Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What a day...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well yesterday Jon Han and I and Han's friend Morgan all went to Thorpe Park for the day.  We have had annual Merlin Entertainment passes for some time now and they enable us to visit the attractions for free.

Some photos I took...

Han and her friend actually went on this!!!...Mental!!

Han is on the inside... you cannot miss her pink hair!! :)  Her friend would not go on.... ha ha ha

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Map of the Park, Han and her friend went pretty much on everything!  Me... nope I wimped out!  Kept Jon company and pretty much drank coffee all day! :)

This photo is Han with Amelia Lily and Adam from Lawson!! I know... mental right!  We walked passed them and Han well pretty much screamed in my ear!  She knew instantly who they were!  Me being me... who, where, what!! lol  So I told her that they probably wanted to be left alone, wanting to enjoy the day.  We just kept bumping into them all over the park... they were on the same ride.. SWARM as Han and her friend and naturally Han thought that was amazing!  So after that ride Han went up to them and said hello!  And they chatted and agreed to do a photo!!  It made Han's day :)

We spent the whole day in the park and got home around 6.30pm... pleased it did not rain :)

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