Sunday, 3 April 2016

Been stitching with friends....

Hello happy friends! 
It's true I have been stitching with friends.... Online ones, all over the world!

Hope you have all been busy? I have been stitching heaps! 

On my last post I mentioned that I was stitching a wonderful design called Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1791 from the design studios of Hands Across The Sea Samplers... Ooo yes!! I have a link now in my side bar!! :)

Here is where I left off in my last post...

And here is what I have managed to do....

I am having real trouble putting my needle down! Thank you all so much for leaving a comment.... I have decided to go.....UP!! 

I have something rather exciting to share with you all!! Well our friend Jo let me know when she messaged me!! I had no idea! So when Han went out she got me a copy of Cross Stitch Collection magazine, it's May 2016 issue.

This one....

And inside.... Ha ha yes me! Well ok not me! But my stitching!! Eeeeeeek!! And omg!! I had the star letter!!! Awesome!! 

Here is the lovely pin cushion I made....

I made it for a fellow stitchers birthday... 

How cool is that!! 

Ooooh yes ..... I received some happy post!!! A total surprise I may add!! Thank you to the lovely Sue (kiwi kid) your so very sweet xx

This is what was in the package...all the way from Australia!! Sue went along to the quilt show...and lucky me got sent some surprises from there!!

How cute is this!! And as it happens I did not have a mat on my over the bed table! So that is where this lives now!! 

How cute is this pin cushion!! It's adorable :) and yes, I will stick pins into the lovely mouse! I will make him look like a hedgehog! Ha ah  I love it!!

Then there was this.... I did not know what it was, and as it happens I still don't know it's name! Oh but it's VERY useful!! 



It will be used for those little projects I need to take to the hospital appointments....I can stitch while I wait keeping all my bits together!! It's name? Nope! I don't know... Maybe I should call it.. Margo? Why? Because I can! Ha ha 

Thank you so much Sue for your kindness and friendship xx

Ok....going now as its almost 2 am here! Ha ha I guess it makes no odds as I don't sleep much these days.  I don't stitch all night, I do try to switch off... Catch up with some blogs, watch some naff early morning TV! 

Until I next pop in... Keep smiling :) 


  1. oh love the bee pincushion..........

  2. Don't you just love surprise parcels, especially when they are full of such delightful goodies? What beautiful gifts!

  3. How lovely that you had your letter printed in the Collections magazine, and what lovely presents you received! Your stitching project is looking great, you stitch much faster than I do! Such a good idea covering the outer rim of your stitching, I'd never thought of that, but it's certainly something I need to do. Great post Jacquie!
    Smiles, Barbara xx

  4. Great progress on this wonderful sampler. And congratulations on being featured in the magazine.

  5. What lovely gifts! Today I ran 5000m at the city festival. At first I thought I couldn't do it. Then after 1000m I thought of you. I thought I will do it for Jacquie, she would smile if I do and I did it!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. I read your Star Letter. How wonderful! I remember the bee cushion of course. Sue certainly spoiled your with many pretty gifts.
    Like you, I am trying to smile through it all.

  7. Great progress on your stitching. Congrats on being featured . Lovely gifts from Sue

  8. WOW! Miss Mary Ann is looking beautiful - great progress! Love your bee pincushion you made for a gift! Congrats on being selected for Star Letter - WOOHOO!!! I bet you were soo surprised. Lovely lovely gifts from Sue! love Annette

  9. What a wonderful week of surprises! Congratulations on the Star Letter! You have a wonderful friend sending such lovely and thoughtful gifts. Your stitching is wonderful. You will have that sampler done before you know it. I look forward to continuing to watch it develop.

  10. well done being in the magazine, you're famous!!Thank you for your kind thoughts and message on my blog.

  11. Congratulations on your star letter! Your bee pincushion is so pretty. And what lovely gifts from Sue. Is that a project roll? Anyway it's all beautiful.

  12. I love reading your blog. You are such a positive person. I adore everything you stitch too and it is always looking so beautiful. I would love to join in with the Friday night stitching with friends. How do I do this? xx

    1. Hello!! Thank you so much for your comment :) joining is easy peasy! Down the right side bar here on my blog, scroll down to find the same Friday night stitching with friends logo.... It's a quick link button and will take you to the blog organising it. That is the easiest thing to do and everything is explained there. Smiles :)

  13. Heh - what a happy post! Gifts, your winning and being published....and the progress on your stitching! Heavenly.....

  14. Nice progress. Congrats on your star letter. Such beautiful gifts you received.

  15. Wonderful progress you have made with your cross stitch!! Woo Hoo!!! Now you are famous and in print!!! Might have to ask for your autograph!!! Lol!! So happy you like the surprises, don't know what Margo is called, but Margo sounds wonderful...hope she helps with your stitching!!

  16. Congrats on being chosen for Star Letter, a nice prize to look forward to as well. Your Bees were lovely and such a great gift to send out to a stitching friend.
    Sue certainly made some wonderful things for you too.

  17. I love those little birds on the Mary Bourne sampler! So much character.
    Congratulations on being the Star Letter too. It quite made up for me not knowing the Blogger of the Month is this edition. They usually pick one of my friends!
    The project roll may be called a huswif (from the word housewife). Here's an article about them -
    Of course Margo was a famous housewife (she certainly never worked and was very house proud! Unlike her neighbour LOL)

  18. Your stitching is just divine! I love that gorgeous antique-styled sampler! So, so pretty! And your sweet little bee pincushion! You are published again! You will become a famous figure there, before you know it!


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