Sunday, 13 November 2016


Oh my! I am totally useless! 
I guess I just get engrossed with things I am doing and just forget about being this blog! 

I am here now so best I let you all know what I have been up to! 

I have been going swimming and dear Han took a hmmm lovely photo of me! Ha ha it's terrible! I look really hot and bothered! Just been for a swim and in the steam room, showered and dressed and sat waiting to get hair dried at the driers! Nice!! Ha ha

Our house is going to be a little quieter for the next 3 weeks.  Han is off on a course run by the hospital (Stanmore) to help her manage her life long condition.  Her recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia and other things I forget the names of.  Apparently had these conditions a long long time but just now been given the diagnosis..and with that help comes! So on the course she will get help from all kinds of specialists and it will hopefully give her skills and lots of good advice on how to live and cope with her illness.  Han will be blogging daily from her hotel, so if you want to pop in on her, her link is in my side bar.  She goes Monday. Good luck Han and looking forward to you coming back more informed than when you left! 

I have been stitching and stitching.... It's almost finished!! That means I will soon be able to share it all with you! I have also added a few more lines on my knitting.... The wool is really heavy, any one else have this problem? It hurts my wrists if I hold it too long. 

I love the colour of the wool...

My favourite go to food right now is toast and beans! The bread is rather special, has no dairy and soya! Mmmmmmm

I got to surf around Amazon.... Ha ha I don't do this often! And I came across a rather interesting book....

It just screamed, buy me! Of course it did! Ha ha so yes, I bought it! I am still waiting for it to be delivered, but I am quite excited about this.  Oh I plan on giving it a go! I like a good challenge! Ha ha it may take me a little while to gather all the supplies though!! 

Got to go! 
My needle is calling me....

Happy smiles to you all :) 


  1. Hello, Jacquie. So good to know you're doing well and still stitching, knitting, swimming and laughing. Kudos to Han and learning to cope with fibromyalgia- it's not a small thing to live with. Best wishes to her.well, better scoot - lots to do today.

  2. Ha! You know who I thought of with your hair all a mess like that?! Billy Idol! Ha!
    I am sorry for Han and her difficult disease she has.Good for her being proactive about it.
    Wow! You are certainly getting reading for a challenge with THAT book!!

  3. I hope Han can get lots of help to encourage her to live a full life.
    You look great Jacqui

  4. I think you look wonderful in that picture! Glad to hear you are still swimming, and very glad to hear Han is working on her fibromyalgia. Best wishes to both of you!

  5. your looking good there even if waiting for the hair to dry...............goodluck to Han hope she gets some great good help.............enjoy the beans........

  6. That's a great picture! I hope Han learns a lot the is helpful - chronic diseases can be so tiring. Lovely colours in that wool. enjoy your book when it arrives.

  7. Good to see you post. Love the colors of the wool.

  8. You look so well! Great to see. Love the wool..and cant wait to see you starting something from your book!

  9. I hope Han got the help she needed! Enjoy the book you look great!


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