Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Yes!! It's freezing here! Really really cold.  Ok, when I say freezing, I guess not quite, I mean you think freezing as ice like the arctic?! Not quite arctic here, not yet! But for southern England it's cold! 

And I had to go out today!! The car went in to be checked.... I heard knocking and wanted it investigated.  Arrived at the garage, some 30 miles away! It's alright as it was a really nice drive through the countryside, lots of narrow winding roads. All the trees look wonderful, the colours are beautiful.  My favourite time of year. Han would of taken photos but her phone was almost dead... Thankfully she did manage to take one...this one...

My lovely car up on ramps being investigated! Apparently the clamps that hold the exhaust on where not doing a very good job and were a little loose.  So the garage man is ordering more and we will have to go back next week to get them fitted.  

On the way back home had took ha ha the plast photo she could then her phone did die! It shows us literally driving in green! 

All that was around us is woodland, it was really nice and really relaxing looking at the rolling scenery.  I am sure when we have to go back it will be a lovely drive again.

Have I told you all its cold here? 

Ha ha ha 

Stitching is coming along nicely.... Nope! Sorry can't share this with you all yet! 

I can show you all what I made last night, a little while ago jon treated me and subscribed to 'The One Stitch Club' designs by Kathy Schmitz.  Basically every month there is a new design emailed to me to stitch and enjoy.  It's really nice and an all year gift to enjoy.  Novembers design is rather cute, two darling squirrels...I thought I would have a go at this one! 

I am enjoying appliqué so thought I would give that a go..... And stitched the other one. I am thinking of making them into a little needle holder as I keep loosing my needles! A lot of fun.

Well as they say....that's all folks! Hee hee

Until I next pop in, keep smiling :) 


  1. I'm glad the car problem was something fairly simple, and such a lovely drive. Love your little squirrels.

  2. Very sweet stitching. Stay warm!

  3. Oh that frost looks cold!!! Good to hear the car is easily fixed. Lovely to drive in the countryside, there is wonderful countryside around you there! Love the squirrels!!

  4. Jaquie: Good luck on the auto.
    Love the squirrels so sweet.


  5. wow so great,, i like your writting
    well i'm rahman an Indonesian
    warm regard

  6. Great pictures I'm glad it was nothing serious!


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