Sunday, 20 November 2016

Christmas will soon be here!

And I had better do something! Ha ha 

I have been playing around with some fabric and hexies, to make a little table thing for my mums table to put something Christmassy on! 

Here is what I have been doing.... And maybe a little help with the final decision? I cannot decide which way around to sew it! See what you think....

Oh yes, I found this cute design for a basic hexie in the Quilters World magazine Fall 2014 page 122. I subscribe digitally to this. 😊☃❄️⛄️

As you can see I could not decide which way to stitch it! 

Then came up with a snowflake design....
But which way around? 
This way? 

Or this way? 

Thank you for your assistance I deciding which way, it's got me really puzzled and frustrated as I just want to sew it now! 

What else have I been up to? Yes stitching! I only actually have 7 more words to sew! Then it's finished!! I personally find the end part really hard, you know when it's almost finished.  See I like stitching so much I don't want it to end! Unfortunately I seem to find other things to do rather than finish stitching! I need to pull my finger out and get it finished!! The next design is already lined up for me to start!! Oh that one is really lovely and cannot wait to start it! H aha better get those last few words done!! 

My dad and I went along to bingo today, it's really nice to spfun no time with him, and we do have a giggle. So my awesome meal planner went out the window slightly today, only slightly though! 

Weetabix and oaty milk, it's the new variety with added protein.

Dinner... I was at the Bingo and needed to eat, only thing on the menu safe I could eat was chips, so I had a small bowl. No photo :(

Lunch this evening was yummy! 
Peas and carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, steamed chicken breast with a little gravy.

This is what I have had today... I don't eat snacks as they fill me up too much.  I do however drink plenty of water, only with ice as I find it easier and nicer to drink.

That's all for today...

Until I next pop in, smile :) xx


  1. I really like the first snowflake design. I think the floral hexies catch the eye more and really show the snowflake. You can't be too rigid with your eating plan, life doesn't work that way. You had fun with your dad and you found something you could tolerate. Good day!

  2. I really like the last picture, it makes me think of a snowflake and really catches the eye, love the happy snowmen!! So good to hear you are finding things to eat, chips are my go to food when out too!! Your chicken dinner looks yummy!! Good luck with getting those last words done.

  3. I agree with the snowflake design that Bea prefers. :D
    Glad you had fun with your Dad!

  4. Love the snowman!! So happy to read your post....

  5. I like the last photo for the quilting project. You are so smart and can do it all!! Glad you had fun with your father.

  6. I'm having a catch up read.... sending you a {hug} Jacqui. Your meals do look nice and appealing. Love the little snowman hexi's they are so cute.

  7. I like the first & second layouts the best. Look forward to seeing which way you decide to stitch it up!

  8. Those look yummy :) I'm sure you've decided but I love the last design but all of the hexies are adorable!

  9. looks like you are enjoying your days. Love the turkey hat by the way. Good luck with your 2017 year long project. I really want to see your progress on that one.



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