Thursday, 25 April 2013


I seem to be slacking at the blog thing lately :(  Oooops!


What have I been up to...

Hmmm collected new car!  And I love it!  This is SO much better for Jon too... means we might actually get to go places now!?

What else... hmmmm

I decided to 'try' if I could to follow my life long ambition to become a nurse, this is something I have wanted to do since very little.  And well was on the path when I left school, got married, moved abroad, had a child... you know the normal stuff got in the way so my dream took a back seat!  So now... Han is grown up and well I am settled in UK... sure I care for Jon... but this is what I want to do!!! I want to care for people!

I have been looking into how to go about this...

I recently went along to Cardiff Universities open day... they have an amazing nursing degree program and would LOVE to eventually get onto that!  So I am looking at this logically and realistically...

Han, Dylan the Welsh dragon and me! lol  At Cardiff University.

As you know (or may not!) I have SpLD's... dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.  This will NOT stop me!! I know I can do the work, I know I can study and I know I am not stupid!!  I guess starting out with the Open University made me realize that actually I can do the study and I can learn... and these days the Uni's/colleges have excellent programs for people with SpLD's in order to support them.

I am looking at my options and what I have to do... so fingers crossed I manage to get onto an access course that then allows me to apply for the nursing degree program.

Not sure what I am doing about my studies with The Open University?  I mean I cannot surely do 2 things!  I am not super women!  So I have a meeting with a college on the 22nd May and will know more then!  Until then I will I guess continue with the OU! :)

What else...
Paris is off!  Han does not want to go there now!  See whilst in Cardiff I bought her some birthday presents and she does not want anything else!  The presents are wrapped up for now... her birthday is on the 12th May so will post some photos then! :)

What else...
Well I had a long chat with The Weight Loss Guys about me and my health!  And well its good for me to be around 'good' vibes and to try... and build on it... SO I am going back tonight to the session!  Oh dont worry I will not be doing a full session...  I cannot I dont think!  I am working on increasing my energy levels, hopefully that will pick up and I will  be back on the road to recovery.

My eating habits are still all over the place and I have to some days force myself to eat.  Today for example I did not eat anything all day until about 5pm... just did not feel hungry.  This is what I did eat...

And then about 1 hour later I felt the urge to eat scrambled egg! So did!! :)

I guess I will have to be weighed this evening...hmmm not actually looking forward to that, if I am honest!  I may see if I can delay it until next week!

What else...
ha ha ha I am sure there is more!
Well this will do until I think of more!


So I went along to my first session back to The Weight Loss Guys tonight, it was more of a session to ease me back into it and to do what I could, what with me still being ill.  And to go and mix with all the lovely happy people and pick up my confidence again.  Well I am happy to say I really enjoyed the session, I lasted longer than I thought I would.... I thought after 10 minutes max I would of felt drained but I actually lasted about half the session so am really pleased with myself.  

I also go weighed and was really shocked at what it said!  The say 4 weeks I have been out of action due to illness I only put on 2lbs!! Amazing really!! I am really pleased with myself as I have been trying to eat healthily when I have felt hungry.  I need to concentrate on my energy levels now and bring those up.

After the session Han and I went for a swim and steam room visit!  It was really nice to relax in there and just what we both needed.

Feeling happy and back on it! :)


  1. WELL DONE! Moral support is soo important.

    I am sure you will be a wonderful nurse after overcoming so many battles yourself:))


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