Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I am Back....

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So as it says... I am back!! hmm well not 100% but I am slightly better!  I did not want to stay away too long as some may think I have decided to give up blogging.... NEVER!!

Well bet your wondering what the devil I have been up to... 

I have been really ill :(

I first started to get really bad head aches, my ears hurt and I found that I could not concentrate on anything.  Today to be honest has been the first day that I have had a 'clear' head and been able to think or concentrate on anything!

Food... well.... :(

Its like this and I challenge anyone to say its different!  Well when your ill, you dont want to eat anything, you feel like eating junk or what  your body think it needs!  hmmm I have not kicked the arse out of this... no not at all.  I have not eaten, then other days I have eaten toast or biscuits.... but not much else of anything else either!  And when you feel like naff, and there is no one to cook, you are that ill you do without!  Or grab a snack... I tried... it was and had been really hard to eat let alone eat healthily!  We shall see when I get weighed! :(

Hmmm here lies another problem... The Weight Loss Guys exercise sessions are really good and all, they work, I and Han love it.  The issue is the cost of it.. I dont want to quit it... I may have no choice.. its actually very draining on my finances.  Especially as I have not been now for 2 weeks and still have to pay.  I am going to have to seriously re-think this.  I think it bad that I and han are trying to help ourselves for the better and to do this... costs SO much money.  What do we do??

OOoooh this post was not supposed to be negative.. supposed to be positive as I am back!!  Well back in the bodily sense!! I cannot do any exercise as I am very weak.... anemia again!  Damn it!! I am gong to be anemic for the rest of my life! :(  So MUST take the iron supplements!! hmmm OK so I forgot!  That wont help now will it! :(

I am not going to list what I eat today... 

I am actually having a re-think on how to improve this as I am sure to some reading my blog it must be SO boring looking at all the meals I eat!  Or is that a good thing?  Maybe some feed back?  That would be a good start I think!  So if you have any opinion on the way I do things or want to suggest something...please do! :)

I am thinking of using this blog to turn it into ME and what I get up to as its ALL my journey!  My journey is after all not just what I eat but how I feel about things and what I get up to!! you think ??

Lots to think about....


  1. I have found the food you eat and the exercise you take to improve your health and weight really interesting: it is your journey to the new you that fascinates but you must blog about what is important to YOU:)


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