! Happy birthday wishes to Han!! Good luck with the perforated paper.


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